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Razorcake #38

Razorcake #38


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Razorcake #38
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Radon: Interview by Megan Pants. One of the most elusive, yet influential, yet best bands ever (maybe they’d do more if they weren’t so busy hanging out with Pac Man all the time). Yes, this is REAL. (http://www.myspace.com/webareall)

We Are Not Men: Women In Punk: Article by Roxy Epoxy. One person’s thoughts and feelings on being a woman in the world of punk rock. I mean, we’re ALL dudes, but it’s still nice to think about things.

Circle One: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado and Todd Taylor. Part one of an interview with the first wave, often controversial LA punk band, and the latest in an ongoing series of interviews with punk rock bands that aren’t on the internet.

X-Mist Records:
Interview by Jan Rohlk. Because we’re not happy with just talking about long standing punk institutions from America, we wanna talk about ones from other countries too. (http://www.x-mist.de/)

Vietnam, Then and Now:
Article by Ryan Leach. There are just some things you don’t make fart jokes about.

Liz O. likes music way more than she likes driving.

Jim Ruland
votes to rock.

Gary Hornberger
gets a lot out of movies, and reviews comics.

Amy Adoyzie
is PUNK.

Art draws cartoons (no, seriously).

Ben Snakepit
draws about making a record.

Rev. Nørb
talks about The Simpsons and porn.

The Rhythm Chicken
goes to Florida for spring break (WOOOOOOO!!!!!).

Designated Dale
puts you to the test.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
draws things that make you psyched this magazine doesn’t come in smell-o-vision.

has (roughly) a few thousand words with photographer Bev Davies.

Sean Carswell
writes his tribute to Joe Strummer.

We hate to say it, but we think there’s only a LOT of reviews this issue, not TONS like normal. Hey, we’re human.

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