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Grabass Charlestons, Sister Series 7"

Grabass Charlestons, Sister Series 7\"


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Over two years in the making, how can we put this into words besides “fuckin’ hooray!”? One of our all-time favorite bands. This record is one half of a set, other half belonging to Chicago's The Arrivals. You can buy these 7"s separately, but picking up both is highly advisable.

Describing this record is like reviewing your best friends and how they make your life better through playing music.

Grabass play three blazing originals and a cover of the Arrivals’ “-1.” On the Arrivals 7" they do a Grabss cover.

All 7" are hand stamped by the Razorcake Crew.

The Arrivals' Sister Series 7" can be found here:

Razorcake Records #08