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· 1:Webcomic Wednesdays #131
· 2:Patrick Houdek Photo Column – Toys That Kill
· 3:Boredom and Velocity
· 4:Webcomic Wednesdays #130
· 5:#363 with Keith Rosson

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LA Zine Fest 2015 Panel - New School, Old School
Feat. Larry Harmon, Sabrina Dropkick, Suzy Mae Mattay, Johnnie Jungleguts
By Todd Taylor

As part of LA Zine Fest 2015, I was asked to host a panel. It was named
“Old School, New School” and billed as a “friendly, lively panel discussion
between longtime and newer zinesters. This podcast is that audio file.
It was a great, fluid conversation and a wonderful day.

Boredom And Velocity
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cracker Barrel
By J.V. McDonough


Road food is the best kind of soul food.

Webcomic Wednesdays #119
Calling All Rebels
By Cathy Hannah

A lesson in what an anarchist really is. A webcomic by Cathy Hannah.

Special Deal for International Readers, 7 Random Back Issues for $25
Orders Ship Out mid May
By Staff

7 Random Issues for $25! Deal expires May 10th.

Interview with Chris Pepus – Against Class Bigotry Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Candice Tobin

Higher education is supposed to be about bettering ourselves. If the pursuit of knowledge is so noble, why shouldn’t everyone be afforded that opportunity, regardless of class status? Chris Pepus and Candice Tobin discuss his resignation from the University of Washington, classist emails from the New York Times, and ways we can challenge discrimination in higher education.

Featured Zine Reviews from Issue #85

By Staff

This zine left me asking myself, “When is a better time for punk
than now in the midst of all this bullshit?"

Patrick Houdek Photo Column – Off With Their Heads

By Patrick Houdek

Some things change; others stay the same.

#355 with Juan Espinosa
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

This podcast is dedicated to all my favorite record stores in Los Angeles (Headline, Vacation, Permanent, Soundstations) and the Bay area (1-2-3-4 Go!, Thrillhouse),
and to the numerous online distros and record labels who make record store day
 for me with every visit or order at that arrives at my doorstep.

Page Turners
A Short Story
By John Miskelly

A dystopian tale of a literary terror-state yet to come.

Webcomic Wednesdays #118
One time...
By alex or whatever

"One time..." confessions, anonymous and illustrated. A webcomic by alex or whatever.

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