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American Fight Club No. 1: CD
This compilation of four Outsider bands is pretty cool. One band I am already familiar with, The Hudson Falcons. The others are The Authority!, Callaghan, and The Trends. There are roughly seven songs apiece, making for a lot of listening. The Authority are kinda skinhead punk. They aren’t too bad. Pretty cool stuff without too much of the skinhead clichés. Callaghan is a little more rock’n’roll punk. Somewhat catchy but not too poppy. Hudson Falcons I have heard described as punk meets rock’n’roll meets Bruce Springsteen. That sounds scary but it works. They have eight songs on here with four I haven’t seen on their two full lengths. The others are older rougher versions of songs off the Desperation and Revolution CD. Very cool. The Trends are my favorite on here. More punk than the other bands. Kinda snotty and poppy at the same time. I keep skipping to track twenty-three and listening to just their six songs over and over. The Trends themselves are worth this cost of this CD. The others are a real cool bonus. –toby (Outsider)

Alpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute to Turbonegro: CD
This is a frenetically ragin’ balls-out tribute to one of the trashiest, hardest rockin’ bands of the past 100,000 years: the sonically spectacular and clamorously terrifying Turbonegro. The manic music-makers and psychotically tweaked tune-blasters who spastically pay homage to the mighty thundering Turbonegro on this here brain-damaging destroyer of a disc include Nashville Pussy, Therapy?, Supersuckers, Scared Of Chaka, Queens Of The Stone Age, Hot Water Music, Zeke, Spacebitch, ADZ, Dwarves/Splittin Wix, Real McKenzies, and fifteen other loud and lively groups of melody-molesters. Hell motherfuckin’ yeh, this is as evil, vile, and viciously volatile as it gets... big greasy dangerous dollops of brawny bigger-than-life rock’n’roll fury! After several sizzlin’ listens, my ears are now uncontrollably smokin’ up a storm! –Roger Moser Jr. (Hopeless)

Bomb Threat: CD
Whooo-weee! Squeal like a piggy, boy! What we have here is a killer-dealer crazed cacophony from the Carolinas, and it’s cram-packed to the gills with a comprehensive representation of every possible genre of punkrock madness, mayhem, and manic inertia, whether it’s old school, pop, hardcore, scum, melodicore, ‘77-style street scruffiness, noise, a bit of bowery brattiness, new wave, or just a bare minimum of emo (and thank sweet Jeeezus for that!). Each and every ear-blastin’ ditty is fever-pitched and vigorously delivered with the utmost of passion, zeal, and liveliness. All 31 bands contained herein crank the tuneage to the max and enthusiastically give it no less than 110%. While repeatedly assaulting my audial senses with an explosive hefty dosage of Bomb Threat, I just could not sit still no matter how hard I tried. This is a solid, well-structured comp full of wild frenetic fury and the ultimate in energetic musical brashness. I fervently recommend it as much as I advocate sex, beer, rock’n’roll, and other sinful forms of depraved debauchery. It’s that damn deliciously addictive, folks! –Roger Moser Jr. (Suicide Watch)

Fire on the Brain Volume 1: CD
Assorted black metal shards courtesy of Gorguts, Behemoth, Internal Bleeding, Macabre, Jungle Rot, Withered Earth, and others. As can be expected, some of this is pretty terrible, but there are some pretty smokin’ tracks to be found here as well, most notably Angelcorpse’s “Wolflust.” If you can get past all the ye olde satanic silliness and the fact that the singers sound like pro-wrestlers backed by failed free-form jazz guitarists, you might actually find yourself enjoying some of this. –jimmy (olympicrecordings.com)

Maximum Wage: CD
A pretty diverse sampling of underground sounds from groups channeling their energies into punk, art damage, dream pop and beyond. While some of the avenues explored here seem to just miss the mark, there are some stunners, courtesy of Simpler Machines, Mistle Thrush, Irish Crème vs. E-Rex, Brazen Hussies, and the always swell Buzzkill. –jimmy (Bureau of Dissonant Culture)

Neighbour Annoyer: LP
This is one o’ them post-Killed By Death boots that seem to be popping up outta the floor boards these days. This one has tracks mostly from the UK and mostly by bands I’ve never heard before. Much more diverse in sound than others of this ilk, this features the Pink Section, Scabs, Toys, Puncture, Vital Disorder, Visitors and others. If you find it, snatch it up. –jimmy (Address? Yeah, right)

Punch Drunk III: CD
This is a compilation from one of the my favorite labels, TKO. If you aren’t familiar with this label, crawl out of that damn hole and pay attention. They have been consistently putting of great punk bands since the mid ‘90s. Since then, I can guarantee that there has been at least one TKO CD on high rotation on my CD player at any given time. The Beltones, Reducers S.F., Workin’ Stiffs, Thug Murder, The Bodies, Bonecrusher, Antiseen, and The Forgotten are just eight of twenty-six bands here. Only one song is disappointing. It’s by Guitar Gangsters. It’s not that the song is terrible. It just isn’t that good. Other bands here are Limecell, Niblick Henbane, Terminus City, Sixer, The Generators, US Bombs, Bloody Mutants, Angelic Upstarts, Electric Frankenstein, The Stitches, The Partisans, The Riffs, East Bay Chasers, Hard Skins, Class Assassins, Those Unknown, and American Pig. Get out of that damn hole and check these bands out. –toby (TKO)

RAFR Volume 3: CD
It utterly amazes me to no end that this warped world of ours is literally crawlin’ with a suffocatin’ over-abundance of lame-ass money-hungry record labels whose sole sickening purpose in life is to market the blandest, most reprehensible music known to man, and on the receiving end of such weak-willed entrepreneurial worthlessness, ya have the fickle semi-comatose masses who blindly leech onto each and every corporate-produced trend-of-the-moment as if they were hanging on for dear life. But RAFR Records is truly a sparkling, effervescent glimmer of hope in a recording world full of stagnant plastic-coated shit! It’s dedicated, small-label mavericks like Martin McMartin who crank-out the tuneage in the name of sheer indefatigable love for the music. Mr. Marty obviously has a deep-rooted appreciation and a fervent heart-wrenching respect for the raucous roster of sonic ass-shakers in his charge, which includes only the most bad-ass, most loudly blaring of today’s rockin’-and-rollin’ trailblazers. His genuine excitement for releasin’ such attitude-driven aural unruliness is more contagious than a laboratory-produced strain of non-vaccinable smallpox. So you can damn well bet your sweet bippies that the RAFR comps have always consistently outblasted any and all other competition – major label, indie, and everything in between! Volume 3 is certainly no exception. It contains some of the most outrageously thundering bands to cacophonously kick out the jams while frenziedly unleashing the mighty roaring beast known the world over as ROCK-AND-FUCKING-ROLL (includin’ The Humpers, Mad Daddys, Motochrist, The Bullys, The Weaklings, The Superbees, The Kowalskis, Short Fuses, The Chicken Hawks, Damnation, The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, The Bellrays, The Fuzztones, Darlington, The Hellbenders, The Starvations, and so many more, it’s downright unbelievable!). Indeed, this is an eardrum-pounding plethora of audial decadence at its wildest and most ferocious! RAFR has once again restored my brew-slathered faith in rock’n’roll with this seminal collection of balls-out tune-crashers, and I aggressively implore you to drop everything right fuckin’ now and buy this disc pronto quick. And I don’t wanna hear no lame-ass excuses about bein’ short on cash. If that’s the case, then hold-up a liquor store, rob a bank, or filch your grandma’s social security check – beg, borrow, and steal until you’re completely breathless. Just do whatever it takes to acquire this disc by any means necessary (you’ll thank me in the afterlife, I promise!). What beer is to the spirit, what raunch is to sex, and what hedonism is to my personal philosophy of life, RAFR is to the future of rock’n’roll. Amen, and let us now shake our backsides silly! –Roger Moser Jr. (RAFR)

RAFR Volume 3: CD
The latest installment in what has become an ongoing series, this time featuring the BellRays, Motochrist, Darlington, Starvations, Hellbenders, Fuzztones (a great song!), Furious George, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Humpers, Mad Daddys, Candy Ass and a zillion others. Seein’ as RAFR stands for “Rock And Fucking Roll,” guess what most of these bands sound like. Good stuff to be found here if you like your punk to swagger. –jimmy (RAFR)

3 Chord Rocket Science: CD
This comp reminds me a lot of the old Lookout comps from about ten years ago. It even has old pop-punk-compilation staples like the Beatnik Termites and J Church, plus the Screeching Weasel knockoff band that sounds more like Screeching Weasel than any other SW knockoff band – The Hextalls – and the Green Day knockoff band that sounds more like Green Day than any other GD knockoff band – Dynamite Boy. There are a lot of previously-released songs by cool bands like the Eyeliners, Groovie Ghoulies, and The Fairlanes. A healthy number of bands I’ve never heard of are included here. No real big surprises or discoveries. Nothing groundbreaking or too original, but, if you’re a fan of pop punk, you have to respect this comp’s purity. And there’s a cool, previously-unreleased Dirt Bike Annie song at the end of this. –sean (Suckerpunch)

Boss Samplerage: 2X CD
People and labels to avoid: anyone who adds the suffix –age to their nouns thinking it is in some way remotely cool or funny. Bands to avoid: Woolworthy, Annalise, High Lo Fi, The Unknown, Chino, Manifesto Jukebox, The Tank, Hate Fuck Trio, Kid With Man Head, Kick Joneses, The Jones, Scarper, Ragitty Anne, Wordbug, Blocko, Serpico, Rise, Perfect Daze, The Nils, Rope, Five Foot Nothing, Vehicular Derek, The Milwaukees, Pocket Genuis, Asexuals, Lunasuit, Eesch, La Matta, The Pavers. All pretty bland pop/emo punk here. Nothing stood out at all. Hey, they’re lucky I even bothered to listen to it with that –age crap! –toby (Boss Tuneage)

Captain Oi! Records 5-Track Sampler: CDEP
This is a short and turbulently sweet lil’ collection of newly recorded material by five larger-than-life bands who’ve managed to crawl outta the smoldering rubble of past punkrock glories and are still ruthlessly unleashing a mayhemic maelstrom of savage sonic chaos. Slaughter & The Dogs: high-voltage pub-rock riffage with big ballsy blasts of swagger, attitude, and intensity. Resistance 77: a primitive blind-rage blitzkrieg of Ramones-influenced instrumentation, snotty snarling vocals with lively terrace-chant backing choruses, and an insurgent tonnage of aggressively loud streetpunk furor (imagine Wire’s “Mr. Suit” crossed with the fastest, meanest tracks off the Ramones’ self-titled debut. Shit, man, it’s no small wonder that this is my very favorite cut on this here mind-warping mini-comp!). Menace: thickly accented Cockney-scruff vocals bolstered by chanting soccer mob hooliganism and loads of musical boot-stompin’ barbarism. Splodgenessabounds: a killer wall-crumblin’ roar of pure punkrock mayhem at its brattiest and most insolent (I absolutely adore the bitterly bickering vocal trade-off between the male and female leads!). The Gonads: as belligerent, uncontrolled, and unruly as ever (thuggish, brutal, and utterly extraordinary!). Damn, this chaos-charged comp is at least twenty songs too short, but it’s insanely impressive nonetheless. And I’ll be robustly blastin’ it ‘til the cows come home! –Roger Moser Jr. (Captain Oi!)

Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes: CD
Are you scared that you are going to lose punk points if you are caught listening to any music from Fat/Honest Don’s. Well, you just might, but look at all the bands you can sample on this comp. Dogpiss (which is a side project of the mighty Snuff), Fabulous Disaster (who still remain in my CD changer after a year and probably can kick both of our asses), Citizen Fish (I know you have a fucking Subhumans patch on your jacket), Real McKenizies (Scottish bagpipe punk rock mayhem), Dance Hall Crashers (always a good listen) and Teen Idols (who I absolutely love!). More is to be had here. Are you an individual or are you just part of the pack? You decide –don (Honest Don’s)

Hopeless Records’ 50th Release: 2 X CD
This is an extravagantly outstanding sonic display of snotty pop punk splendor at its most upbeat, jubilant, and energetically frenzied! It’s a joyously addictive compilation raucously containing a multi-talented rip-roarin’ cream of the crop from the first forty-nine Hopeless Records releases, includin’ pleasurably bouncy eardrum-punchers by the loud’n’lively likes of Guttermouth, White Kaps, Funeral Oration, 88 Fingers Louie, Nobodys (undeniably still my all-time favorite Hopeless band!), Falling Sickness, Digger, Mustard Plug, Heckle, Weston, Against All Authority, The Queers, Dillinger Four, Selby Tigers, The Story So Far, and Samiam. My one and only exasperating bone of contention to be picked is the mindlessly moronic “Gee Officer Krupke” by Schlong (it’s the most idiotic, annoying, and inanely stupid song to ever irritate my ears to the point of vomit-inducing insanity. Sickening, absurd, and utterly despicable, it has no place whatsoever on this or any other colorfully creative musical package. Give it up, fellas, and please return as quickly as possible to the malodorous fly-infested pile of dung from which you come. Yes, you do indeed suck big throbbing donkey schlong!). Anyway, with that spirited well-deserved tirade outta the way, I must confess: even the few ska-tinged tracks on here are topnotch and stellar (and I fuckin’-A forever hate ska with a passion, boy howdy whooo!). So I rowdily, robustly, and feverishly recommend this habit-forming auditory treasure over and over and over again. Buy it, steal it, kill for it! If it’s Hopeless, it’s got to be good. –Roger Moser Jr. (Hopeless)

Liquid Hamburger Training Pants: CD
Most of the stuff on this comp is lame indie rock/emo crap, but there are a few really good tracks to be found here. The full-on thrash of Sought After and the geekcore of Que Se Dice are definite highlights, but the real gems come courtesy of the genius that is Worm Quartet. Quirky, funny-as-hell songs and the track “Monotony” has got to be the most succinct point ever made about techno. Coming in a close second is Go Sushi, who’s the only acoustic group I’ve been able to stomach for decades. Maybe ‘cause they remind me a little of the Urinals. Those last two bands make this more than worthwhile. –jimmy (Koala)

Lookout Freakout, Episode 2: CD
I really did not get into this Lookout/ Panic Button Records budget sampler. Maybe you might like this. Bands on the comp are: The Donnas, Ann Bereta, Ted Leo, The Pattern, Black Cat Music, The Mr. T Experience, American Steel, The Eyeliners, The Wanna-Be’s, Gaza Strippers, Bratmobile, Yesterday’s Kids, Alkaline Trio, Common Rider, Enemies, Lillingtons, bis, Pitch Black, The Go-Nuts, and Squirtgun. You buy it since it is going to be cheap and decide for yourself –don (Lookout)

Pop-Punk Fever: CD
Comps don’t do it for me anymore. It just seems like most bands submit filler to just get their name out there. Either that I don’t like pop punk or melodicore as much as I used to. Well, bands that you might recognize here are The Juliana Theory, No Motiv, Showoff, Dynamite Boy, Big in Japan and Death on Wednesday to name a few. It’s getting repetitive but I am going to say it again. You decide. –don (Nice Guy)

Superunderground Audio Newsletter Volume III: CD
A sampler of some of the most abhorrent metal/ambient/experimental crap I’ve heard in a while, courtesy of bands hailing from Mexico, Germany, and elsewhere. Comes with a Xeroxed mag with track by track reviews in Spanish that makes me wonder if the guy really likes the stuff on the CD as much as his reviews make out. –jimmy (superunderground@hotmail.com)

BRYCCHouse Benefit Compilation: CD
A benefit for a youth cultural center located in Kentucky, this is a pretty decent outing as far as benefit comps go. While I’m not enthused by the ska and emo entries, the sounds are pretty widely varied, from the above mentioned styles to acoustic to hardcore to art damage and so on, and the quality of the tracks is consistently high. Featured artists include Chumbawamba, IN DK, Kung Fu Rick, Noam Chomsky, A National Acrobat, Truce, and others. Not a bad listen. –jimmy (BRYCCHouse)

Greeting: CD
Sampler from the Lobster Records roster. Represented here are Staring Back, Yellowcard, Mock Orange, Buck Wild, Park, Whippersnapper, Yellowcard, Joystick and Jargon. Kinda like the minor league team for Fat or Epitaph. Give it a chance and see if you like any of the bands if you are into melodicore. –don (Lobster)

No One Left to Blame: Twenty American Punk Unknowns ‘76-’82: LP
Yet another one of those Killed by Death-ish comps. This time around, the best stuff here is from (surprise!) my hometown of Milwaukee! The Prosecutors do a great, chaotic song not too far from the Replacements in sound! All right! There’s also Antler Joe and the Accidents with “Dogshit,” one of the more ridiculous songs I’ve heard lately. The rest of this album is pretty much take it or leave it, unless you’re a record collector. LOTS of bands that sound like either the Sex Pistols or the New York Dolls. LOTS of bands with fake British accents. If this were a cereal, it’d be one of those variety packs with lots of mediocre cereals from long ago that, sadly, the cereal execs were correct in discontinuing. Wow. Metaphor overload. –Maddy (not listed)

Power of Ten: EP
A piece of the current Northwest hardcore scene is captured here. All bases covered from the more metallic side like Himsa, Left With Nothing, Contingent, to the more traditional sound of Spitting Teeth, and on to bands like Stay Gold, The Entropy Project, To See You Broken, The November Group, Screwjack, and Positively Negative, who are carving their own niches in hardcore. All in all, a pretty good comp. –Matt Average (1-2-3-4 Go!!!)

Battle for the Airwaves, Vol. 2, West Coast Punk Vs. East Coast Oi!: 7”
A four-way split. The Workin’ Stiffs: Charge out of the gate, turn on volume knobs to the far right, stick the needle in the red, and don’t look back to who’s being charred by their afterburner. Quite possibly one of their fastest, dead-on songs to date. Glad to hear them full speed and “My Ghetto” does what few bands can: erases the boundary between oi and punk. Excellent. The Bodies: Perhaps it’s the so-so recording and low fidelity, but I like the Bodies when they’re full of grit and pebbles and pops. Kinda like seeing them live, with beer soaking all nearby carpets and sweat and puke mingling on their shirts as they try to play. “Wolfboy” is a fun song. The Wretched Ones: Mid tempo, a tad repetitive, and it sounds a little too self-helpy for my liking (such as, “They need to step back, stop and smell the roses”). When I’m in the mood, I tend to reach for older Wretched Ones. They haven’t been doing it for me lately. The Templars: I don’t mind pride in one’s country half as much as the questionable ability for the flat-toned backup vocalist to harmonize over a classic rock riff. Dangerously close to folk oi. Yipes. –todd (Radio)

Location is Everything Vol. 1: CD
Constipation. That is the feeling I get when listening to this. Trying to push the shit out with no success. The turtle pokes out when tracks by Strike Anywhere (!), the Explosion, and Trial by Fire play. The rest is utter poo that you can’t get rid of. I feel like I’m listening to mid-’90s Sub Pop (poo?!). College radio must be loving this, but I’m not. Time for some laxatives to free me of this debris. –don (Jade Tree)

The Boston Massacre Part Two: CD
Four 7” records get repackaged onto a single compact disc and, voila, instant compilation. Featured bands are Toxic Narcotic, A Global Threat, The Profits, Tommy and the Terrors, and Lost Cause, most of who easily fall in the “hardcore” pigeonhole. The tracks are good overall, the best coming from Toxic Narcotic. If you don’t already own ’em, you could do much worse things than picking this up. –jimmy (Rodent Popsicle)

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