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Honest Don’s Dirty Dishes: CD
Are you scared that you are going to lose punk points if you are caught listening to any music from Fat/Honest Don’s. Well, you just might, but look at all the bands you can sample on this comp. Dogpiss (which is a side project of the mighty Snuff), Fabulous Disaster (who still remain in my CD changer after a year and probably can kick both of our asses), Citizen Fish (I know you have a fucking Subhumans patch on your jacket), Real McKenizies (Scottish bagpipe punk rock mayhem), Dance Hall Crashers (always a good listen) and Teen Idols (who I absolutely love!). More is to be had here. Are you an individual or are you just part of the pack? You decide –Donofthedead (Honest Don’s)

Hopeless Records’ 50th Release: 2 X CD
This is an extravagantly outstanding sonic display of snotty pop punk splendor at its most upbeat, jubilant, and energetically frenzied! It’s a joyously addictive compilation raucously containing a multi-talented rip-roarin’ cream of the crop from the first forty-nine Hopeless Records releases, includin’ pleasurably bouncy eardrum-punchers by the loud’n’lively likes of Guttermouth, White Kaps, Funeral Oration, 88 Fingers Louie, Nobodys (undeniably still my all-time favorite Hopeless band!), Falling Sickness, Digger, Mustard Plug, Heckle, Weston, Against All Authority, The Queers, Dillinger Four, Selby Tigers, The Story So Far, and Samiam. My one and only exasperating bone of contention to be picked is the mindlessly moronic “Gee Officer Krupke” by Schlong (it’s the most idiotic, annoying, and inanely stupid song to ever irritate my ears to the point of vomit-inducing insanity. Sickening, absurd, and utterly despicable, it has no place whatsoever on this or any other colorfully creative musical package. Give it up, fellas, and please return as quickly as possible to the malodorous fly-infested pile of dung from which you come. Yes, you do indeed suck big throbbing donkey schlong!). Anyway, with that spirited well-deserved tirade outta the way, I must confess: even the few ska-tinged tracks on here are topnotch and stellar (and I fuckin’-A forever hate ska with a passion, boy howdy whooo!). So I rowdily, robustly, and feverishly recommend this habit-forming auditory treasure over and over and over again. Buy it, steal it, kill for it! If it’s Hopeless, it’s got to be good. –Roger Moser Jr. (Hopeless)

Liquid Hamburger Training Pants: CD
Most of the stuff on this comp is lame indie rock/emo crap, but there are a few really good tracks to be found here. The full-on thrash of Sought After and the geekcore of Que Se Dice are definite highlights, but the real gems come courtesy of the genius that is Worm Quartet. Quirky, funny-as-hell songs and the track “Monotony” has got to be the most succinct point ever made about techno. Coming in a close second is Go Sushi, who’s the only acoustic group I’ve been able to stomach for decades. Maybe ‘cause they remind me a little of the Urinals. Those last two bands make this more than worthwhile. –Jimmy Alvarado (Koala)

Lookout Freakout, Episode 2: CD
I really did not get into this Lookout/ Panic Button Records budget sampler. Maybe you might like this. Bands on the comp are: The Donnas, Ann Bereta, Ted Leo, The Pattern, Black Cat Music, The Mr. T Experience, American Steel, The Eyeliners, The Wanna-Be’s, Gaza Strippers, Bratmobile, Yesterday’s Kids, Alkaline Trio, Common Rider, Enemies, Lillingtons, bis, Pitch Black, The Go-Nuts, and Squirtgun. You buy it since it is going to be cheap and decide for yourself –Donofthedead (Lookout)

Pop-Punk Fever: CD
Comps don’t do it for me anymore. It just seems like most bands submit filler to just get their name out there. Either that I don’t like pop punk or melodicore as much as I used to. Well, bands that you might recognize here are The Juliana Theory, No Motiv, Showoff, Dynamite Boy, Big in Japan and Death on Wednesday to name a few. It’s getting repetitive but I am going to say it again. You decide. –Donofthedead (Nice Guy)

Superunderground Audio Newsletter Volume III: CD
A sampler of some of the most abhorrent metal/ambient/experimental crap I’ve heard in a while, courtesy of bands hailing from Mexico, Germany, and elsewhere. Comes with a Xeroxed mag with track by track reviews in Spanish that makes me wonder if the guy really likes the stuff on the CD as much as his reviews make out. –Jimmy Alvarado (superunderground@hotmail.com)

BRYCCHouse Benefit Compilation: CD
A benefit for a youth cultural center located in Kentucky, this is a pretty decent outing as far as benefit comps go. While I’m not enthused by the ska and emo entries, the sounds are pretty widely varied, from the above mentioned styles to acoustic to hardcore to art damage and so on, and the quality of the tracks is consistently high. Featured artists include Chumbawamba, IN DK, Kung Fu Rick, Noam Chomsky, A National Acrobat, Truce, and others. Not a bad listen. –Jimmy Alvarado (BRYCCHouse)

Greeting: CD
Sampler from the Lobster Records roster. Represented here are Staring Back, Yellowcard, Mock Orange, Buck Wild, Park, Whippersnapper, Yellowcard, Joystick and Jargon. Kinda like the minor league team for Fat or Epitaph. Give it a chance and see if you like any of the bands if you are into melodicore. –Donofthedead (Lobster)

No One Left to Blame: Twenty American Punk Unknowns ‘76-’82: LP
Yet another one of those Killed by Death-ish comps. This time around, the best stuff here is from (surprise!) my hometown of Milwaukee! The Prosecutors do a great, chaotic song not too far from the Replacements in sound! All right! There’s also Antler Joe and the Accidents with “Dogshit,” one of the more ridiculous songs I’ve heard lately. The rest of this album is pretty much take it or leave it, unless you’re a record collector. LOTS of bands that sound like either the Sex Pistols or the New York Dolls. LOTS of bands with fake British accents. If this were a cereal, it’d be one of those variety packs with lots of mediocre cereals from long ago that, sadly, the cereal execs were correct in discontinuing. Wow. Metaphor overload. –Maddy (not listed)

Power of Ten: EP
A piece of the current Northwest hardcore scene is captured here. All bases covered from the more metallic side like Himsa, Left With Nothing, Contingent, to the more traditional sound of Spitting Teeth, and on to bands like Stay Gold, The Entropy Project, To See You Broken, The November Group, Screwjack, and Positively Negative, who are carving their own niches in hardcore. All in all, a pretty good comp. –Matt Average (1-2-3-4 Go!!!)

Battle for the Airwaves, Vol. 2, West Coast Punk Vs. East Coast Oi!: 7”
A four-way split. The Workin’ Stiffs: Charge out of the gate, turn on volume knobs to the far right, stick the needle in the red, and don’t look back to who’s being charred by their afterburner. Quite possibly one of their fastest, dead-on songs to date. Glad to hear them full speed and “My Ghetto” does what few bands can: erases the boundary between oi and punk. Excellent. The Bodies: Perhaps it’s the so-so recording and low fidelity, but I like the Bodies when they’re full of grit and pebbles and pops. Kinda like seeing them live, with beer soaking all nearby carpets and sweat and puke mingling on their shirts as they try to play. “Wolfboy” is a fun song. The Wretched Ones: Mid tempo, a tad repetitive, and it sounds a little too self-helpy for my liking (such as, “They need to step back, stop and smell the roses”). When I’m in the mood, I tend to reach for older Wretched Ones. They haven’t been doing it for me lately. The Templars: I don’t mind pride in one’s country half as much as the questionable ability for the flat-toned backup vocalist to harmonize over a classic rock riff. Dangerously close to folk oi. Yipes. –Todd Taylor (Radio)

Location is Everything Vol. 1: CD
Constipation. That is the feeling I get when listening to this. Trying to push the shit out with no success. The turtle pokes out when tracks by Strike Anywhere (!), the Explosion, and Trial by Fire play. The rest is utter poo that you can’t get rid of. I feel like I’m listening to mid-’90s Sub Pop (poo?!). College radio must be loving this, but I’m not. Time for some laxatives to free me of this debris. –Donofthedead (Jade Tree)

The Boston Massacre Part Two: CD
Four 7” records get repackaged onto a single compact disc and, voila, instant compilation. Featured bands are Toxic Narcotic, A Global Threat, The Profits, Tommy and the Terrors, and Lost Cause, most of who easily fall in the “hardcore” pigeonhole. The tracks are good overall, the best coming from Toxic Narcotic. If you don’t already own ’em, you could do much worse things than picking this up. –Jimmy Alvarado (Rodent Popsicle)

Go Kart vs. the Corporate Giant 3:: CD
You know whatís hard? Itís hard to write reviews of comps. Do I want to go through the trouble of naming every single band and describing them? Too lengthy. Hell, this comp has twenty-six bands and thirty tracks. I guess I will go to my formula and name the bands that caught my interest. This release is part of their bargain priced label samplers. What makes this one step up from many that are on the market is that it features many unreleased tracks. My theory is this should be standard since it makes the comp unique from the actual releases by the bands featured. What happens when you only like one track and you go out to buy the album? The comp becomes useless. Well, okie dokie, letís see what excites or interests me. Capture the Flag: Pennywise meets Ď80s metal. Daycare Swindlers: Has an Angry Samoans meets Circle Jerks feel to me. Toxic Narcotic: Every time I hear them, they impress me more with their hardcore attack. I Farm: Dual vocal assault punctuates the power of their music. Manda and the Marbles: ďSeductionĒ is the perfect intro to this female-led powerpop sensation. GBH: More melodic than their past efforts. Varukers: Band that has been around longer than some and sounds better than others. Old age have not slowed these punks down. INDK: Make me think Against All Authority. Sick on the Bus: The new school of UK punk. I canít believe these guys are not more popular. Brothers of Conquest: I have hazy images of a Deep Purple sticker on a six-foot bong. Anti-Flag: Easy to consume, politically charged and always a good listen. Icons of Filth: Still not as good as they were in 1985. Lunachicks: I may not own everything but these women canít put out anything bad from what Iíve heard. 46 Short: Is this Ron from Final Conflictís new band? Star Strangled Bastards: Good dual-vocal, old school, early Ď80s sounding punk. A good variety offered here; should find a happy listener in all of us. –Donofthedead (Go Kart)

A Fistful of Rock Ďní Roll Vol. 10: CD
Twenty-five bands (including Speedealer, Groovie Ghoulies, Bulemics and others) give you twenty-five tracks of stoner metal, Detroit-inspired Swede rawk, garage punk, and everything in between. Some tracks are pretty good, but on the whole Iím so burned out on the niche that I find it damn hard to even feign interest anymore. Cosmic Ballroomís ďYouíre the ManĒ did get my toes tappiní, though. –Jimmy Alvarado (Devil Doll)

Lookout! Freakout, Episode 3: CD
I found this sampler of current Lookout! and Panic Button bands to be boring. Sounds like a promo disc that is being sent to college radio programmers to have their bands put on rotation or some major labelís attempt to tell the masses what is going to be the next big thing. –Donofthedead (Lookout!)

Obey the Giant RockíníRoll Swindle: CD
I wonder what makes me grab something for review sometimes. I just grab stuff pretty blindly and hope I like it. But sometimes you pop something on and you know right away that you donít want to review it. This is one of those cases. I canít really justify in my head why I wouldnít want to review this. The variety of bands are pretty diverse. As a sample, you get the Bouncing Souls, The Hives, The Lawrence Arms, The Suicide Machines, The (International) Noise Conspiracy and the rap/raunch of Peaches. Thereís more, but these are the ones that will pull the people into the stores. This is a compilation of bands that is supposed to represent, in music, the street artwork of Shepard Fairey. You might have seen his posters, stickers or stencils spray painted around. I think Iíve seen his shirts. Itís the image of a head staring like Big Brother in 1984 with the word ďObeyĒ at the bottom. From quickly glancing at the enhanced portion of this CD, he is into posting images to provoke thought. Cool stuff and I fully support him. But this just didnít put my nuts into a twist and make me cry. Hey, I got a review out of this! –Donofthedead (Fork in Hand)

Rock-N-Roll-A-Go-Go Vol. 7: CD
Antiseen, Pulpit Red, Nova Express, and the Nutrajets contribute two songs each to this, which means you get eight tracks of punk-infused rockĎníroll. –Jimmy Alvarado (Devil Doll)

Fat Music Vol. VI , Uncontrollable Fatulence: CD
Do you know the drill? The drill is this is the sixth in the series of the Fat sampler. Duh! Well they get better every time since they are adding more unreleased tracks on these comps. What me, get a Fat comp? I canít have that in my collection. I will lose major punk points if my friends find out. Me, I donít care. Lost many a punk point in my day. Besides, Iím getting pretty old and I donít have a lot of friends anyway. I shouldnít have to describe what these bands sound like to you. Vanessa at Fat is really good at what she does and is a good person also. You get unreleased tracks from: The Lawrence Arms (good track, like it better than their previous output), Mad Caddies (goofy mariachi, cowpunk for a good time), Lagwagon, Strung Out, Rise Against (I keep forgetting to go out and buy their CD), Swinginí Utters (I canít stop hearing Mike Ness and Social Distortion when I listen to these guys), Frenzal Rhomb, Anti-Flag (So good and thought provoking!), NOFX, Wizo (These guys donít record enough!), and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (A Prince song originally performed by The Family and then covered by Sinead OíConnor and desecrated by these guys, making it sound like a Billy Joel song). The rest of the comp is rounded off with tracks off of their current releases: Propagandhi, Dillinger Four, No Use for a Name, Avail, Less than Jake, Sick of it All, and Good Riddance. This should be reasonably priced, so use that X-mas money that you might have leftover. –Donofthedead (Fat)

Punch Drunk IV: CD
Itís a shame that street punk and oi got the bad rap that they got. Iíll admit that some street punk bands did need to go, and that the wanna-be-working-class anthems did run thin, but for a few years there, TKO picked up the street punk banner and really ran with it. Their first couple of Punch Drunk comps were great. They introduced me to awesome bands like the Reducers SF, the Bodies, and the Beltones. This Punch Drunk, though, isnít nearly as exciting as the old ones. Maybe itís the trends of street punk or maybe the guys at TKO are just changing their musical tastes, but this comp definitely has more of a bar rock sound to it, thanks to bands like the Generators, Electric Frankenstein, Anti-Seen, and Cocknoose. There are also songs that donít stray too much from the bar rock sound, but are still pretty good, thanks to bands like Hollywood Hate, Terminus City, and Bottles and Skulls. The Slaughter and the Dogs song makes me race for the fast forward button, and the new, otherwise-unreleased Smogtown song brings me back to the old days, when the Punch Drunk comps reaffirmed my faith in punk rock. –Sean Carswell (TKO)

Punk Rock Jukebox: CD
So-so comp of mostly punk bands doing punk rock covers. –Donofthedead (Blackout!)

Rise Above: CD
This is a benefit CD for the West Memphis 3 (See the documentary Paradise Lost). Iím sure you heard about this. I read about it in the Los Angeles Times. It has different people singing Black Flag songs, backed by Henry Rollins and the band Mother Superior. I like the premise of the CD Ė to raise awareness and support a cause. The part that irks me is that Henry is using punk when he long abandoned the scene. Would anyone buy this if it was songs from his solo career? No. I had a coupon, so I bought this out of curiosity. I was disappointed. I grew up on Black Flag. The songs do not have the ferocity of the originals. The lack of Greg Ginnís guitars sound is definitely missing in the energy. If you are looking for good Black Flag, I would recommend Everything Went Black. Damaged is not their best record! It contains songs that were recorded before Henry joined the band. My opinion is that the end of Black Flag was when Henry started singing. I much preferred when Ron Reyes (Chavo) or Dez Cadena was the singer. This is like going out to see the Dead Kennedys with Brandon Cruz singing. –Donofthedead (Sanctuary)

Two Turds and a Golfball: CD
I picked this up outta the review pile because the Grand Pricks, whose ďHigh Kicks to Your DicksĒ is one of thee punkest albums of the last five years. I regretted that decision when I saw it was a compilation of bands playing the same song, one that shares the same name as the compilation itself, and then was pleasantly surprised when I put this puppy on. WILDLY diverse in sound, from grind to hardcore to rap metal to straight punk to country to industrial noise and beyond. The fact that virtually none of the lyrics match from one version to the next leads me to believe that this is more a case of bands performing songs with the same name rather than covering the same tune. Either way, this was some pretty entertaining listening. Pick it up. Need more impetus? Thereíre exclusive Anal Cunt and Dahmer tracks on here, you discerning punkers, you. –Jimmy Alvarado (Hollow Bunny)

We Donít Need Society: CD
Another tribute album, this one for DRI, and I have to admit that, while I liken the tribute album phenomenon to walking up and kicking a musician square in the nuts for all his hard work, this one wasnít as bad as expected. Some choice covers of songs spanning the bulk of DRIís career are provided courtesy of Ratos de Porao, Electric Frankenstein (a smoking cover of ďPlastique,Ē believe it or not), Hollywood Hate, Retox, Capitalist Casualties and more. As itís a tribute album, I refuse to recommend buying this under any circumstances, but Iím not above suggesting that you find someone that was dumb enough to buy it and ask íem to tape it for you. –Jimmy Alvarado (Malt Soda)

You Call This Music?!? Vol. II: CD
Thirty-five of your favorite bands make a ruckus. Features Operation Cliff Clavin, ESL, Pornshot, Toys That Kill, Four Letter Words, Nazis from Mars and oodles of others. Personally, the highlight of the whole disc was the outtro. –Jimmy Alvarado (Geykido Comet)

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