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‘Splosion!: CD
First of all, this disc has some of the best song titles I’ve ever seen. Honestly, how the fuck can you overlook songs with titles like “They Say The People Elect The Government They Deserve, But I Don’t Remember Knife-Raping Any Retarded Nuns”? Sure, it falls along the lines of more chaotic hardcore like Men’s Recovery Project, The Locust, The Blood Brothers, Melt-Banana and even some death metal at times, but the more I listen to this, the more it grows on me. Sure, maybe they’re trying to be extreme, but isn’t that a better option than, as so many other bands seem to strive for, sucking? At least this elicits some reaction other than boredom. And, quite honestly, it’s really pretty fucking good.  –Puckett (Thinker Thought)

Forever Now: CD
Muscular up-tempo punk rock akin to Avail or American Steel (maybe Dropkick Murphys meets early Jawbox?). Bands like that are always hit or miss for me, but this one grew on me with every play. Catchy and melodic with gruff vocals that mean business, I for one did not feel that this record was stale or derivative in any way. I may be pigeonholing the style of music that The Great St. Louis play, but they do it very well, sounding fresh and vibrant every step of the way. Solid stuff. –The Lord Kveldulfr (JSNTGM)

For a Good Time Call: CD
I am such a sucker for this style. It has to be pretty lame glampunk for me to not like it and this disc is pure ear candy. They take from the full spectrum: moody Hanoi and Lords stuff, poppier stuff, and Thunders worship. Songs are a little on the long side and this is best taken in a few smaller doses than in one sitting. Fans of Hollywood Teasze, Trash Brats, Rick Blaze And The Ballbusters, and Kevin K will find a lot to like here. –Mike Frame (Desert Island)

Saved My Life: CD
Modern power pop stuff with more Beach Boys (and a smidge of New York Dolls) and less Beatles influence. –Jimmy Alvarado (nofrontteeth.net)

Saved My Life: CD
Part of me wants to praise this because it reminds me of Mr. T Experience meets Cute Lepers. Part of me wants to hate it because it reminds me of the Beach Boys meets lighter glam rock. This one is so up in the air it might have left the stratosphere. I definitely say check it out, but I’ll be debating this one for a while. –Bryan Static (No Front Teeth)

Split: 7”

Nothing stands out here, just two bands playing discordant, fast-slow-fast, angry hardcore/grind, bordering on powerviolence. I hate to be dismissive, but there’s not much here for fans of old school punk to latch onto. If you love ‘90s style hardcore/grind and need something new to crush posers to, this might be your bag. If you’re looking for actual songs, not so much.

–Chad Williams (Suburban Whitetrash, suburbanwhitetrashrecords.com)

Songs and Bullets: CD
Melodo-punk bordering on sounding slightly commercial. This is a pretty good record, it rocks and all, but not in any one special way. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Kicking/Slow Death)

A Compulsive Need of You: CD
The modern, pop punk version of the Mentors. If you’ve been longing to hear your favorite Fest bands sing pro-rape anthems, then this is for you. Maybe it’s supposed to be tongue in cheek, but there’s hardly anything funny about rape. This is garbage. –Jeff Proctor (Point Break Society, myspace.com/pointbreaksociety)

Re-Igniting the Sun: CD
Imagine if Metallica were a bunch of zitfaced teenagers with a thing for the Misfits… wait. Oh yeah. Well imagine Green Angel are a bunch of zitty teenagers with a thing for (early) Metallica and the Misfits, and no desire to break new ground (or take singing lessons). –Cuss Baxter (Suburban Justice)

The Acoustic Verses: CD
What the hell is this? This fucking sucks. I guess this used to be a metal band or something back a long time ago, but now it’s just boring acoustic crap that sounds like some shit you’d hear in a dentist office. This shit is so lame not even my mom would like it. –ben (The End)

Michelangelo: CD
Four-track recordings of some alternative rock band sure to make whatever fans they've managed to scrape up happy. Not being a fan, listening to this was the equivalent of having boric acid slowly being poured into my eye sockets. –Jimmy Alvarado (Prison Jazz)

Michelangelo: CD
Four-track recordings of some alternative rock band sure to make whatever fans they’ve managed to scrape up happy. Not being a fan, listening to this was the equivalent of having boric acid slowly being poured into my eye sockets. –Jimmy Alvarado (Prison Jazz)

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours: CD
I am a dork! I have always loved Green Day! Usually, being a dork also means that you are so musically and technically inept that you can’t tell the difference when a CD gets remastered. But, in this case, I could actually tell the difference – more clear and loud and all of that. Plus there’s some stupid bonus CD-rom crap. (End: “Technical” Part of Review.) But the important thing is, if for some reason, you’ve managed to go through your life without owning this, you, sir or ma’am, have some explaining to do. Some of the best pop songs ever. Yes, pop songs! Yes, love songs! If this were a cereal, it’d be Lucky Charms! One of my favorite albums! –Maddy (Lookout)

Nasty Hits 1989-1998: CD
This band has anime girls for their art work. Absolutely horrible. The distortion pedal must be ran over by a semi truck to assure swift destruction. They also have a wah-wah pedal. It's fucking dreadful. Black Flag meets uh, Phish or some shit. How do people like this honestly think they have the right to release music? –Guest Contributor (N/A)

Backlash: 7"
Not to be confused with the Green Hornets, whom i believe were from England, the One True Hornet Of Greenitude first proffer a pounding slab of something-or-another called “High Heel Appeal,” which is not to be confused with “High Heel, Big Deal” (by the Spikes, was it?) which sounds like the kind of song that one hears when one walks into a show while one of the opening bands is playing their last song, and causes said observer to think that the band is not half bad, and perhaps they had erred in not catching more of the set, and this is followed by “Beat ‘em Up,” a keyboard-driven instrumental (with a brief Davie Allan & the Arrows fetish) that sounds like something the Waistcoats would have recorded at 45, but slowed down to 33 (or perhaps generic discotheque music from a 1967 B-movie or TV show), and is not to be confused with Muss ‘em Up Donovan, a pro-police brutality comic book cop from the late ‘30s. Side two starts with “Cheap Move,” another instrumental which is not, at any cost, to be confused with Cheap Trick, who covered the song “California Man” by The Move, and ends with “Teen-Age Trash,” which is not to be confused with “Teenage Treats” by the Wasps and has vocals. Not completely satisfying in and of itself, but potential-laden enough to pique one’s interest in future releases, or am i just confused? BEST SONG: “High Heel Appeal” BEST SONG TITLE: “Cheap Move,” because i like both those bands. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I am not so sure i am cool with there being no green on the record cover. –Rev. Norb (Kuriosa)

Bang: CD
Uninspired geek rock that never gets to the rock part. –Megan Pants (8 ohm)

Bombs Away: 7”
Vancouver vets drop two tracks of streetpunk spiked with bits of pop. The title track sounds reminiscent of some long-lost ‘70s punk band, while the flip could’ve come outta the U.K. around the same time with no one being the wiser. –Jimmy Alvarado (Greenback High, facebook.com/greenbackhigh)

Cold As the Clay: CD
Second solo record from the Bad Religion frontman. This recording takes a different course than American Lesion. It’s rustic, heartfelt and sincere. “Omie Wise,” “Rebel’s Goodbye,” and “California Cotton Fields” are some of my favorites. Sit down and listen carefully to this platter. Graffin’s vocals are clear and concise, something that sometimes does not occur when Bad Religion live sports the three guitar Skynyrd attack. Great back-up work by The Weakerthans. This is a great record for all the reasons you’d expect it not to me. Plus there is some killer banjo on here. Banjo rules! – –Sean Koepenick (ANTI/Epitaph)

Story Tellers, True Believers: CD
Swiss singer-songwriter with an occasional harmonica that wants to be like Chuck Ragan or Foundation (Rob Huddleston from Ann Beretta). If you’re looking for more material like the aforementioned artists (or albums with indecipherable text on the cover—I had to look on the record label’s website to figure out the artist’s name and album title), then this might be worth your time. –Kurt Morris –Kurt Morris (Shield)

Good Times Coming Back Again: CD
I don’t understand why I got this, or why they sent it to this magazine. The punkest thing about it is that one track has about fifteen seconds of Breeders-reminiscent intro, and the Breeders descended from the Pixies, and some punks like both of those bands (myself included). But fifteen seconds in the midst of twelve whole songs of Chris Isaakan altpop don’t mean shit to me. If this was some sort of cruel prank, I’m gonna jam a Twinkie in someone’s eye. –Cuss Baxter (G7 Welcoming Committee)

Self-titled: CD EP

Quiet, mellow stuff, kinda like Pink Floyd for the smooth jazz crowd. A quiet walk on the beach at sunset, walking the dog just after dinner….Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


–Jimmy Alvarado (Iodine)

Natural Disaster: 10”
You know how the Bouncing Souls became really boring and slightly annoying around the time of Hopeless Romantic? Well, after a few more albums of the snoozefest, one might have asked one’s self, how could these guys making anything more boring? Here’s your answer: one of those guys, the handsome vocalist, has released a solo record. These songs have less energy than Mr. Attonito’s stage performance, which could have gained some excitement in the more than a decade since I saw the Souls. Pick it up if the dude’s voice makes you swoon; otherwise, beware of acoustic weakness from another punk frontman. –Vincent Battilana (Chunksaah)

Self-titled: 7”
The cover is a picture of an evil Gremlin bursting out of the record drinking Grem Juice and looking all punked out. Great start. Five poppy punk songs that sound a lot like the Dickies and have a bit of a ‘70s British punk rock sound. Lots of energy, fun lyrics that brought a smile to my face, and sloppy-but-inspired playing made this a pleasure to listen to. Matter of fact, I think that I’m going to listen to it again. “You Live in a Park” and “Hey Mongo” were the highlights for me. –Rick Ecker


–Guest Contributor (Meth Mouth, methmouthrecords.com)

Self-titled: 7"
If the Marked Men make the best punk music, then the Wax Museums have made some of the cleverest in recent years. Gremlins UK fit in more with the Wax Museums school of thought. If it’s very possible that life is just a joke, and verrrry possible that punk is just a joke, why can’t I bring my own beer into the show? It’s not like I’m gonna buy any from the bar! Luckily, I have Gremlins UK to keep me company in the proverbial back alley of my mind with their catchy, poppy, anglophile punk tunes blasting from the boombox. –Daryl Gussin (Meth Mouth)

The Odour O’ Folly / Gravehead: CD
Wow! A double reissue of uninspired albums by a generic Russian death metal band. Just what Razorcake readers have been waiting for! –MP Johnson (grenouer.com)

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