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Below are some recently posted reviews.

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All Things Move Toward Their End: CD
I’m going to try get this out of the way first because I tend to drone on and on about some esoteric and self indulgent bullshit before getting to what the record/band actually sounds like. Which is usually why people read reviews in the first place. Not that I give a shit, but I thought I’d shake it up a bit. If you have depression and anxiety issues, and not in the “aren’t I so deep and introspective” way but in the “There are several times a year, if not every day, that I truly wish I was dead” way, Ryan Young has written a prodigious amount of lyrics dealing with the subject that you may appreciate. I have a fair amount of said issues myself and I usually don’t like to surround myself with music that deals with them. Being depressed usually isn’t helped by listening to downer music. I can relate but I also want to see a light somewhere or at the very least get up and get moving. I can’t think of another band that combines lyrics as truly emotionally dark with music that actually makes you want to get up and jump up and down. All this without eyeliner or a stitch of clothing from Dogpile. It’s comforting to know that there are other people out there dealing with the same shit but still raising themselves up to get through it and try to have a good time when they can. This record is a compilation of most of their songs from their beginning to somewhere in early 2007 or late 2006 and you know what? I’m glad I didn’t put this record out. It would annoy the piss out of me to put out a compilation that is supposed to be all-inclusive of their singles and what not up until early this year and have it not be all-inclusive! They’ve left out their first 7” from what I have dubbed “The Murder City Years” called Fine Tuning the Bender. Which is a mystery to me because it’s not bad or all that different from the To Hell With This... 7”, which they did include. “What the fuck?!,” I say. At any rate, this thing is laid out in pretty much reverse release order, as far as I can tell. Starting with their split with J Church and working backwards. The material goes essentially from great to not too shabby at all. There’s also a previously unreleased song called “Sadie” from a few years back that I really didn’t like at first but actually grew on me. Believe it or not, but these assholes already have enough material for another compilation like this (and, as of this writing, it isn’t even the end of 2007) and they’ve got a brand new full length coming out next year on No Idea. Hardest working bum outs in the industry!... and probably one of the best U.S. bands of the last few years. –Steveo (No Idea)

Self-titled: CD
Metallic crust from Denmark who used to be former tenants of the forcibly evicted squat Ungdonshuset in Copenhagen. In dark times, music to feed the anger and depression is a necessity. Images of a bleak apocalypse are portrayed in the artwork and are the mood set by the music. Guttural vocals play against the thrashing tones of the bottom-heavy riffs. The delivery of the music is direct and played with conviction. Taking the architecture created by Discharge and adding elements of bands like Doom, Bolt Thrower, and Extreme Noise Terror, the band delivers a sound of dirty aggression. Comparisons can also be made to modern bands like Hellshock and Sanctum, who are also torch bearers of the latest wave of crust. I hope there is a tour in the works to come to the states. I definitely want to witness this band’s music live. –Donofthedead (Fight For Your Mind)

They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live: CD
Second live record from the band, compiled from a batch of shows in their hometown of San Francisco in January 2007. No repeats from their last live record, so we get clever songs against religion (“You’re Wrong”), government (“Murder the Government”), and bad vegetables (“Green Corn”). “I, Melvin” is the tune I’ll be coming back to on this bad boy. If you like the band, you need this just for the onstage banter. NOFX is really obsessed with bras, apparently. If you don’t like Fat Mike, then I don’t think we have anything more to talk about. –Sean Koepenick (Fat Wreck)

Self-titled: CD-R
I’m not sure what you would call this. I don’t know if it’s a demo or an EP. It comes in a stenciled sleeve and only contains three songs on a CDR painted black. The only information enclosed is a pretentious write-up by somebody in a Nashville alternative weekly and a business card from their manager. But anyway, this is pretty good stuff nonetheless. Kind of quiet stuff with a woman singing in a weird, kind of spooky, kind of sexy way over a pulsing kind of new wave style beat. It gives off a mood that’s both calming and unnerving at the same time. It creates an atmosphere that brings you right in and then it’s over, because it's only three songs long. I’ll be hoping for more from these folks. –Craven (myspace.com/niteniteband)

“Very Mary” b/w “Wake Up Girl”: 45
Liked but did not love the Nice Boys’ album; it seemed to veer into “cool hair rock boys” territory a bit too much for my stoic tastes. I find myself much more intrigued by this 45; the A-side is a sharp, sweet slabbette ((too intentionally un-massive to be rightly called a “slab”)) of US bubblegum, vintage ‘69-‘70 ((i.e., when even bands as marginally “real” as the Monkees or Ohio Express were deemed more trouble than they were worth, and were replaced by cartoon characters or chimpanzees)), satisfactorily melding Archiean song structure with Evolution Revolution-esque drive ((although failing to display much of the chops or polish of either)). The references to “second base” seem mind-blowingly innocuous, which might cause a greater man to ponder whether or not second base is the new first base. Perhaps that hypothesis needs to be field tested extensively? Well, you know me, anything for science. The B-side is marginally more “psychedelic,” veering more towards a Redd Kross direction, which is actually quite fine with me as long as the target date is as close to 1990 as you can get it. Both sides come equipped with some kinda crackly old calliope music at the end. Easy on the bong sauce, Jack. BEST SONG: “Very Mary” BEST SONG TITLE: “Very Mary” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I ordinarily hate the font “Hobo,” but it looks okay here. –Rev. Norb (Green Noise)

Benjamin: CD
If you play punk or rock’n’roll, it’s gonna be pretty damn hard to break any new ground. But lucky for you, if you can rock hard enough, you’re completely forgiven. But should you so choose to play arty, post-hardcore, which is also hard to break new ground in, you’re probably just going to be another boring, arty, post-hardcore band like The Narrows and pull off a halfway decent song or two at best. –Craven (Wantage, USA)

The Fear of Missing Out: CD
Unless you have a strong desire to listen to standard pop punk/whatever it’s called nowadays, you don’t need to fear missing out on anything. –Kurt Morris (Sex Cells)

Escape from Planet Love: CD
Glimpsing at the cover art, a fella might reasonably hope for the contents within to contain some modestly unexpected merger of the Minds, Lords of Acid, and Manplanet ((to say nothing of mid-80’s Aussie college rockers Painters & Dockers, whose 1985 Love Planet album was far superior both musically and graphically)). Unfortunately, the contents contain nothing of the sort, instead subjecting me to a substantial barrage of white dork funk/hip-hop with “wacky” lyrics, albeit a well-played and recorded version of same. Never cared much for funk, Zappa, nor Ween, thus i would feel few pangs of remorse were i to re-gift this item to someone who might actually enjoy it, like Jenny Jones. BEST SONG: These guys don’t seem like bad folks, but there is honestly not one song on this disc i like at all. BEST SONG TITLE: “Quasimojo” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Not only is “Orgasmatron” not the Motörhead song of the same name, but “Astroglide” is not the Mocean Worker song of the same name, either. You fuckers didn’t think i knew Mocean Worker, did you? No. No you did not. Ha. I’m down. I’m so down. Ha. –Rev. Norb (Omega Point)

Self-titled: CD
This band hails from Paducah, Kentucky, where I spent a few days while researching my master’s thesis on people who reenact the French and Indian War (seriously!). If I had known that there was a good band there, maybe I could have hung out with people other than middle-aged men with 1760s era replica muskets! Anyway! Middle Class Trash rules! Awesome mid-tempo punk rock with influences apparently including everything from the Adolescents to the Ramones to DRI! Non-stupid political lyrics! I know I like something when I immediately want to see the band in a crowded basement show while slightly drunk and dance-y! On a serious note, it’s amazing that the punk scene continues to produce awesome bands from the most random locations! If this were a cereal, it’d be Fruit Loops! –Maddy (thetrash@hotmail.com)

Historical Fiction: CD
This rules! Think a (lyrically) depressed Discount with male and female vocals. Catchy mid-tempo punk rock that appears ideally suited for your local basement! Unlike most of what I get for review, I’ll actually listen to this again! If this were a cereal, it’d be Golden Grahams. There have been times in my life when I’ve forgotten about Golden Grahams/Discount, but then I always kick myself and prepare the cereal bowl in anticipation of my forgotten treat! To re-commence speaking English: This is awesome and you need to buy it! –Maddy (Team Science)

Everyone Does Everything: CD
Yay! Matty Pop Chart plays more silly dorky songs! He does occasionally go too far into the earnest/cheezy end of things, but never too far (unlike other similar bands). So, while you might wince once or twice, it’s GOOD wincing, got it? If this were a cereal, it’d be Rice Krispie Treats. Sure, there are some pieces that are broken and more like regular Rice Krispies, but most of it is congealed sugary goodness! –Maddy (Plan-it X)

White Buildings: CD
Here we have some polished, semi-danceable pop new wave. The lyrics are commenting on the role television plays in controlling the masses and there is a retro ‘80s tendency throughout the CD. Think Depeche Mode or The Cure a bit. For people who still are closet fans of Duran Duran, or maybe the Faint with less electronics. They do have a song called “Die in a Disco” for all its worth. It’s a bit too polished for me, but at least they realize that the masses are suffering from an identity crisis. –Buttertooth (www.marquiadora.com)

Split: 7”
Mannequin Men are more oddball rock than pure punk, but the way the Riverboat Gamblers and High Tension Wires are. Listed as “gritty” and from Chicago, which can equal good things. Shopping is a real find I didn’t know about—nasal peppy punk in the vein of Peechees, and that’s a damn good thing. Takes you up and down in waves and who doesn’t want that. Wait, Do the Math records, and that’s a Peechees album… its all good. –Speedway Randy (www.dothemathrecords.com)

Manic Rock and Roll: CD
“Hey.” Hi there, CD I’ve never heard before. “Listen to me, I’m awesome.” Are you sure about that? I’m a bit skeptical. “No, totally, we have a song called ‘Shit Hot.’“ Shit hat? “No, hot.” Oh, that makes it less cool. “We also have guitar solos.” Really? “And a five-minute gothic dirge.” Oh, well... “And our singer does a Danzig impression.” I... I think I’m going to go now. “WAIT! We also have incredibly slick produced garage rock! Come back!” –Bryan Static (Self-released)

Self-titled: CD
When I heard the first verse in “Donna Said”—“Big house party in the Hollywood Hills…Red Hot (Chili) Peppers on the stereo”—I reached for the eject button. It conjured images of Don Henley partying with Flea, lines of coke, and bubblebrained conversations about how Thoreau speaks to them. But then the Maladies uncork this catchy chorus that tips its cap to the Kinks (“D-O-N-N-A/Sounds like L-O-L-A/Ray Davies sang about it but I must tell my story”). Two songs into the disc it’s a draw—the repulsive kept in check by the potentially appealing. Singer Erik Gillberg’s clever vocal lines are outweighed by the brass ring feel that permeates the disc—the party guy lyrics, the slicker-than-catshit-on-linoleum production (thanks for the phrase, dad)—it’s like being around those people at a party who look past you because they’re scanning the room for someone cooler. Let’s move on. –Mike Faloon (Darkjoy)

Tonight We Drink…Tomorrow We Battle the Evil at Hand: CD
Early ‘90s influenced guitar rock form this Austin foursome. I dig that they cover a Swervedriver tune on here. They also have a song called “Colettalicious” which is about Jawbox’s bassist! But if you ever liked Catherine Wheel or Ride, you may enjoy what this band is teaching. Who knows, you may not be able to break the bond once you start. Especially if you have a metal plate in your head. –Sean Koepenick (Arclight)

Fullham Fallout: CD
One has to hope that the Lurkers have an exalted place in punk heaven waiting for ‘em, ‘cause lord knows they haven’t gotten their well-deserved due here. Part of the U.K.’s initial wave of punk, they specialized in a blissful mutation of pub rock’s stripped-down aesthetic and the Ramones speedy buzzsaw-guitar attack, and this reissue of their debut album shows just how truly good they were. Adding eleven assorted singles and demo cuts to the original album’s already generous fourteen tracks, you get in one fell swoop a good chunk of the band’s prime output, including “Ain’t Got a Clue,” “Total War,” and two versions of “Shadow,” the latter of which was resurrected nearly two decades later by the Rip Offs on their debut album. If you like your early punk lean ‘n’ mean, it rarely gets better than this. –Jimmy Alvarado (Captain Oi)

I Was a Dog Once: 7” EP
Retro-ish, lo-fi garage punk, that’s as minimalist as it is arty. First thing I instantly liked about this: NES controller on the back of the artwork Second thing I instantly liked about this: First track title is a Ghostbusters reference (“Don’t Cross the Streams”). Wasn’t familiar with them before, but now I’m a fan, and will check out more from this band. –Joe Evans III (Repulsion)

I Was a Dog Once: 7” EP
I’ve never seen a 7” with a layout like this. Okay, close your eyes to visualize it. Well, maybe read it and then close your eyes. Think of the 7”s that have a full front cover that folds to the back, but then only goes up about half of the way in the back. Okay, now take that idea, turn it sideways. Now, slide the sheet so it’s centered and there are two flaps coming in on either side. Got that? Okay, then in the exposed part, where you would see the record, they’ve slipped in a sheet of paper with more artwork. So, you’ve got the cover artwork (on green) with the both complementing and contrasting artwork of the interior artwork (on white). Sue me: totally get off on stuff like that. So, they’ve definitely got a concept going here with Ghostbusters being a huge influence (I’m saying three of the four songs, but I could be wrong and “Wet Brain” could make it a full four). They’re dancey and fun (The drumset calls them the Louis Tully Party Program for good reason). And it may be schticky, but I like schtick every now and again. I’ve heard they did a 2-D show involving paper cutouts, but I did make it to their 3-D show (which is pictured on their second 7”) where they handed out 3-D glasses to everyone in the audience. Fun, fun, fun. Oh, and fun trivia: they’re not joking around with their love of the NES (the controller is in the artwork): their keyboardist has beaten Super Mario. Playing with his feet. Drinking beer. Seriously. That shit’s on YouTube. –Megan Pants (Repulsion)

: 7” EP
I don’t know what kind of crack these guys pump their keyboardist full of ((if crack is indeed a pumpable item)), but he starts out sounding like a church organist on crack ((not to mention possessed by high Naz Nomad & The Nightmares-ism)) on “What a Horrible Night for a Curse,” quickly shifts gears to “dude from Styx on crack” mode in “Werewolf Lincoln,” switches to comparably less uncommon “dude who really wants to play stuff like Genesis or something, but winds up falling in with a punk band playing at seven times the speed ‘cause he’s weird, not to mention on crack” mode in “Zodiac,” but then in “Society’s Been Canceled” he really doesn’t sound like he’s on crack at all, only, like, Red Bull® or something. Well, crack is kinda pricey i guess. Meanwhile, the band blazes on, yelling about curses and werewolves and shit, but you probably gathered that from the song titles. Although this quintet hails from my home state of Wisconsin, i can best describe them in terms of two Pacific Northwest bands, as they sound like what i imagine the Minds would sound like were the Minds possessed by the aesthetic desires of the Dead Vampires. Fuck you, Seattle, we took your baseball team! When Portland has something we want we’ll take that too. BEST SONG: “Society’s Been Canceled” BEST SONG TITLE: “What a Horrible Night For a Curse” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The front cover depicts the band in matching pairs of 3D glasses; however, count the number of lenses and you’ll find that the blue lenses outnumber the red lenses five to four. Ha, Wisconsinis a blue state, but not by much. –Rev. Norb (Repulsion)

Leave Me Alone (I’ve Got a Bomb): 7”
At one time the Lot Lizards had Lemmy Caution from Black Time in their ranks, and this three-song blast sounds like something he’d be involved in—sordid and lo-fi; lead singer GG Cicciolina’s vocals sound like they were recorded in Hasil Adkins’s chicken coop. Meg Slim provides Psychocandy thumb on this 7” that’s indebted to the Stooges’ Funhouse and Greg Cartwright’s mid-‘90s output. Leave Me Alone (I’ve Got a Bomb) is a refreshingly solid debut. –Ryan Leach (Perpetrator)

I’d Rather Be Snoring: 7”EP
Listening to Lighten Up is a little like listening to a Lifter Puller 33 on 45. These Philadelphia punks are loud and fast, with just enough snotty attitude to give it a little swagger that is well-deserved and not at all posturing. I can’t wait for the full-length! –Sarah Shay –Guest Contributor (www.braindrainrecords.com)

Sometime in the Morning: CD
“Is this an album you’re reviewing?” Lesley asked. She was all curled up under the covers of my bed while I sat at my desk, typing. It should have been the perfect set up to listen to Libby Lavella’s album. Two sensitive ladies, hanging out inside, late in the afternoon on a cold, snowy Saturday. We should have been really into slow, female fronted, sentimental indie pop. Lesley poked her head out from the covers. “You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of when I was dating that guy Chris Ikonomopoulos and he sometimes got hired by the government to write background music for training videos. The instructions were always write something that sounds kind of boring.” Enough said. –Jennifer Whiteford (www.libbylavella.com)

Black Goat Armageddon: LP
Do you know your roman numerals? Going by the title and if you actually had the release in front of you, you could highly guess what roman numeral number it may be. But that is a little deceiving also. Musically, two things pop to mind. Swedish d-beat/crust and the almighty Motörhead; adding those distinctive rock-meets-metal riffing with the energy of bands like Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade. A burly set of songs that show that this Canadian band has matured greatly from release to release. The production is superb with the sheer bombastic attack of sound. Vocals that are guttural but not cookie monster-like. Guitar sounds that are heavy and charging. Bass guitar sounds that are solid and punchy with a strong presence. Drum beats that keeps time and are bashed out with a fervor of rage. Lyrics that, in the past, were more in the satanic/death metal theme now are more thought provoking and better written. A band, I believe, that would sit in-between scenes. I think they need to get out and tour the states and Europe. With their output and the maturity of having been together for sometime, many more would come to appreciate them. Musically, I think this band is as good or better than many that is being lauded today. –Donofthedead (Schizophrenic)

100 Miles an Hour: CD
Yay! Milwaukee punks are go! Female-fronted punk rock, ideally suited for the basement show! If you’re ever in Milwaukee and you DON’T go see at least one band, you are an even bigger dork than me! If this were a cereal, it’d be Fruit Loops. Pop punk yumminess! –Maddy (Fast Crowd)

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