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Party Fever!!!: CD
My middle-time memory is awful. I’ll say stuff like, “A couple years back,” when it was over five, over a decade. The Okmoniks remind me of the best of Crypt and Estrus Records—bands that simultaneously plunged a direct heart shunt into the first beatings of rock’n’roll, yet didn’t fully ignore the ever-evolving now. You get a comforting bit of nostalgia in a nice, attitude-filled wrapper, so it didn’t seem like you were merely raiding musical mausoleums, but stumbling onto something undiscovered, cool, and not past its expiration date. Channeling the spirit of the Devil Dogs, Mummies, and the Trashwomen, the Okmoniks Farfisa-jump right into good company. Except much of that company stopped making music over a decade ago. I’m a sucker for this. If technology gets to the point where you can download songs and that activates a pizza being delivered to your door at the same time, man, that’s about the only thing I could think of that’d make this record even better. Crank it. –Todd Taylor (Slovenly)

Self-titled: CD
As a reviewer, I take it as my job to see all material with an unbiased view. I failed. When I saw this DVD case with a CD inside by a band called Northless with the cover art dark and brooding, I thought immediately “Oh god, it’s a metal EP.” I was dead on. Five songs, thirty minutes, half of it slow and boring. I do not feel guilty. I have a bias against crap and that’s one bias that I think everyone has. –Bryan Static (Self-released, no address)

Something to Divide: CD
It seems these guys can’t decide whether to be a low-rent rock band, a low-rent metal band, or a low-rent punk band. –Jimmy Alvarado (www.fordocumentationonly.com)

The Feel Good Record of the Year: CD
Wow! This band has been around now for over twenty years? That is a rarity. Not sure how many releases this band has put out, but it has to be a lot. I believe the longevity of the band is their talent to write songs that are catchy. Either being fast or mid-tempo, the songs have a memorable quality that is pleasing to the ear. Sonically, this is one of their best recorded albums due to it being recorded at the Blasting Room by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. They have been responsible for many recordings that I like from this genre. If you throw out band names to describe a good pop punk, melodicore band, NUFAN is a band that has to be included in that list. They consistently have been putting out music that has matured through the years, but they never forget the formula that put them on the map. Longtime fans will not even need to read a review to make them purchase this release. –Donofthedead (Fat)

The Feel Good Record of the Year: CD
I want to like it, but I’ll be damned if I can ever remember anything off this album. I even got excited when I heard a song from this album played on Joe Sibb’s punk show on the radio, but then realized I thought the song he played was like four different songs from the CD. It has melody, it’s well produced, and it has some great vocals, but for the most part, it sounds like one good song repeated fourteen times to me. (Actually, I guess, one good song repeated thirteen times, and then once in an acoustic version). I think the best way to describe this album is that if you pick it up, you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for some solid Fat-style pop punk, but you’ll probably quickly forget you own it after some initial spins. –Adrian (Fat)

Like the Curse: CD
Direct, no-frills meat and potatoes punk rock, emphasis on “rock.” They do it well –Jimmy Alvarado (www.myspace.com/zodiackillerrecords)

Distance Is Oval: CD

Evidently the band really wants people to know that their sound is what would happen if hardcore kids started smoking pot and listening to Led Zeppelin. Actually, I think there’s a number of them who already do that and don’t sound anything like this. Sometimes I hear a bit of the Deftones and there’s more of a melodic sound than a hard sound, that’s for sure. The primary fault of Microtia is the vocalist’s singing just doesn’t seem to match up well with the music. It seems a bit weak. I’d be interested in hearing the band hit the music part a bit harder and really bring out some power in the mix with a different singer. If they keep the vocalist, they should tone it down and have it be part of a style in which his vocals make for a better fit.

–Kurt Morris (Exigent, www.myspace.com/exigentrecords)

Barbi in Bondage: 7” EP
Okay, no bullshit, “Barbi in Bondage” is easily one of the greatest punk songs of the past ten years, if not of all time—obnoxious, raw, rude, and funny. The remaining tracks on this reissue—“Mini-Van Soccer Mom,” “My Neighbor Hates Me” and a version of the Ramones’ “Havana Affair” are just as swell, which means that if you manage to get your grubby little paws on one of these (only 1,000 of ’em making the rounds, of those only 500 on colored vinyl), it’ll be well worth the effort and the money you spent to acquire a copy. Bless the good Doctor for having the sense to put this back in circulation. –Jimmy Alvarado (Dr. Strange)

Apocalypse Plow: CD
Mr. Plow is back with his rude, crude, laugh-out-loud songs. This one is a little different though. Instead of the solo acoustic thing, Plow has got himself a band. This isn’t just any band either. It’s chock full of celebrities, including metal drum god Gene Hoglan, Rocky George (ex-Suicidal Tendencies), Oderus and Flattus (GWAR), Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Mr. Chi Pig (SNFU) and plenty more… If you know what Plow is all about, then you know what to expect: dirty songs about farting, tits, handjobs, and food. This time out, it’s more of a traveling folk band kind of feel. I like it, but I think I prefer the solo act myself. Worth grabbing. –Ty Stranglehold (Crusty)

Thank You for Your Patience: CD
Named after a Jesus Lizard song (always an excellent thing), Richmond, VA’s Mouthbreather deliver earnestly aggressive punk laced with an anxious hue of raw early ‘90s emo. In light of the album’s relatively unrefined production, the sound is remarkably accessible, and the vocals have a cool effect that makes them sound like they are being sung by two singers simultaneously. However, this makes the words surprisingly lucid, which is awesome when the lyrics are so deftly written. You will be chanting “Back to the abyss, back to the abyss!” in no time. –Reyan Ali (Tick Tock/Kiss of Death)

Demo: CD-R
Does every hardcore thrash band worship Infest or is just me? Not that it means these guys are bad musicians or anything. In fact, their drummer is amazing. The music just doesn’t do much for me. The best part about this CD is that they have a song called “Altered Beast,” which is about a video game that dominated my childhood. Just for that, D-. –Bryan Static (Self-released)

Vaporized My Brain: CD
So I put this on, and I’m immediately stuck with the task of trying to figure out why a band with enough good sense to go by an obscure word culled from a poem in a Lewis Carroll work would be responsible for such a lackluster quasi-punk record with some pretty lame lyrics. I listen to it again and scrutinize the lyric sheet, looking for some kind of clue. Then I see it, staring out from the “thank you” section: “Daniel thanks: My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for His gift of grace and allowing me to have fun with the talent He has given me.” Ah, okay: Jesus-philes. Now I get the Carroll reference. True to form, right below Daniel’s name-checking His Hol(e)y-Handedness, Tracy gives her propers to the same, but also interestingly starts off with the following: “Tracy thanks: My wonderful husband, thank you for all your support in everything, for your love & encouragement & for all the talent God has given you” (italics mine). Wha-? Was there no talent left for Jesus to bestow on her after heaping a double helping on her hubby? Is he lending her a little via some sorta talent transubstantiation so that she can play bass? Naturally, with all this talk of “talent,” I started to wonder where all this talent was manifesting itself, ’cause it sure ain’t in evidence here. Maybe he built a sturdy platypus-shaped house out of pretzels, or developed a way to extract turnip atoms to cure that little hole in John Travolta’s chin. Maybe it can be found in the name of the band itself, ’cause now that I know the Late JC is all up in the mix I find myself thinking back to Maddy’s Mormon article a few issues back and I’m wondering if it ain’t a thinly disguised “Mormon Wraths” reference that wasn’t readily apparent before. Yeah, maybe that’s it. Maybe they’re really a buncha Mormons operatives egged on to exact a little revenge on the decent folk of Razorcake because they don’t like their silliness being outed in such a fine, well read periodical. A POX ON YOUR CHEERIOS, MADDY TIGHT PANTS, FOR BRINGING THIS ACCURSED SCOURGE OF LOUSY JESUS-LED PUNK UPON THE HOUSE OF ’CAKE (followed quickly by a heartfelt secret okey-doke hand sign for being such a damned [pun intended] funny writer)!!! Uh, excuse me as I beeline to my room to put on my Brigham Young Underoos, making sure to bury this disc in the basura as I dash past, demand from my wife her own immense talent via the aforementioned talent transubstantiation so that I have a heaping helping of genius to call my own and discover the cure for brain freezes. Let’s hope these little efforts will allay any further attacks headed this way from the backwaters of Utah. –Jimmy Alvarado (themomeraths@hotmail.com)

Nude with Boots: CD
“Wake up! C’mon!” The Melvins’ latest is one of the best. Along with the characteristic strangeness, humorous/profound nonsense, and plodding, fuzzed-out heaviness that define Melvins’ sound, there are a few tracks here that have definite mass-appeal potential. In simpler terms, this album fucking jams, Melvins’ sound very Melviny, and the rest of the rock-loving world just might get it. A few numbers on this eleven-song release revive and redefine the vivacious energy and sound of hard, classic ‘70s rock, while the others meander faithfully through the erratically-creative, vast, and often creepy mindspace of guitarist/vocalist Buzz Osborne. Track one, “The Kicking Machine” sounds as if Led Zeppelin tried to sound like Melvins, (not the other way around.) That rockin’ tune has uber-infectious and punctuating Jimmy Page-like guitar riffs, John Bonham-like drum beats and fills…all with BIG, important-sounding delivery. It’s BIG because the band continues on with Big Business members Jared Warren on bass and Coady Willis drumming alongside (almost) founding member Dale Crover. Some of the material is dark and cacophonous such as the Alice Cooper-ish “The Savage Hippy” and downright nightmarish like “It Tastes Better than the Truth” and “Dies Airea.” But it’s the straight-on, rock-hard ‘70s influenced tunes like “Billy Fish” and “Suicide in Progress” that will keep most listeners hitting the replay button. Sehr gut! –Marcus Solomon (Ipecac)

Shipwrecked in a Bottle: CD
This is perfectly all right Irish-influenced folk punk that basically sounds like Rum Sodomy and the Lash. I just get the feeling that the genre of Irish-influenced punk bands is pretty over-saturated and drowning in cliché at this point. It feels like the formula for writing these records is to make eighty percent of the songs about drinking, and then a song about working to death or about being heartbroken by a fair lass (and the need to drink because of it). I, for one, really have to question what a band of punk rockers from Seattle would know about the working in an Irish coal mine (see the song “Ghost of the Coal Mine”). It seems that there’s so many other types of folk and traditional music in the world that could be turned into great punk rock that are never touched, that it’s just boring to have another band of Americans sing about how great Ireland and being Irish is. For instance, when was the last time that anyone heard a good norteño or klezmer punk band? I think bands like Gogol Bordello, World/Inferno, and Kultur Shock have the right idea, which is that you should combine traditional and punk influences to make something new and exciting, and not just ape convention and keep rewriting the Pogues’ song book. I guess it’s unfair of me to dump this complaining into Meisce’s review, as the album is fun and all, but at the same time, come on guys, could you really have got more stereotypical than writing a song about the drunkest man in 1819 Ireland? –Adrian (Fistolo)

Means to an End: 7”EP
“Musical relationships” are tough. I consider members of The Measure [SA] my friends. And that’s purely from being a fan of their music in the DIY world, where we talk to each other and share stuff over the years. But I’m also a listener/critic who’ll tell someone I like who hands me a piece of music they made to review, “Dude, all I can give is my honest opinion. I may not like it.” And said opinion has strained and ended some friendships. It can be a horrible place to be in. It can also make one realize, “I have talented friends and it’s great to hear them challenge themselves.” And so it is with The Measure [SA]. I do believe I’m reviewing their seventh release, and they’ve still got my ear. The crib notes are that they’re a female-voice-lead punk band: melodic, romantic, and thoughtful. The surprise is in the song, “Oslo,” where they take a part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech and make it a rollicking song all their own. Excellent. –Todd Taylor (Salinas)

That Day: 7”
This record just might be the perfect package. First of all, I love seven inch singles. My favorite format. CHECK! Musically, Mean Streets come off sounding like something in the vein of The Beltones which is more than fine by me. The vocals are a little thinner though, but it took me all of a verse in the first song to get used to it. Both tunes are catchy and made me want to move. CHECK! This single is absolutely beautiful to look at. The cover art is all done in black, white and various shades of blue. There is none of the usual “tough guy street rock” trappings that a lot of bands in this genre fall into. Best of all, the slab of vinyl itself just might be the coolest wax I’ve ever seen. A marble of black and deep blue with white spattered throughout. CHECK! I think I’ll have to keep an ear out for more from these guys. –Ty Stranglehold (Longshot)

OK Smarty Pants: CD
Yay! Poppy punk (as opposed to actual pop punk! Ah, the semantics!) with political lyrics! From DC, but it doesn’t sound like Fugazi! Decent stuff! If it were a cereal, it’d be Apple Jacks! There’s the serious gesture (“Yes, we will work some fruit into this sugary meal, if only by adding it to the name of this cereal!”) and the poppy sensibilities! Yum! –Maddy (Plan-it-X)

Hlllyh: CD
Wow. I knew this album was going to be a good one when the first track scared the shit out of my dog. As she retreated to the quiet of another room, I was glued to my seat in front of the speakers, waiting to see what was going to happen next. It is very seldom that I feel this way about a band with electronic elements, but The Mae Shi combine their electronic beats and sounds with fantastic organic elements like handclaps and layered vocals. The end result is fantastically energetic rock’n’roll that is both catchy and unpredictable. And I’m willing to bet they kick ass live. –Jennifer Whiteford (Team Shi, www.mae-shi.com)

Fried Brains: CD
I keep hearing a lotta talk about how this is a return to their roots and sounds just like Fulham Fallout. Sorry to burst a few bubbles, but it don’t, kids. That album is thirty-odd years old now and for them to go back and try to ape that Lurkers would be disingenuous and absolute folly. Swear to Mahfü, for such a supposed forward-looking lot, punkers sure spend a lotta time pining for the days “when punk was punk.” It’s 2008, not 1977, so get with the program, dammit. Okay, so we’ve established what this isn’t, so let’s now establish what it is: a mighty fine punk rock album circa 2008, and quite possibly on of the best contemporary albums in the Captain Oi stable. While there are abundant hints of the Lurkers of yore in evidence, they’ve also added some sophistication to their Ramonesy roots while retaining copious amounts of humor and much thud. It even sounds a little like TSOL’s more recent efforts in some places, which is no faint praise. While on the first song they may be inviting you to “Come and Reminisce,” they ain’t exactly dishing up helpings of stale shit cooked three decades back. –Jimmy Alvarado (Captain Oi)

My Hell: 12” EP
I recently got to see this band live and even though the singer had to sing without a mic for half the set, it was still abrasive in all the right ways. This band reminds me of an awkward, lonely kid who turns bully, but instead of bullying other defenseless, awkward kids, he turns his anger on those who deserve it. It’s frightening in that way. It’s also inspiring and motivating. Once you’ve processed that feeling, imagine it seeping out of your speakers in the form of hardcore that’s a strange but gratifying mix of Pegboy, Hüsker Dü, and Crucifix, and you’ll understand why people have been making a big deal about this band. –Daryl Gussin (Life’s A Rape)

Get Wrecked: CD EP
Five-song studio effort that lays the pipe for their full length, due this summer. I’m hearing Johnny Thunders, Dead Boys, and some Dammed in the equation. “Love You Dead” is a great song. There is also a Pagans’ cover here. I predict this band will only get better over time. They seem to be playing like madmen on the East Coast, so catch ‘em live tomorrow. –Sean Koepenick (Self-released)

The Clear Album: 7” EP
The Little Girls were a bit of surfy, poppy fluff that managed to score both a regional hit (“The Earthquake Song,” which can be found on the Rodney on the Roq Volume 2 compilation) and a video in then-new MTV’s rotation before being lost to time. This 45 is their second “album,” of which twenty clear copies (hence the title) were originally made, featuring three tunes in much the same innocuous pop mold as their previous endeavors. I’m actually old enough to remember “Not a Perfect World” being played on the radio (maybe Rodney was trying to help push it along or something) and they ain’t bad tunes, especially if you dig that safe teen pop sound of yore. –Jimmy Alvarado (Ramo)

Self-titled: 7”
One of those records that sounds pretty good at either speed. I prefer this at 33 RPM, which makes it more doom-ish, and dark. However, I believe this was meant to be played at 45 RPM. Just as well... Metal with that certain heavinessBay Area bands can conjure. “Invoke” is a mid-tempo number with a swinging rhythm, despite the—well—doom tone that dominates the song. The atmospheric/ambient noise gives this an even more sinister tone. “Warlord” is a bit faster and thunderous. Great record all the way through. Comes on white vinyl, in case you were wondering. –Matt Average (Pyrate Punx)

Berdache: CD
The biography of this band says it’s for fans of Isis, Mogwai, Fugazi, Neurosis, the Clash and Husker Du. I don’t hear any of that whatsoever. Did they send me the right CD? All I’m hearing is The Appleseed Cast, All State Champion, and this band I reviewed a few issues ago called The Paper Champions. It’s not horrible but it’s average indie rock, not at all the “brooding, guitar-driven, technical-yet-tuneful brand of Metal-marinated Rock n’ roll” that their bio promises. –Kurt Morris (Roast)

Christmas for Breakfast: CD
What would you get if you combined Lucky Charms, Trix, Froot Loops, and Corn Pops? Can you even imagine the musical equivalent of this tantalizing combination of sugary goodness? Ladies and gentlemen, it is rare that I am called upon to say this, but: I WOULD STOP EATING LUCKY CHARMS FOR ONE MONTH IF FAILURE TO DO SO MEANT THAT I COULD NOT LISTEN TO THIS CD TEN TIMES PER DAY! Yes, I am that serious! The Kung-Fu Monkeys exist at the intersection of Ramones Blvd. and Herman’s Hermits Way! And close by, you’ll find the Beach Boys cul-de-sac! This CD compiles over forty songs from out-of-print seven-inches, comps, and more! It features at least THREE of the best pop punk songs of all time: “Let’s Go (to Pasadena to Meet Your Parents),” “Thermos,” and “I Miss the Ramones!” When I got this CD in the mail, I actually did a dance around my apartment! Yes, I am that dumb! And I’m in love with the Kung-Fu Monkeys! –Maddy (Whoa Oh)

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