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Visitor: CD
Basic math for the promotionally impaired: promo CD - liner notes = coaster.
–Puckett (Jade Tree)

A Breathing Will: 7"
With my first look on the band name, I figured they would be a '90s grunge Sub Pop band or modern day emo. But while doing some shopping at Some Strange Music, I was told that I would really like this. I gave it a shot. If I wasn’t told about this, I would have never had bought it. Once the needle dropped, I got slapped back to reality with a burst of thrash that made my eyes water. I need to sit down for this one! The music is so intense from these Japanese masters. Songs blow past my ears like a quick gust of wind that suddenly disappears. The vocals are passionate and screamed to the breaking point. The music encourages and compliments their assault. And all this comes with a well put together package which includes a fold out cover, sticker and even a printed record sleeve. A big thanks to Matt Average for the tip!
–Donofthedead (Revive)

Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex: CD
Man, some really good reissues are coming down the pike lately. This is a reissue of No Trend’s second album, and it’s still a doozy. Another one of those bands that defy categorization, these guys fell along the same lines as Tragic Mulatto, Scratch Acid and early Butthole Surfers, meaning that a wide variety of musical cues are tapped and then destroyed with drug-tinged wild abandon. The added horn section on this album adds class to the ensuing chaos. If you like your punk completely off the wall and sure to leave you guessing from one moment to the next, you’d be a fool not to snatch this up. Play it often and play it loud.
–Jimmy Alvarado (Touch and Go)

The New Way: CD
If you can take your eyes off the sexy sexy artwork and get the damn disc in the player, you’ll thrill to some supremely well-hewn synth-grind-meets-'80s-metal, righteous hardcore and an all-points Crass pisstake. The whole thing is pretty tongue-in-cheek and probably every song is a goof on something but I suspect some of the jokes are lost on me and I don’t even care; it’s good anyway.
–Cuss Baxter (Life Is Abuse)

Samurai Shot: CD
Here is a band that would be a perfect fit on the roster of Fat. Big production, great music and they are from Japan! Since Fat hasn’t put out anything by Hi-Standard in awhile, they would be a great signing. The music is a mixture of NOFX meets Bad Religion. A better example to those who might have heard of this band would be Sweden’s Venerea. Infectiously catchy songs that are played to perfection in the melodicore genre. You get twenty-five songs, which is a lot of songs from a band that doesn’t play thrash, fastcore, or power violence. A really good band that deserves the Warped Tour more than most.
–Donofthedead (Asian Man)

Penelope Flowers: CD
Apparently, this disc features the last recordings, done in the mid ‘80s and never before available, of a band of Rush t-shirt-wearing teens from Dayton, Ohio. And that's pretty much what it sounds like. Except that, even with the mouse-sized nuts Geddy Lee must have to get that elfin helium voice, Rush had, even at their most fanciful, more testicular might than these youngsters could ever dream of. I am all for desecrating the over-blown sanctity of the label "punk" but I have no idea why anyone would ever call this punk. It sounds like the warmed-over haggis of ‘70s progressive rock to me. I don't know: was Uriah Heep punk? Regardless – I don't know if I've ever heard a less interesting, less exciting collection of meandering tunes in my life. Unicorn Rock blows. Old Skull remains the undisputed king of Kiddie Punk.
–aphid (Smog Veil)

Self-titled: 7"
I’m not sure if the Negatives are from Orange County, or if they just sound like they are, but they play that drunken beach punk that fits in perfectly on a Hostage Records comps. They’d be a perfect band to play on a bill with Smogtown or the Smut Peddlers. They’ve learned good lessons from the Crowd, the Adolescents, and TSOL. And, if all this sounds good to you, this three-song seven inch is a good way to introduce yourself to the band. I recommend it.
–Sean Carswell (Noma Beach)

Out in the Cold + New Fun b/w Fight: 7"
This starts with the god damn DUMBEST guitar solo i've ever heard in my life. Ever. At least on record. I played the beginning twenty seconds or so of side one like eight times in a row, just because i couldn't believe what i was hearing. The first three or four times, i played it just to confirm its amazing dumbness. The next three or four times, i played it just to try to understand WHAT DRIVES A MAN TO PLAY SUCH A GOD DAMN DUMB GUITAR SOLO??? The last time i played it, i pretended the guy really wanted it to sound like that. Then i kinda liked it! It's as if the guy is going for a whiz-bang Rikk Agnew "No Way" type rocking rocker of rock lead, and due to sheer accident/incompetence, he winds up sounding like a (very) poor man's Greg Ginn instead. It's actually kind of a beautiful thing, like a short school bus on a May morning perhaps. Anyway, the first song is called "Out in the Cold," which is about being out in the cold. Out of curiosity, i dialed 437-0123 immediately after hearing it, and, being as the operator told me it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside and these hipsters are from Sonoma, CA, i couldn't really get full tether on their pain. Moving on, i wrangled with the lyrical subtleties of "New Fun" ("I killed my bitch last night on some booze/punk rock criminal with nothing to lose") for quite some time, eventually coming to the conclusion that the song would be a fucking CLASSIC except the guy said "bitch" too many times. I mean, if the chorus is gonna go "the bitch is dead, the bitch is dead, got new fun 'cause now she's dead," wouldn't the verses be better served using a synonym for "bitch" instead? (er, sorry about the three-syllable words) Sort of like that dopey line from – what was that Mentors song called, "Manhater" or something? – that went "all you lesbians, in your leather and your spikes/all you are – is lesbians and dykes!" I mean, really. DON'T THINK THESE FINE POINTS OF ORDER DON'T MATTER! The B-side, "Fight," starts with the line "I'll fight for my country," then seems to veer off into lyrics where the fighting seems to be for a girl, then ends with "let's get the boys and fight!!", which confused me to no end: I couldn't figure out if the seeming-to-be-about-a-girl fighting lyrics were actually metaphorically about fighting for his country, or if the fighting-for-the-country lyrics were actually metaphorically about fighting for a girl, or the guy just wanted to provide a helpful overview of many popular applications of the fisticuffs medium, but i eventually got perturbed enough that i took it off before the song was done. I mean, shooting your girlfriend is one thing, but i certainly don't condone violence. BEST SONG TITLE: "New Fun" BEST SONG: "New Fun" AMAZING FANTASTIC TRIVIA FACT: This band is very negative!
–Rev. Norb (Noma Beach)

Screaming and Violence: CD
A more appropriate title would be Bitching and Moaning: A Retrospective. I hope he invested all his life savings in this album, goes completely broke, and has to eat the cat he’s posing with on the inside cover.
–Megan Pants (www.slowgunrecords.com)

Screaming and Violence: CD
A more appropriate title would be Bitching and Moaning: A Retrospective. I hope he invested all his life savings in this album, goes completely broke, and has to eat the cat he’s posing with on the inside cover.
–Megan Pants (www.slowgunrecords.com)

Raw: CD
Now live from his living room, you get Chris and his acoustic guitar!
–Donofthedead (Asian Man)

Moanin: CD
...this two-piece band OH MY GOD, A TWO-PIECE BAND!!! IN THIS DAY AND AGE!!! STOP THE PRESSES!!! ALERT THE MEDIA!!! GRAB THE KIDS AND PHONE THE NEIGHBORS!!! SLAP ME SILLY AND SHOOT THE HORSE!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND, I SAY!!! ...er, yes, where was i...right. Okay. This two-piece band on Sympathy For The Record Industry OH MY GOD, A TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY!!! GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING!!! GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST!!! HOLY FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD, FOLKS!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY!!! I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE IN ALL MY YEARS ON THE FORCE!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY!!! WHO AMONG US SAW THIS COMING??? OUR WORLD WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY!!! A TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY!!! (helicopter noises: WUPPAWUPPAWUPPAWUPPA...) ANNOUNCER: We break into this regularly scheduled record review for a special eye-in-the-sky report on rumors of a two-piece band having been signed to Sympathy For The Record Industry. In the Razorcake news chopper now hovering above Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, here's special eye-in-the-sky correspondent Ernie Harwell. Ernie? ERNIE HARWELL: Well-a... i-a haven't seen-a panic and chaos-a like this-a since Phil-a Garner was-a skipper, and these reports-a of a two-piece band-a having recorded here-a, as-a fantastic-a as they sound-a, are turning out-a to be absolutely true-a (WUPPAWUPPAWUPPAWUPPA) ...we're going down now-a for a closer look-a. ANNOUNCER: You be careful, Ernie. All right, we're going back to regular programming at this time, bulletins immediately as events warrant. (short burst of static)...well, anyway, like i was saying, NOT ONLY is this a two-piece band (A TWO-PIECE BAND!!! OH MY GOD!!!), BUT IT IS ALSO a two-piece band composed of two GIRLS FROM BOSTON, that is to say, TWO FORCES CAPABLE OF THE GREATEST EVILS KNOWN TO MANKIND UNITED AS ONE! A two-piece band AND Boston girls!!! Sheesh! No wonder Ernie Harwell's got his grundies in a bundle! Anyway, these Women In Rock play levee blues in the time-honored "Mississippi Alpha Delta Pi" style (it's a sorority joke. i even remember some of the songs. Ply me with alcohol and i'll even sing a few); every song kinda sounds like "Smokestack Lightning," but none of them are. In a few spots – primarily the covers (Howlin' Wolf, et al) – the (admittedly great, or at least as-far-as-i-can-tell great) open tuned blues gee-tar riffs coupled with the wholly unexpected physiological sonic inversion whammy that occurs when Black Dude vocals are replaced with White Chick vocals completely tips the ethereal soul mojo of the source material on its head, and flings it back in the other direction, no worse for wear, just different. On the originals, things just kinda meander to far less effect... all of which, of course, brings up an interesting point: Since the covers they do work a lot better than the originals (i don't know why, i don't care to speculate, and i'm not really qualified to write about the blues anyway), and since the arena they operate in has never really put much of a premium on originality anyway, why not invert the traditional indie-output balance and have like 75 % covers and a handful of top-flight originals? (i'd actually like to see these ladies do an entire album full of Howlin' Wolf covers... 'course, some of the lines and titles might have to be modified to accommodate the gender switch, so, based on prior dealings with girls from Boston, there'd be lines like "When de nail polish fill de air/there'll be Hello Kitty? everywhere" from "Neither-Of-Us-Has-a-Wang Dang Doodle," "I eats mo' yogurt than any girl seen" from "(Hey! Get Away from There, You Would-Be) Back Door Man," "I did not SAY I was a millionaire... I said I have CHARGED more than a millionaire" from "Going Down Rarely," and, of course, the self-explanatory "I Asked for (Bottled) Water") (and NO, it's NOT that i'm not giving them a chance because they're GIRLS, it's that i'm not giving them a chance because they're a TWO-PIECE BAND ON SYMPATHY! What the fuck is so wrong with THAT?) Actually, the really scary thing about this record is that if i'm not really paying attention to it it kinda sounds like Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow album. Eek. BEST SONG TITLE: "Commit a Crime" BEST SONG: "Moanin'" AMAZING FANTASTIC TRIVIA FACT: They're a two-piece band on Sympathy!!!
–Rev. Norb (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

: Split CD
Being a life-long resident of the fine state of Minnesota, home of the Twins baseball team, I probably sprouted an intestinal polyp or two when I opened the jewel case of this split CD and laid eyes on the old Milwaukee Brewers logo. Visions of my state's own bin Laden, one Bud Selig, filled my mind. That cadaverous Mortimer Snerd fell just a few bad wig hairs short of turning my beloved Twins into nothing more than a bunch of bobble-head dolls you buy on Ebay. Reviewing this would be tough. I could feel my journalistic objectivity bunching up on me like a pair of ill-fitting underpants. So I decided to venture into the belly of the beast, so to speak, and I went up into the northwoods of Wisconsin to listen to this CD and jot down my impressions, hoping to counterbalance any biases I might have regarding my neighboring state. Here's what I came up with: The Fragments sound like a blue-light special Social Distortion to me. Fast, energetic, solid. The Modern Machines come across as just another mealy-mouthed, anemic pop punk band that writes songs to gain brownie points with their period tantruming girlfriends. But here again my Minn. bias is coming back into play: living in the home city of Dillinger Four – arguably the finest pop punk unit in this galaxy – I am spoiled on the intoxicating blend of poppy melodies and brick shithouse walls of guitar that D4 produces on such a consistent basis. I also have to toss in a few negative Reading Is Fundamental points on the Modern Machines side of the score card for crediting William Burroughs for the line "Nothing is true, Everything is permitted" when the actual author of that line is Hassan i Sabbah. I bet Jim Carroll knows that. Anyway, I give the Fragments a win by TKO.
–aphid (New Disorder)

The Powers That Be: CD
Decent enough Cali hardcore from a band that’s been around awhile. Song subjects run the gamut of the expected topics (racism, jocks, etc.). Sounds good ’n’ all on the whole, but the recording is too “clean” for these ears, meaning I like my hardcore blessed with a sound less sanitized and a hell of a lot scruffier around the edges.
–Jimmy Alvarado (Sessions)

Breaking Class: CD
These guys are touted by their label as the “saviours of English hardcore.” If so, the limeys on the other side of the pond are in some deep doo-doo, ’cause all I’m hearin’ here is more up-tempo metal disguised as hardcore. If this is what “saved” English hardcore is supposed to sound like, maybe it should be left to die.
–Jimmy Alvarado (Malt Soda)

Grab the Fire Swinging in the Rain: CD
With a name like “Minority Blues Band” and an album title like this, I probably would’ve passed on this album. But it’s on Snuffy Smile and Snuffy Smile hasn’t let me down yet. And, just like the name threw me for a loop, the sound is throwing me all around the room. It’s a solid album and I can’t stop listening to it, but I’m having a hell of a time classifying it. I can’t think of any one band to compare them to, and any combination of bands that I could merge together seems nonsensical, like: Minority Blues Band sound like Snuff with Davey Tiltwheel on guitar covering the Clash’s “Janie Jones”. See. It’s nonsense. Let’s just say that they play fast and urgent and every member of the band is completely going off while keeping the song tight, and they’d be the perfect band to open up for a Dillinger Four tour of Japan.
–Sarah Shay (Snuffy Smile)

Self-titled: CD
Six really good songs of something like if the Hellacopters did “Search and Destroy” (which I’d be surprised if they haven’t). If it was full-length, it’d be a sure classic.
–Cuss Baxter (Million Dollar Marxists)

Satanic Versus: CD
With a title like Satanic Versus, I was expecting some heavy-ass devil, metal shit. I just got the shit part. Keyboard shit that is equal parts Chili Peppers, Killing Joke and some emo overtones.
–Donofthedead (Jade Tree)

Ain: 7" EP
I spent an unduly large amount of time mentally censuring this band for sounding at least moderately Pagans-y, yet not being clueful enough to realize that the song title "Ain't Got the Time" was already taken by those selfsame Pagans; eventual double-checking showed that the Pagans song of similar nomenclature is actually called "HAVEN'T Got The time" and i regret the error (i also regret the fact that the other three songs on this record aren't covers of "Haven't Got the Time," "Got the Time" by Joe Jackson, and "When I Get the Time" by the Descendents, simply because that would be kinda funny) (we'll let the Chambers Brothers go unmentioned for now). Four songs from a five-piece, sounding like a cross between something the Chargers mighta done once (besides trading away the rights to Michael Vick) and some of the heavier, less-cartoony Rip Off bands of yore (i'm tempted to say the Stipjes, but i actually no longer remember what that band sounded like), with the occasional background blurt by the female drummer adding sort of a superficial Loli & The Chones garnish to things. Good but not superlative, as evinced by the fact that i can't think of a decent joke to end with that doesn't involve invoking mental imagery of a Hispanic singing "Blackbird" by the Beatles. BEST SONG TITLE: "Blackout (With You)" BEST SONG: "Blackout (With You)" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Record label carries the message "PLAY LOUD." Hey, thanks for the tip, Slick.
–Rev. Norb (Mexican Blackbirds)

Gimme the Creeps, Steve: 7" EP
This record comes in a big fold-out silk-screened sleeve with some snakes and eagles and dogs and pictures of bandmembers and a female form with a snake coiled up in its uterus standing in front of an inverted five-pointed star with wings and the first song is that art-rock-meets-fake-blues stuff that it looks like we're gonna hafta sit thru for like the next two years whether anybody wants it or not, the second song is like samples and stuff, the third song is a little more c/w-damaged and the fourth song has washboards or something (that's apparently a big deal). The liner notes were so serious about the band's greatness that i was gripped with an all-consuming horror that i had been recently guilty of the same sin, causing me to dash off to the nearest Leg Hounds CD to see how big a fuck i came across as therein (verdict: big enough). Here's my favorite liner note bit: "The Means, to the best of my knowledge, are the only band that can possibly 'save' rock. Or bury it." My favorite part is the "or bury it" part. Yeah. Rock is just QUAKING in its fucking boots right now. Don't buy any green bananas, Rock! BEST SONG TITLE: "Annex, (2)" ...i mean, DUDE, that is SOOO Dada and gnarly! BEST SONG: "Fitzpatrick" from what i can remember FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Hey, i KNOW someone named Steve!
–Rev. Norb (Roostercow)

: Split CD
Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) and Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) sitting in a tree. Playing and singing five songs each, acoustically.
–Donofthedead (Asian Man)

Legends Bleed: CD
The Speedkings roped in one Marky Ramone to fill the drum seat in their band and record this disc with ‘em. As usual, brother Marky’s teflon-coated wrists from hell accompany this release just fine. Heavy Ramones influences abound, but I emphasize the word “heavy" – lots of ballsy, low-end tromp for yer buck here. Song topics range from a rock'n'roll asshole, girls, cars and girls, road rage, hot UPS girls, propositioning married girls in heat, sex phone girls, girl’s beaver on one’s mind, and even a song about telling fuckers to quit looking at someone’s missing weenie hair (which has a very catchy chorus, by the way, guys). Included are four live Ramones cuts the Speedkings pulled out live at a New Years Eve show in Germany. This disc is proof that one of the greatest punk drummers still standing can still crush it out, and the Speedkings show just that.
–Designated Dale (www.thirstyear.com)

More Seduction: CD
Some swell pop here, sick with hooks and overdriven guitars, the result sounding not unlike a ballsier Go-Go’s. I’m not that big on pop anymore, but I actually enjoyed this a hell of a lot.
–Jimmy Alvarado (Go Kart)

Consume... Be Silent... Die: CD
Picked this outta the pile ’cause I’d heard it was Reed from COC’s return to the punk rock fold. What you get for your buck is a song that sounds like it was created from a template based on Minor Threat’s “It Follows,” a song that sounds like it was ripped off from Discharge, and a bunch of other tracks that sound more like a bunch of metal dudes trying to pass themselves off as punks rather than the real thing. Wholly unimpressive. Excuse me while I go toss this in the shitcan and put on Limpwrist.
–Jimmy Alvarado (www.mwdh.net)

Consume... Be Silent... Die: CD
The music is about as subtle as the band's name and CD title. This is the sort of band that I would assume are all smart guys that have stupid fans. They have a message, but also mosh parts, and you can guess what is more appealing to some. A good diversity of styles and influences – I keep hearing little things that remind me of SOMETHING, but I can't quite put my finger on half of them. So far, I hear traces of Bad Brains circa I Against I, Circle Jerks circa Wonderful, some Agnostic Front and assorted bits of the better things Rollins has done. Hey, it's like a best-of late '80s punk/hardcore! Every member is credited with vocals, which explains the variety of styles. None of them exactly SING, but they all do more than just scream. The odd thing about this CD is that you can tell it is really well produced – like it has a cleanness to it, and it just seems louder than most CDs.
–rich (Extremely Baked)

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