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Unlearn: 7"
If I say the Motorhead of hardcore, it doesn’t do this band justice, but that’s exactly what it sounds like, minus the solos and trimming the song length while still setting a definite tone and not shying away from slower, heavy breakdowns. It’s awesome (in the original sense, not the dude/brah sense) and amazingly cinematic. It’s almost impossible not to have something play and worm around in your head when the record spins. I picture bombed out cathedrals, but that’s just me. I’ve always wondered what Lemmy and Co. would have sounded like if they were sliced in half, length-ways, and sewn onto the sliced-in-half bodies of Negative Approach. I no longer have to. Rumor is, they’ve done all Turbonegro sets and called themselves Turbohooker, so they’ve got to have a sense of humor, too. –Todd Taylor (Heart First)

Split: CD
The Break: Decent enough poppy punk rock, although the emo flourishes of the second track made my flesh crawl. Let It Burn: I really liked the music here, rife with just the right balance of pop hooks and hardcore attack, but that slight whine in the singer’s voice and his monotone delivery just grated like nails on a blackboard. A little more vocal melodicism and I would’ve been all over myself praising these muthafuckas. –Jimmy Alvarado (Doghouse)

Punk Royale: CD
One word: RANCID. These guys are very influenced by Rancid. They live in Sweden and I’m sure Rancid is their favorite band. For what this band does, they do it well. The lyrics are good, the music is good and its very singalong-y like Rancid, although I must say these guys do have early rock’n’roll thing in their sound too, which makes it interesting. So if you like Rancid or the style they play, you will love this CD. –Mike Beer –Guest Contributor (KOB and Mad Butcher)

Self-titled: 7” EP
NOTE: All my 7” reviews were done with the lights out this issue. WHAT I THOUGHT IN THE DARK: Song #1: This is the worst Bo Diddley i’ve ever heard in my life. If i ever emit a Bo Diddley this bad, shoot me. Actually, even if i’m merely WATCHING a band emitting a Bo Diddley this bad, and i don’t kill THEM, kill ME, for being a passive enabler. Song #2: Sounds like the second song on an old one-sided Rip Off Records 45. Not bad. Song #3: Hmm, i’m not sure if i can count this as a Bo Diddley or not, but if i could, the first one wouldn’t really be all that bad. Song #4: Pretty common “He’s Waiting” type chords, drummer occasionally does a neat little Mitch Mitchell kinda thing. Eh. WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN THE LIGHTS CAME ON: Hey! Martin Savage! From the Locomotions and the Tokyo Knives! Geez, don’t quit your day job, dude (said day job, i assume, being to play “Sigma Attack” non-stop for six or seven hours at a time to small groups of invalids and shut-ins)! BEST SONG: “You Don’t Love Me” BEST SONG TITLE: “Mojo Bean” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I have number 66 of 500, and the only professional athlete in any sport i can think of who wore #66 was Ray Nitschke of the Green Bay Packers. –Rev. Norb (Zaxxon Virile Action)

split: 7”
The Civic Minded 5 rules. They’re kinda like a cross between Black Flag (the guitar tone and the intensity of the music) and FYP (the spazzed out good times and the we-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude). They epitomize everything I like about punk rock, and these two songs are their best yet. And the Blacks…jeez. I’ve heard a lot of bands, and the Blacks don’t really sound like any of ‘em, definitely a compliment in this case. It’s loud, fast, and noisy, and I like it a lot, especially the drumming, which is unbelievable. Great split. –Not Josh –Guest Contributor (Recess/ Chemical Valley)

3-songs: CDEP
Can you be any hipper? I bet at least one band member has bought leather pants since they started the band. My guess would be that it’s whoever is playing that groooovy tambourine. Plus, it’s on that “vinyl CD” which I just don’t get at all. It sure as hell doesn’t fit on my spindle. –Megan Pants (www.theblackjetts.com)

Wake Up Call: LP
Yeah, this is the stuff. Twelve tracks of fast, angry Belgian hardcore punk. The singer screams instead of grunting, the band is tight, and the music kicks pretty hard. It’s also slightly melodic and would fit in well with Kill Your Idols, the Get Up and Go’ers, and Paint It Black. Check ‘em out. –Not Josh –Guest Contributor (Rock n Roll Radio)

Nailed to Your Ruins: CD
A personal wet dream of mine would be to one day watch all the whimpering emo bands and all the “AAAUUURRRGH!” metal bands (such as this one) take a flying fuck hand-in-hand off the nearest cliff. Well, there’s that one and the other in which John Wayne Gacy is free and attracted to boys in horn-rimmed glasses, Beneath the Ashes t-shirts, and sporting the latest in backpack fashion. –Jimmy Alvarado (State of Grace, address thoroughly illegible)

Seven’s Travels: CD
I’m no authority on hip hop. The depth of my knowledge goes little deeper than Public Enemy to the Wu-Tang. I ultimately got turned off by the talk about bitches and gats and bling bling and whathaveyou. A couple years back, I got turned onto Atmosphere by their fellow Minnesotans, Dillinger Four and Dan Monick (who takes pictures for this magazine). It’s addictive stuff. The rhymes are organic, flow effortlessly, are made by humans I can relate to in more than one way (they name drop Lifter Puller and sing about drinking Jim Beam, among other things), and it keeps my head bobbing. Also, since I know a little bit about the band, they were seriously courted by the majors but decided – partially because they’re a diehard part of the underground community and partially because they’re not suckers – to pass on the easier sellout route and were able to make the exact album they wanted to. If you want a complete change of taste, or hang out with a bunch of people who loath punk, this may be your bridge. –Todd Taylor (Epitaph/ Rhymesayers)

Fire and Destruction: CD
Twelve tunes of blazing hardcore/thrash that is on the borderline of metal at times. All the songs have titles like “Unholy Destruction,” “The Sledgehammer Assault,” and so on. You get the idea. These guys don’t disappoint. This is one kick ass CD. It even comes with a thick booklet too. These guys are scheduled to tour Europe soon. If you don’t live in Europe I’m sure you can catch them in their hometown of Nashville, TN! Either way, see them if the opportunity arises. Now go buy this CD. –Mike Beer –Guest Contributor (Crimes Against Humanity)

Plugged: CD
Assuming that most Razorcake readers are familiar with MRR scribe and perennial fly-in-the-ointment Mykel Board, this is the collected recordings of his punk band, Artless, who were active in the ‘80s. Collected here are tracks culled from the band’s three LPs, and a single or two, plus a few unreleased tracks. As expected considering the source, the lyrics are faux-reactionary in tone to piss off all the lefty sensibilities that permeated the scene back then, with titles like “When You’re My Age You’ll Be Selling Insurance,” “Vegetable Rights,” and “We Want Nuclear War.” The accompanying music is sloppy, mid-tempo for the most part and just as obnoxious as the lyrics. In short, this is the perfect holiday gift for your most cherished Crasshole buddy on whom the humor will be completely lost. –Jimmy Alvarado (The Only Label in the World)

Shoot the Moon: CD
Sludgy stoner rock about as exciting as the last Soundgarden LP. Pass the bong, I think I’m Ozzy. –Jimmy Alvarado (Infect)

Himnos de Combate: CD
A collection of singles tracks released domestically to support this long-running Argentine band’s upcoming US tour. Musically, this leans toward the Clash side of the punk equation, right down to the fascination with reggae, yet they manage to retain enough individuality to keep from ending up in the dung heap of bands ripping off days past (cough…Rancid…cough). A damn fine collection and proof that the United States and England aren’t the only hotbeds of punk rock greats. –Jimmy Alvarado (Cochebomba)

Weigh Your Conscience: 7-song CD
Although, yes, you could make a very convincing argument that Altaira cribbed the game plan of Hot Water Music’s Forever and Counting and have looted some from Tiltwheel’s basement, I still think they’re mighty good. (Translation: burlap vocals, the bass, guitars, and drums all have to work hard, and it’s all very personal without resorting to personal attacks or boo hoo-athons.) Altaira have got a natural feel of song weight and dynamics: not one instrument dominates, the vocals snarl when they have to, and the playing goes from epic to atmospheric to anthemic without the acrid smell of a band using the musical clutch for the first time and doing that horrid whisper to scream to whisper bullshit. Besides all that, these seven songs are genuinely catchy, take time to breathe, sound heartfelt, and although well played by each member, aren’t a wankfest. Thumbs up. –Todd Taylor (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Shadows on the Sun: CD
Loud, tweaked out blues rock/punk with more than a slight ‘70s feel. If this had been put out eight years ago and garnered the requisite airplay on KNAC, they would’ve been millionaires by now. Still, this could mark the resurgence of that whole grunge thang. I hope they leave the flannels at home this time, ‘cause that shit gets hot to wear in Los Angeles’s summer sun. –Jimmy Alvarado (Sub Pop)

Which Side Are You On: CD
There’s a little Dag Nasty lurking, but only at a very basic level; not enough to make this thing not worthless. –Cuss Baxter (Chunksaah)

Radio Pollution: CD
Although they could rightfully be accused of standing a wee bit too close to Hot Water Music’s ring of fire (the bass tone, the dual vocals, the massive hemorrhaging of instruments into break-off vistas), Watch It Burn tweak the nipples and knobs and make their own music react in slightly new and enjoyable ways. They play so well and deliver with such conviction, that I bet if they steered out of the deep ruts of their influences they’d discover a hugely powerful sound they could brand as their own. As it stands, this CD really is very listenable, enjoyable, the title track is downright amazing (Led can sing), and I pop it on quite a bit, but I wouldn’t call it essential. It’s close. Some songs like “Mid July,” you’d have to be dead not to have the feet a-tappin’. My suggestion is simple, yet difficult. They need to make their own claim, and pay attention to music that hasn’t recently been corralled. Then cattle prod the whole deal, and (nyuk, nyuk), watch it burn. –Todd Taylor (Rise)

Punks Were Made Before Sounds: 7"
I love how the Japanese interpret the English language. When it gets translated it comes out all screwy. Besides that, this is a releases that you can count on. I have a strong belief that most Japanese bands practice more before they go into the studio. Everything is so tight even though they are trying to play sloppy. This bands hails from Tokyo, Japan and deliver eight fierce and heart-stopping tunes that is unrelenting in their attack. They mix it up but don’t slow down to keep the energy alive. Comparisons can be made from the large list of influential bands from Japan that were around in the ‘80s and ‘90s. This release and band can stand on their own here. If speed is in your blood and you are a fan of Japanese thrash, this is another item for your consumption. Someone slap me. I’ve been knocked out cold by this. –Donofthedead (Sound Pollution)

Self-titled: CD
What is in a name? Does the band name have a meaning? Derek is a name and what does it have to do with a vehicle? What’s with the arrows going in different directions on the cover? Art student project for design class? Why not title the release? Why not print the lyrics? Too many questions and no one to answer them for me. Pretty straight forward punk here. –Donofthedead (Boss Tuneage)

Tomorrow Will Be Worse: CD
That seems to be the title of my life when I prepare each day to go to work. Besides my piss ant life, this is something I missed out on when it initially came out as a 4x7” box set. So much was said about this comp that I felt I should have gotten it. Rave reviews were everywhere. As in most cases, I didn’t react quickly and didn’t find a copy that was still in the box. A later pressing was available in vinyl but the boxes were gone. Damn fucking record collectors. I put it as one that got away. But luck struck my way for once. Not that the circumstances were ideal, but one of our reviewers was backing out. I was getting more thrash, hardcore and power-violence stuff! Sounds selfish doesn’t it? Oh well... I try to handle everything that is passed my way. I may not be the highest authority on this stuff but I do enjoy it. Knock me on my ass and blow me over with pure venom. For those not in the know, this a classic US and Japanese thrash fest on one CD. I want to list all the bands on this release to give you the massive collection compiled here. Representing the US are Capitalist Casualties, Hellnation, Spazz and Charles Bronson. Japan is destroyed by Flash Gordon, Nice View, Fuck on the Beach and Real Reggae. I’m partial to the Japanese bands because of heritage bias. But don’t get me wrong here, this is a must have comp to get if you are one who has callused ear drums and enjoys pure rage and speed. Power-violence may have passed as the in-thing, but you can not deny that you need a pure, under-a-minute hurricane blast of untamed punk rock. 44 songs in under 40 minutes. OCD patients take note. –Donofthedead (Sound Pollution)

Redefiling Music: LP
First things first. In my humble estimation, No Idea’s one of the best totally indie, totally reliable labels – punk or otherwise – on the planet. Their mailorder smokes. They’ve got the sweetest, most unpredictable vinyl color schemes (this one’s yellow, red, and blue, with green where the colors meet). Not only do they keep the rock coming at a rapid, glorious pace, and with high caliber precision, they’re some of the nicest folks I’ve come in contact with but have never personally met. There’s no reason for my tongue to be in their ass. They’re just a great example of what’s right about the underground and I’m stoked they’ve been around for fifteen years and 100 releases. This comp is a cover affair, and it reflects No Idea’s roster nicely: some roots punk rock, some hardcore, some emo, and some “huh, that’s pretty good, but I don’t know what to call it.” After listening to this several times, I’ve come to this conclusion: I like the bands on No Idea much better than the stuff they cover. Highlights are as follows. Radon cover Morrissey’s “Interesting Drug.” Sean made fun of me for about ten minutes for me knowing a Morrissey song. His scuff hurt. I had no defense. Can one be a man and defend Morrissey? No. Sean and I are scheduled to fight. Radon’s awesome. I suggest you buy every 7” and their album. Asshole Parade cover the Circle Jerks’ “Red Tape.” Nice. Group Sex, the album, if you listen to it closely and take it to heart, will make your life easier: deny everything. That's gospel. Panthro U.K. United 13 could probably take a shit on my front step, I’d pat it down, wait for it to fossilize, put it on the turntable, and call it genius. They cover The Clash’s “Safe European Home.” Purchase Panthro’s full-length, The Sound of a Gun. Small Brown Bike cover Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” (replete with cop siren sounds). It really fucks with SBB’s inherent dynamic of swelling and gushing, and it’s downright weird have them hardrock it and try the solo-y bits. Palatka make Gorilla Biscuits’ “Good Intentions” even more abrasive, knuckly, and shorter. Hot Water Music cover Bruce Springsteen’s “No Surrender.” I still won’t back The Boss. Fuck him. But HWM are great. They even make my toes tap to something I’d usually pee on. Anthem Eighty Eight cover Assuck. They sound almost exactly like Assuck. Scary, fitful stuff. Rumbleseat cover, “Jackson,” by Johnny Cash and June Carter. Fuck yeah. Can’t go wrong with Johnny Cash and the dual male/female vocals are perfect. Soulful and sparse porch stomp. Clairmel cover the Lemonheads, you know the pop band on Taang!, and the lead dude Evan Dando fucked someone famous (like your mom or Courtney Love or someone). The Hoover-quality suckage of the L-heads almost overshadow my like for Clairmel during the song, but Clairmel makes it out OK. –Todd Taylor (No Idea)

Out of the Garage Vol. One: CD
Okay, damnit, now’s a good time to disregard all preconceived notions that Nashville is nothin’ more than a cartoonish rhinestone-encrusted country’n’western mecca for bug-eyed skoal-lipped truck-drivin’ rednecks and their saggy-faced gum-smackin’ honkytonk floozies ‘cause this deliciously diverse disc proves without a doubt that rock’n’roll in the form of lo-fi indie-rock insanity is loud, alive, and well in Music City, USA. Such sonically corrosive bands as Dharmakaya, Spider Virus, The Obscure, Rebecca Stout, psomni, Fall With Me, and Carter Administration all offer an illustriously varied assortment of dynamic musical proficiency that’s uniquely compelling, comprehensive, and downright original. This is one helluva collection of audial noggin-thumpers from start to finish, and I fully intend to absorb a daily dose of it for the remainder of my brew-knockered days here on earth. –Guest Contributor (Spat!)

Give : CD
Hot-diggedy-damn, this skull-thumpin’ third installment in the Give ‘Em The Boot series is, by far, the most brashly belligerent and raucously rip-roarin’ of ‘em all. It’s the undeniable best in a vociferous trilogy of the most bad-ass punkrock comps to ever rape, pillage, and plunder my inner ears! The majority of the mayhemic music-makers who spastically blast their tuneage throughout this brain-destroyer of a disc are more alleypunk-oriented (with a couple of rhythmically pure reggae numbers thrown in for good measure!) than the ska-cluttered redundancy of Give ‘Em The Boot II. Hell yeh, thankfully a whole lot less ska is present, so the fluidity of the songs perfectly gel and magnetically create an all-for-one, one-for-all effect as if every band on here participated with each other in the entire recording process of this CD. Yep, punkrock communalism at its most competent! And, of course, it’s assuredly a diverse and varied roster of song-tossers which includes The Distillers, U.S. Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, Rancid, F-Minus, Devils Brigade, Agnostic Front, The Nerve Agents, Tiger Army, Duane Peters and the Hunns, Nekromantix, Roger Miret and the Disasters, Leftover Crack, The Slackers, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, King Django, The Pietasters, Mouthwash, The Gadjits, and Hepcat. Man, I can honestly unabashedly say that this is one of my top audial recommendations of 2001, and you can take that to the bank, bub! –Guest Contributor (Epitaph)

American Fight Club No. 1: CD
This compilation of four Outsider bands is pretty cool. One band I am already familiar with, The Hudson Falcons. The others are The Authority!, Callaghan, and The Trends. There are roughly seven songs apiece, making for a lot of listening. The Authority are kinda skinhead punk. They aren’t too bad. Pretty cool stuff without too much of the skinhead clichés. Callaghan is a little more rock’n’roll punk. Somewhat catchy but not too poppy. Hudson Falcons I have heard described as punk meets rock’n’roll meets Bruce Springsteen. That sounds scary but it works. They have eight songs on here with four I haven’t seen on their two full lengths. The others are older rougher versions of songs off the Desperation and Revolution CD. Very cool. The Trends are my favorite on here. More punk than the other bands. Kinda snotty and poppy at the same time. I keep skipping to track twenty-three and listening to just their six songs over and over. The Trends themselves are worth this cost of this CD. The others are a real cool bonus. –Toby Tober (Outsider)

Alpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute to Turbonegro: CD
This is a frenetically ragin’ balls-out tribute to one of the trashiest, hardest rockin’ bands of the past 100,000 years: the sonically spectacular and clamorously terrifying Turbonegro. The manic music-makers and psychotically tweaked tune-blasters who spastically pay homage to the mighty thundering Turbonegro on this here brain-damaging destroyer of a disc include Nashville Pussy, Therapy?, Supersuckers, Scared Of Chaka, Queens Of The Stone Age, Hot Water Music, Zeke, Spacebitch, ADZ, Dwarves/Splittin Wix, Real McKenzies, and fifteen other loud and lively groups of melody-molesters. Hell motherfuckin’ yeh, this is as evil, vile, and viciously volatile as it gets... big greasy dangerous dollops of brawny bigger-than-life rock’n’roll fury! After several sizzlin’ listens, my ears are now uncontrollably smokin’ up a storm! –Guest Contributor (Hopeless)

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