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Socially Transparent Disease: CD
Wow! The inside cover of this CD comp has a hot, topless female drummer on it! She appears to be a member of Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks. I’ll have to go check out that band. Oh… I guess you want to know about the music on this CD. Okay. This compilation has a good, raw rock’n’roll feel to it ranging from garage type rock to street punk rock’n’roll. Very good to play loud and get you going in the morning. There are 12 bands you get to test drive on this CD. They include The Dirtys, The Geriatrix, The Hybrid Mutants, Plan III, Beefcake in Chains, The New Jacobin Club and The Nihilists. There are some definite stand outs on here. The GC5 have three cool cuts on here from some of their 7 inches. If you haven’t heard them, check out their full length, Kisses From Hanoi. Great punk’n’roll. The Bump-N-Uglies have my favorite cut called “Fat, Loud and Drunk.” “I’m drunk and loud/ I can’t be tamed/cause I’m fat and proud/ I show no shame.” Nothing intellectually stimulating here, but I can relate well. The Hard Liquors combine really mean-ass female and male vocals to blow your eardrums out while the only real downer on this comp is The Accused cover of “Paint It Black.” Do we really need another one of those? I’ll die happy if I never hear that song again. Also, the aforementioned band, Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks, have a pretty good garage band track on here. Nevertheless, I will still go see them live the first chance I get. Did I mention there was a topless female drummer inside the cover? –Toby Tober (Transparent)

Skins & Pins Volume II: CD
A sampler for GMM Records featuring all their bald, inked cash cows and a few older heifers they’ve apparently taken to milking, including Agnostic Front, who do a spot on cover of SLF’s “Nobody’s Hero” that is marred by Roger’s attempts at actually singing. Yeah, most of the stuff here pretty much blows and the three bands I liked going in are the same three I left liking, but those three songs are pretty damned good. For the curious, I’m talking about Condemned 84’s “Face the Aggression,” which I believe is off their first album, the Templars track and Iron Cross’ “You’re a Rebel,” which originally appeared on their Hated and Proud EP and has apparently been included by GMM on an anthology of the band. While I may not like most of the bands on GMM’s roster, I do have to give props to a label that has the common sense to release anything by Iron Cross. –Jimmy Alvarado (GMM)

Skannibal Party: CD
I’m really glad that the big wave of ska punk is over. I just could not take it anymore. I figured the land of generic ska bands have been blown off the planet, and like the roaches, only the strong remain. It’s been a couple of years now and bravely I picked this to review. Could I take it? Do I need to drink more beer? Were the sound of horns and guitars skanking need me to go on Prozac? I feel okay as this plays. My new kitten hasn’t come into the room to shit on the floor. I actually enjoy this a lot. Two tone ska has always found a special place in my heart. This is an international comp featuring 21 bands and 21 songs. The only band I recognized on this comp was Bim Skala Bim. All the tracks were superb on this comp and will probably be a regular listen when I need to mellow things out. I love it when I get surprised. –Donofthedead (Mad Butcher)

Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man! Vol. 2: CD
This is the ultimate mind-rippin’ collection of trashy psychotic rock’n’roll thunder! It’s a fuzz-drenched ultra-distorted maelstrom of foot-stompin’ booty-shakin’ garagerock racket at its fiercest and most primitive! The raucous Scandinavian savages who sonically set the entire world ablaze on this here bone-crusher of a disc include The Royal Beat Conspiracy, The Chronics (currently my fave lil’ band of ear-blastin’ bad boys!), The Maggots, The Flaming Sideburns, Mother Superior, The Burnouts, The Rockets, Branded Women, The Festermen, Columbian Neckties, The Peepshows, and The Dialtones... goshdamn almighty, we Americans ain’t got nothin’ on these crazed and maniacal music-makers from the frosty North Sea region! It’s as if the best of the “Nuggets” groups were belligerently gathered in the sweltering environs of Purgatory and then sadistically skullfucked en masse by a leather-clad legion of rockin’ wild-dog demons. Yes sir indeedy, this is the liveliest and loudest audial detonation to ever roar through my ears! –Guest Contributor (Bad Afro)

Punk O Rama 2001 Vol. 6: CD
Bouncing Souls, NOFX, Pulley, Raised Fist, Osker, Downset, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Guttermouth, Deviates, who gives a flyin’ fuck? I picked this up (and no, I didn’t pay for it) solely for the Descendents track, which is technically unreleased, but in actuality an alternate take of a song that appeared on All’s “Mass Nerder,” with Milo singing instead. It seems a little slower than the other version, but it still packs a solid punch. Jeez, I wish they’d put another album out already. Also of note is Pennywise’s cover of X’s “We’re Desperate” with Exene on guest vocals, which would be pretty good if she wasn’t such a pathetic joke anymore. Considering the fact that she makes her green these days ridin’ on X’s former glory and waxing poetic to anyone who’ll listen about how important she thinks she was/is to punk rock gives the song covered here a whole new meaning. –Jimmy Alvarado (Epitaph)

Plea for Peace Take Action: CD
A comp benefiting a suicide hotline, featuring TSOL, Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio, Atom and his Package, Swingin’ Utters, Dillinger Escape Plan, AFI, Shai Hulud, Suicide Machines, Boy Sets Fire and a bevy of others. If you like ‘em, buy it. –Jimmy Alvarado (Sub City)

Old Skars And Upstarts 2001: CD
By far, this is one of the most amazingly spectacular punkrock comps to ever belligerently blast outta my stereo speakers! It’s a full-fledged sonic whirlwind of mayhem, anarchy, chaos, disorder, insurrection, socio-political upheaval, and all-out tumultuous rioting in the streets... it’s the clamorous sound of dissent, insurgency, and boisterous lawlessness... it’s a loud, lively, and unrelenting assaultive affront to mainstream musical mediocrity (an abrasively scornful and big ol’ emphatically shouted “Fuck You!” to corporate radio sterility). Hell yeh, the raucously roarin’ roster of contributin’ bands on this here brainbashin’ disc includes such noisy notables as Duane Peters And The Hunns, The Stitches, The Crowd, The Distillers, Darlington, Throwrag, U.S. Bombs, The Richmond Sluts, The Pushers, The Vigilantes, Smogtown, and many many more! After another listen and one final beer, I shall reverently drop to my brew-knockered knees, bow before Mr. Duane Peters, Disaster Records, and certain precious individuals at Bomp HQ (hi, Betsy!), and then fervently thank them all from the bottom of my alcohol-saturated liver for such an ear-pleasin’ release. Damn, this is the ultimate collection of punkrock rebellion ever compiled! –Guest Contributor (Disaster)

Monster Party 2000: CD
A mostly surf-oriented comp with a “monster” theme running throughout, featuring the talents of Satan’s Pilgrims, Los Straitjackets, Bleed, the Space Cossacks, the Boss Martians, and others. The surf stuff works best here, so much so that the “louder” sounds of Electric Frankenstein and Cobrajets seem woefully out of place and are annoying at best. Still, there’s enough hot tunes here to make it worth the green. –Jimmy Alvarado (MuSick)

Homework #6: US DIY 45s A & B: CD
Another in the series, this one also focuses on DIY “punk” recordings from the late '70s/early '80s. It features the Alcoholics, A Band, A-Moms, Alter Boys, Atila (known to old L.A. punkers as the hairdresser on Melrose responsible for the “international mohawk.” Who the hell knew he put out a record?), B Team, Basics, Aircuts, B-Lovers, Buddha Collection (a truly brilliant track courtesy of an organ player and an 11-year-old boy), Bizarros, Bunnydrums, Amps, Boom, Belle Star, Baby Flies, Beef People, Ambient Noise (the B-side to their “I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre” single), Adaptors, Aesthetics, B People, Broncs, American Gorilla (a Child Molesters side band) and Bump Cars. If you don’t find a new band to worship on this disc, there’s something really wrong with you. Maybe you should start listening to Mariah Carey or something. –Jimmy Alvarado (www.hyped2death.com)

Homework #2: DIY Punk 45s R to U: CD
Where the “Hyped to Death” comp series stops short in terms of punk rock genre bending, the label’s “Homework” series picks up and runs riot. Within the grooves (or whatever equivalent to grooves a CD has) of this release lies a hodge-podge of sounds from the US underground, from no wave noodling to pogo punk to “punkwave” to art pop to just plain weirdness, all courtesy of Red Asphalt, the Rentals, the Tracers, S’Nots, Tenant, the Tenants, Story of Failure, Simply Saucer, Tanks, Scientific Americans, Marc Thor, Urge, Skoings, Readymades, Standing Waves, Hugh Beaumont Experience, Realtors, Student Teachers, Social Climbers, Shrapnel, Tikis, Tuff Bunnies, Twilight People, Units, and Unit 3 with Venus, respectively. As with all the label’s other releases, the sound quality and selection are great and, if you like some creativity and variety in your punk, you’ll find more to love than hate here. I hear that other volumes of the series get even weirder, too. –Jimmy Alvarado (www.hyped2death.com)

Critical Pedagogy: CD
It’s gotta be getting harder for kids to rebel these days, especially if their teacher is in a punk band. The theme of this comp is teachers in punk bands. Teaching seems an obvious and logical extension of punk, considering it’s a more direct way to effect the world in a positive way, and work against the system. Each submission is accompanied by why a certain band member teaches, and their experiences in the education system. Overall, it’s pretty interesting. And now, the music, which I’ll critique using the grading system. Those bands getting A’s are Countdown to Putsch, Seein Red, Power Ball, and Sid Vishnu. Bands getting B’s are MDC (the vocals are totally different these days!), The Dread, John Holmes, and Hers Never Existed. Those who gets C’s are Abstain, and Cluster Bomb Unit. All others see me after class so we can arrange a parent/reviewer meeting. –Matt Average (Six Weeks)

Combat Rock-The 100 Punk Rock Compilation Vol 2: CD
I always thought I liked oi and street punk pretty well, but either I was mistaken or this comp just don’t cut it. It’s a retrospective of the recent half of this French label’s output, with bands from France, Germany, England, Canada and the US (Lower Class Brats). The only one on here that does much for me is Trotskids, whose two ditties have enough zip to get the old pogo muscles twitching. I’d trade the rest for three or four good Anti Heros or Blanks 77 songs. –Cuss Baxter (Combat Rock)

Combat Rock - The 100: CD
Well, the title doesn’t lie.... This is punk rock all right, including some relatively heavy hitters (Red Alert, Major Accident) and some I’ve never heard of (Heyoka, PKRK). As can be expected, some of this is pretty good, and some ain’t too hot. Still, Zabriskie Point’s “Little Sid” alone makes this worth the price of admission. –Jimmy Alvarado (Combat Rock)

Bits & Pieces: CD
This is a Theologian Records sampler jammed pack with their roster of stuff they have put out through the years. They have established themselves through the years as a solid label. They keep the So Cal feeling alive. I also like to think of them as the minor league team for Epitaph, since a few of their bands have been pulled up to the big show from their label. Pennywise is a prime example. Bands that you might have heard about on this comp are Pennywise (of course!?), FYP, Deviates, Cheater, 98 Mute, Fishsticks (who remind me of JFA) and others. Comps are tough call nowadays but this gives you a good idea if you would like it or not. –Donofthedead (Theologian)

Bad Teeth #1: UK Punk 77-82: R & S: CD
Ever wonder what the very first Toy Dolls single sounded like? What Billy Bragg was doing before he decided to become punk’s answer to Bob Dylan? What Rubella Ballet sounded like before the goth bug bit them? Well, look no further than this disc. The latest series from the folks at Hyped to Death, Bad Teeth focuses strictly on rare, obscure punk from the United Kingdom. In addition to the aforementioned conversation pieces, the listener is also treated to great tracks from Sema 4, Seize, Razar, Rivals, Surgeons, Russians, Reptiles, Shag Nasty, Rings, Satellites, School Ties, Roses are Red, Skunks, Squad, Stormtrooper, Ruefrex, Spelling Missteaks, Schoolgirl Bitch, Samples, Spitfire Boys, Sister Ray, Sinyx, Six Minute War, Stench, Suspects, Shapes, and Kid Rogers & the Henchmen. Sound quality is top-notch and, unlike so many of other comps covering the same scene and genre, the quality of songs selected is pretty high as well. Recommended. –Jimmy Alvarado (www.hyped2death.com)

America in Decline: CD
Vinyl gets the digital treatment, and ages gracefully. The comp itself is split in two. One half being Athena, where the bands are mixed between hardcore to pop punk, and the other part is called Jeff, where the bands are full-on white knuckled madness, hardcore to grind. All in all, a pretty good mix of styles. My favorites come from Gringo, Fuckface, KPF, Rash Of Beatings, Pretentious Assholes, Bad Genes, Brother Inferior, and Benumb, to name but a few. –Matt Average (Six Weeks)

The Power of Sugar Oi: CD
You know, in a few months, you’re all gonna be inundated with so-called reviewers proclaiming this record and that were the best of the year, blah blah blah. Well, I want you to ignore all of them. Not one of them has an ounce of credibility because not one of them knows what the hell they’re talking about. Only my words should be heeded by all you fine people, because I am the only one who has a clue. I, James Alvarado, being of hollow mind and scrawny body, would like to take this opportunity to proclaim to the world (or at least to the seven people reading this [Hi, mom and Karla (who I know is probably gonna say that she didn’t, in fact, read this)!]) that this is, hands down, the best punk rock CD I have heard this whole year. I will further venture to proclaim that, unless Smogtown spits out that new disc they’ve been threatening to put out, this is the gonna be, hands down, thee best punk rock release out this year. I don’t care if it’s a greatest hits package (and I’m pretty sure it is ‘cause I seem to remember some of these tracks being on their The Devil is Swiss LP). Take “Mating Sounds”-era Peter and the Test Tube Babies, add liberal doses of Cocksparrer, Slade and the Bay City Rollers and you still ain’t even close, buddy. There’s even a serious cover of WASP’s “I Wanna Be Somebody” on here and it wails, daddy-o. God save punk rock. God save the Vanilla Muffins. Sweet Jesus, I’m all giddy inside... –Jimmy Alvarado (Reality Clash)

Another Day, Another Sorry State: CD
Todd scares me sometimes. It was a typical day at the Razorcake HQ. It was the day the contributors come over for slave labor inserting subscription cards into a new issue of the zine. He tried to sell me on this band called The Urchin. Without listening to it he told me, “If you don’t like it, give it back to me.” I guess I’m not giving it back. First of all, this band is from Japan. A big brownie point in my book of biases. Second, these guys play aggressive while maintaining pop melodies. Third, I love it when the vocalist’s accent is super thick when they sing in English. I hate when Todd’s intuition is dead on. Fucker. I still like him. –Donofthedead (Broken ReKids)

Flood of Lies: CD
Re-issue of their fifth album with original cover art. Musically this is different from the sound the UK Subs are known for, but then again, Nicky Garrat had left by this point. What’s here sounds influenced by darker, gothy stuff like Bauhaus and Rudimentary Peni. Mid-tempos, longer song lengths, and expansive rhythms. Definitely not their best moment, as there are times when the songs waiver, such as “DB’s”, “Soldiers of Fortune”, and “Revenge of the Jelly Devils.” But still an interesting album just the same. –Matt Average (Captain Oi)

Put Strength In The Final Blow: CD
Even though this particular barrage of U.S. Bombs audial hostility is a couple of years old, it assuredly still warrants the undivided attention of anyone seeking the ultimate in punkrock unruliness. The vocals are caustic, cutting, and aggressively confrontational... the mayhem-inspiring musicianship is frenzied, fever-pitched, and wildly flailing all over the fuckin’ place... the socio-political lyrics are sarcastic, articulate, and grab-ya-by-the-throat thought-provoking. Yeh, pure blood-curdling punkrock chaos! I’ve deliriously listened to these ballsy blistering tunes for several hours now while feverishly slamdancin’ with my towerin’-and-boomin’ stereo speakers... sure I’m a bloody, sweaty, mangled mess, but I’m more than ready for another unrelenting round of the U.S. Bombs and their ferocious sonic sedition. When I drunkenly stumble off this miserable mortal coil, I want the insurgent sounds of Put Strength In The Final Blow to be loudly played at my funeral... it’ll surely raise me from the dead! –Guest Contributor (Alive)

Don’t Label Us: CD
A damn good hardcore band with chops up the ass and a hockey theme running through the songs. These guys woulda easily held their own at one o’ those Fender’s Ballroom thrash-o-rama gigs back in the day. –Jimmy Alvarado (Go Kart)

Split: 7"
Tusk are an interesting mixture of modern hardcore and grind. The choppy pace and vocals bring to mind bands like Three Studies For A Crucifixion, and then the guitars and the mince drumming have that grind thing a goin’ on. “Depraved Perspective” is a cool song. He Who Corrupts, which features folk from Kungfu Rick, is stripped down power violence. Dry and raspy vocals over a field of brush guitars and the Swedish Chef (Muppets reference) drumming. “Young Boy Attacked by Bees” has some weird shit going on in the music. Which is cool. –Matt Average (He Who Corrupts)

You Go Girl: CD
Some of the songs on this appear on Bangers and Mash’s CD, although these don’t have the faux English accents. These are actually better versions, not because they’re better in performance, but because there’s more of a “punk” edge to ‘em and they come off sounding like Rotters outtakes. Considering what tried to pass itself off as punk these days, you could do a lot worse with your money than spending it on this. This is some of the real goods. –Jimmy Alvarado (British Cooking)

You Go Girl!... And Don’t Come Back: CD
The Tuffies consist of the same satirically twisted trio as Bangers And Mash (both groups, by the way, include the multi-talented P. Edwin Letcher, editor-in-chief of Garage And Beat! magazine, on guitar and vocal duties!)... but the robust sonic sassiness barbarically blastin’ from this demented ear-shreddin’ disc is psychotic fuzz-drenched garage madness at its most awe-inspiring! It’s primitive “Nuggets”-style snottiness (circa 1966-'68) that’s all-at-once dazzling, intoxicating, and overwhelmingly pleasing to all six senses! Hell yeh, I hear an ear-inflaming influence of The Yardbirds, The Sonics, The Count Five, The Seeds, and even The Cramps crazedly contained throughout these noggin-thumpin’ numbers! The Tuffies raucously rock to the core, motherfuckers! I rowdily recommend this with the utmost of frenzied fervency... –Guest Contributor (British Cooking)

Disappear: CD
Maybe I’m risking my punk rock credentials by admitting this (oh no! Don’t let the punk police take my punk rock passcard away!), but I’ve never heard a full TSOL album up until now. I always got the impression that they’re one of those bands that’s a lot better-known in California, like Love and, um, well, no one else springs to mind, probably because I’ve never lived in California. I know they’ve had a lot of instability in the past, including some kind of legal problem that temporarily prevented a reunited lineup of the founding members of the band from performing as "TSOL" – shades of Moby Grape (or Yes, if you want to be unkind). Disappear is doin’ it for me, though – lots of screeching punk rock guitar and nonstop rhythms. They’ve got the shit down – just sitting here listening gives me that long-absent desire to crash into people and pump my fist in the air and shout along with the choruses, and goddamnit, isn’t that what punk rock is supposed to do? This is the kind of music that comes to my mind when I hear people refer to "California punk rock," though these days they more often seem to mean some collegiate punk-pop band that has more tattoos than talent. No radio-friendly bullshit here as far I can hear, thank god. The need to include radio-ready singles on albums has nearly destroyed the credibility of punk rock the same way it did metal and hard rock, and here TSOL manages to keep the hooky catchiness of the songs without some idiot trying to slick it up to sound like Blink 182. –Guest Contributor (Nitro)

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