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Ds: CD
Speedy, metal-tinged hardcore with meaningful lyrics and an explanation of each song. They’re good at what they do, but the metal touch is a little too heavy for my taste. In the words of Spontaneous Disgust, “If I wanted metal, I’d stab myself with a fork.” –Jimmy Alvarado (Rodent Popsicle)

This is Bad Taste Vol. 5: CD
This label has sure changed though the years. They were more a hardcore / melodic punk label in the past. I guess their taste is changing or they are trying to widen the audience of their label. Well, here’s the breakdown of what is on this comp. Danko Jones: Dirty rock’n’roll with a ‘70s Detroit vibe. Four Square: Indie college rock in the vein of R.E.M. Logh: More college radio stuff that was kind of folk and emo. All Systems Go: Good, straight-up melodic punk that is every bit as good or better than All. Last Days of April: Songs that are too long, too slow and feel too much like I’m listening to the Verve. Satanic Surfers: The only band on this comp that sounds punk and has any hints of what I remember this label sounded like. Langhorns: Cool surf music. Hard-ons: They still sound the same to me after all these years. Overall, I was disappointed in the direction this label went. –Donofthedead (Bad Taste)

Long Road to Nowhere: CD
Fie on the Razorcake staff for sending me this CD! You see, I had this great plan to listen to all the records I had accumulated over the summer (when I didn’t have access to a record player). But then this came in the mail, and it’s all I’ve been listening to! I mean it! With all of those stupid rock-and-roll-is-hip-now bands around these days, trying to look like heroin addicts and talking about how they’re born to lose and wanna die before they grow up and all of that, it’s a wonder that bands that have been rockin’ and rollin’ in the Thunders vein for a long time still get no attention at all! Note to readers: if you are drunk, feeling depressed, like your life don’t matter and you might as well be dead, put on this fucking record! Roll around the ground in a drunken stupor! Jump up and down! If this were a cereal, it’d be Count Chocula—brooding and rockin’! Buy this record! –Maddy (Pelado)

The Shape of Flakes to Come!: CD
A cheapo label sampler from one of the coolest, most consistent labels around. It’s got songs from Hot Water Music, Bitchin’, Grabass Charlestons, fucking Combat Wounded Veteran and other bands that you like. It’s only a buck and it’s got an unreleased Panthro UK United 13, and if that doesn’t appeal to you, I hear there’s a new Faint remix album coming out, you jerk. –Not Josh –Guest Contributor (No Idea)

Playing the Beat on the Radio: 7" EP
This Swedish band revels in the straight-ahead, no-nonsense and blazing punk’n’roll in the vein of The Hellbenders and The Humpers. This stuff’s like playing with matches. Simple, hard to put down, for kids of all ages, and full of wicked fun possibility. Cool and as uncomplicated as a black leather jacket. Three short stabs. –Todd Taylor (Dead Beat)

Death: CD
Whoa!! This is really f’n good metal. Seems almost like a soundtrack to a violent fantasy realm warrior movie. Due in part to the orchestration and ambient embellishments that creep in and out that create an epic larger-than-life sound. Fortunately the music isn’t bogged down in this, and retains the heavy presence of abrasive guitars and earth-shaking percussion. The vocals are twisted with a demented grind style somewhere in between Carcass and Brutal Truth. There’s 61 tracks total, but with the music throwing curve balls here and there, this is far from redundant. In short, this is awesome. –Matt Average (Olympic Recordings)

Deelux: CD
Once again, Dharmakaya have energetically unleashed a frenetically perfect indie-rock release that transforms the ears into a big ol’ glob of glowing molten mush! This is a cacophonously spectacular collection of their Pop EP, Analbum full-length, Sheila EP, and various live cuts from the Spat! Records KickOff Jubilee this past July, and it’s all as relentlessly fierce as it is emotional and tense. The vocals are muffled but full of distinct, unbridled rage. The guitars are supernaturally scorching like fiery streaks of lightning ominously flashing across the distant cloud-heavy horizon. The bass and drums thunderously roll along like a ferocious fit of flatulence emanating from the ass of Satan himself. Whooooo-doggy boy, I hear an influential bit of Nirvana, Husker Du, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., and Superchunk in this, but, overall, it’s a whole world of audial originality unto itself, vibrantly burstin’ at the seams and ready to sky-rocket into the outer limits of the stratosphere. Exciting, enticing, and intriguing beyond belief! –Guest Contributor (Splat!)

The Creatures Wanna Dance : LP
I love the Ramones. The Cramps too. And so does damn near every one of the nine German, French, Danish and Austrian bands that make up this nifty comp. None of them are out-and-out ripoffs, but the singer for the Brain Eaters (to use just one example) has a serious Lux jones, complete with hiccupping vocals. Same with the Reeturners, who are none too subtle with their oozing guitars and horror movie lyrics about eating corpses. The Hi-Tops on the other hand, employ the all too familiar “I-don’t-wanna-(fill in the blank)-with-you” lyrics sung with a cheery, happy-go-lucky disposition. Others, like the all-girl trio the Elektras, are reminiscent of L7. The Grizzly Adams Band sound like they’ve listened to their Germs and early Social Distortion albums one too many times. “Baby Or Not” starts off with the guitar riff from “Lexicon Devil” with vocals supplied by a guy whose voice is a dead ringer for a young Mike Ness. The production values are appropriately trashy (and occasionally tinny) and it often feels like the musty, filthy days of early ‘80s punk all over again. If you’re not put off by the obviously derivative nature of these bands, then this album is really quite good. –eric (Swindlebra)

On Your Knees Earthlings: CD
Collection of tracks recorded from ‘67 to present. All the stuff recorded in the ‘60s is f’n great, but once they hit the ‘90s the music becomes patchy to downright horrible. Psych rock that’s more heavy than dreamy, and at times tripped out beyond belief (“Last Man”). They do a respectable cover of Zappa’s “Trouble Coming Everyday.” Seriously, when these guys hit their mark (as the material from the ‘60s to the ‘70s demonstrates) they can’t be fucked with! I’m gonna have to start searching their early records out now. Maybe you should, too. –Matt Average (Total Energy)

On Your Knees Earthlings!!!: CD
Hot damn diddy-wah-diddy, Sir Mick Farren and his maniacal crew of Deviants were/are a fucked-up force of musical mind-distorters not to be taken lightly. The 18 fuzz-drenched, wahwah-laden ditties grooviliciously contained herein are funky, psychotic, trippy, tantallizing, jazzy, and hypnotically dazzling. It’s a wackily crazed kaleidoscope of sound and a frenzied nuclear-powered intergalactic audial freakfest! Imagine Syd Barrett, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Count Five, Hawkwind, The Damned, and Detroit’s very own MC5 sonically basking in a multi-colored acid-drenched parallel universe where amped-out rock’n’roll madness reigns supreme! Crampacked with juicy aural journeys into the mind, this is a retrospective collection of sorts which includes a sizzling smorgasbord of tunes from 1967-1970, 1976, 1978, 1995, 1996, and 2001 (with special guests galore: Wayne Kramer, Chrissie Hynde, Marky Ramone, and members of Motorhead and The Pink Fairies, too!). It’s a garagey, psychedelic, anti-establishment head-swirler of a disc with vocals that wildly careen from Vincent Price-like spookiness to voodoo-tweaked Screamin’ Jay Hawkins-style manliness to crazed Roky Erikson-possessed madness to theatrical British Music Hall zaniness. Oh how I so thoroughly appreciate such mutant martian-spawned music as this! Okay, kiddies, I wanna know who the hell spiked my beer?! –Guest Contributor (Total Energy)

Swami Sound System Vol. 1:2003 Sales Report: CD
It’s known in these parts that Swami’s got the impeccable and far-ranging taste, and you can get in on it. The treats range from the rockin’ party soul of the Sultans and Beehive & the Barracudas, to the hyper garage antics of the Husbands and Dan Sartain, to the ACTUAL 1977 punk of the Testors and Testor Sonny Vincent’s recent punk slop, and beyond. Highlights are an unreleased Rocket from the Crypt ditty, the circa-’84-old-school punk of San Diego youngsters Mannequin Piss, weird minimal lounge goofs the White Apes, and, holy of holies, Loincloth, ex-Breadwinner and current Confessor members waving the banner of pure and true metal with no fruity singing nor showoff solos – it’s like freebase metal! Truly something for everyone. –Cuss Baxter (Swami)

Strength Thru Oi!: CD
One of the most controversial compilations in punk history is reissued for a newer generation of hooligans and hellraisers. Twenty years on, it’s hard to remember why this was such a big deal. Charges of racism were leveled at those responsible and its release was met with a big hoopla in England, but anyone with half a brain could see that the contents within have nothing to do with racial hatred and everything to do with class divisions. Still, despite all the negative feedback it received, it’s hard to deny the quality of the tracks, which are still surprisingly good today. Featured here are mostly exclusive tracks from poets Garry Johnson and Barney Rubble, Infa-Riot, 4-Skins, Last Resort, The Strike, Cocksparrer, Toy Dolls, Criminal Class, and the irrepressible Splodge. Some mandatory listening here from a volatile era in British music history. –Jimmy Alvarado (Captain Oi)

Riot Salvation: CD
If you’re a fan of stuff like Zeke, Candy Snatchers, etc. you’ll probably eat this up! The vocals are very New Bombs Turksesque (attention: new word!) and I can definitely picture them playing to a packed bar every night of the week! Of course, I can’t really picture them NOT playing in a bar, but isn’t that the case with so many of these bands? This probably could be described as generic, but in my more cynical moments, I ask, “What would THAT mean? All this stuff sounds the same!” If this were a cereal, it would be generic Fruit Loops. Lots of sugary excitement, but not innovative in the slightest! –Maddy (Gearhead)

What’s Wrong With Me: swirled-grey 7"
This is pure trashy rock’n’roll thunder. Sleazy, primitive, raucous, and loud, the way real rock’n’roll is meant to be. Cranked-up and delivered straight to the jaw with a swift, one-two powerhouse jab! DMC belligerently blast it out like the New York Dolls, Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers, Supersuckers, The Lazy Cowgirls, and a spazzed-out hyperactive Chuck Berry tweakin’ on an undiluted batch of vein-poppin’ trailerpark meth. Indeed, there are very few groups who’ve ever attained this level of balls-out audial intensity! It’s exactly the kind of snotty rock’n’roll dirtiness that inspires long nights of sexual decadence, drunken obnoxiousness, drug-fuelled sinfulness, and other such sordid debauchery. It’s hard’n’heavy musical madness that profoundly stirs the senses, vigorously shakes the spirit, and aggressively possesses the soul. The devil’s frightfully cowering in the shadows, Sid Vicious is chatterin’ his teeth and rattlin’ his dogchain, and Johnny Thunders is nervously rollin’ over in his grave, ‘cause they’ve all been whupped by the savage sonic sauciness of them DMC boys. Hell yeh, my ears are motherfuckin’ eternally grateful for this skull-splittin’ 7-incher. Bottle forward, bottoms up, and here’s to the greatest rock’n’roll band on the face of planet Earth! –Guest Contributor (Know)

South American Teenage Garage Punk: 7” EP
The title says it all: Five tracks of “teenage garage punk” from four South American bands, specifically the Tandooris, Los Peyotes, Elio and the Horribles, and the Supersonicos. All four are more than competent at what they do, with Elio and the Horribles providing the most over-the-top track and the Supersonicos providing the two most memorable tracks, both of which are surfy instrumentals. –Jimmy Alvarado (Butterfly)

Split: CD
Darkbuster: Beer-soaked, punk rock with more than a touch of oi thrown in for good measure. The songs are catchy as hell and pretty well crafted overall. Thumbs up. Tommy: Less “pop” and more “core” than Darkbuster, but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing. I liked their last record, with its sound nodding to both the English oi-boy bands and Boston’s hardcore past, and this is pretty much in the same vein. In short, a pretty good split here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Rodent Popsicle)

Liberation: CD
Mid-tempo, self-proclaimed “anarcho punk” hardcore that’s catchy and snotty enough to keep my interest piqued. They remind me a little of Code of Honor but without all the neato time signature changes. Although the lyrics vary in quality, I can really get behind a song called “Fuck the French.” –Jimmy Alvarado (Rodent Popsicle)

Anger Management: CDEP
Painful, rhythmic hardcore featuring the guy from Unsane. In fact, the only really big differences between that band and this one are the length of the songs (shorter here) and the lack of gore on the cover of this disc. This is some punishing shit that proves that you don’t need to play at warp speed and/or sound like Godzilla with throat cancer to be heavy. Buy many, play often. –Jimmy Alvarado (Reptilian)

Old Days Nostalgia: 3XCD
Three, count ‘em, THREE discs of some of the craziest, most extreme hardcore to come out in the last decade or so. You get oodles and oodles of tracks taken from the SOA records back catalog, courtesy of Assuck, Society of Jesus, Man is the Bastard, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Cripple Bastards, Agathocles and a bevy of others. If loud, fast-as-fuck and wholly devoid of any “pop” hooks is your bag of worms, or if you just want to indulge in more auditory sensory overload than you ever dreamed possible, you could do far worse than this. –Jimmy Alvarado (www.soarecords.it)

Scenic Overlook: CDEP
Contender youthfully exuberate an intricate, uptempo assortment of poppy, punky sounds with some very slight emo overtones tossed throughout. Their unabashed energy reminds me of an electrical charge frenetically surging through the tight-fit constraints of a high-tension powerline... lightning-fast, omnipotent, and full of unbridled kinetic fury! Unfortunately, it’s finished and over too soon (it is an EP, after all), but not before thoroughly jolting the senses and adding fire to the veins. A radiant audial shock to the system at its most powerful! –Guest Contributor (Not Bad)

Am I on My Own: 7"
In case you don’t know, Common Rider is Jesse Michaels’ band, and Jesse Michaels was the singer of Operation Ivy. They put out a full length album a couple of years ago, and I think the album irritated a lot of Op Ivy fans. Personally, I liked it, but I think the heavy ska (not ska-punk; ska) and soul influences turned off a lot of people. With this seven inch, though, Jesse is getting closer to his punk roots. The bounce and pogo are strong in the grooves of this record. The songs are tight and faster than the ones on the full length Common Rider album. Op Ivy fans will be happy. This is good stuff. –Sean Carswell (Lookout)

No Hold Back... All Attack!!!: 2XCD
Some of the best punk rock and hardcore is coming out of Minneapolis and St. Paul these days, and this comp has solely Twin Cities bands on it. There are amazing songs by some great bands like American Monsters, Dillinger Four, Holding On, Rivethead, The Soviettes, and Sweet Jap. A lot of the bands on here will pleasantly surprise you, too. The variety of sounds on this comp is impressive, covering everything from emo to hardcore to street punk to rockabilly to pop punk to crust to a ton of bands that fit in between genres. Listening to it will make you a believer in the Twin Cities scene. This originally came out on vinyl in a three record set. I bought the records and listened to them a bunch of times, but after the first few listens, I found myself lifting the needle a lot and plunking it down on the next song. Now that I have it on CD, I can just hit the skip button. And that brings up my only knock on this album, which is that they could have cut nearly half of the bands out of it and had one of those legendary comps that every record collection must have. Here’s a good rule to use in the future: if the singer sings with the microphone in his mouth, or if the band name has a reference to a Neitzsche book, don’t include their song on your record. Still, there’s at least thirty good songs on these two discs, and I recommend this comp like a motherfucker. –Sean Carswell (Havoc)

Liberation: Songs to Benefit PETA: CD
For those not in the know, PETA = People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. But you probably knew that. I believe in supporting this bargain priced comp because all proceeds are being donated to this organization. I may not like a lot of the bands personally, but you and others should purchase copies to give to people who either need to be introduced to punk rock or to pass around information about PETA. But then again, you might like the bands too. I’m one not to pressure anyone in believing in what I believe. But I do support the free sharing of ideas. My wife and I do support PETA. The bands featured are: Hot Water Music, Good Riddance, Propagandhi, The Eyeliners, Anti-Flag and NOFX, to name a few. There are CD Rom features on the disk too, like the short video of a slaughterhouse and messages from a couple of the bands. For the price, you get a lot for your hard earned bucks. It’s also for a good cause. –Donofthedead (Fat )

Let’s Get Rid of LA: CD
Over the years, LA punk has seen many comps come along, many purporting to be the definitive document of the city’s so-called scene. While some have been, to put it politely, utter sonic horseshit, others have been quite good and a select few now reside in the “true classic” category. The dilemma, though, is that it’s near impossible to effectively put together a “definitive” compilation of Los Angeles’ punk scene, mainly because there are so many sub-genres, sub-scenes and sub-regions within the County’s parameters alone, and when you add the going-on-25-year argument over what is, in fact, “punk,” things get very sticky, indeed. Enter this, a compilation of “fifteen bands from underneath the ruins of Southern California.” Collected for your aural pleasure are one track each from The Rolling Blackouts, The Checkers, Neon King Kong, The Flash Express, The Orphans, The Alleged Gunman, Squab, Thee Make-Out Party, The Pinkz, The Fuse, Radio Vago, Miracle Chosuke, The Lipstick Pickups, Fast Forward, and the Starvations, all of which do what they do, from ’60s-inspired trash rock to straight punk to Devo-damaged artpunk, and they do it very well. The non-inclusion of some personal favorites notwithstanding (and, honestly, who can say that they’re pleased as punch with the lineup on ANY compilation ever released), there’s some really, really good listening to be found here, and I can easily see it rightfully fetching huge sums of money on Ebay in a few years. Does it serve as an exhaustive document of the myriad hues of punk to be found in Southern California? Not by a long shot. Then again, when a comp rocks this hard, who really gives a fuck? –Jimmy Alvarado (Revenge/ Star Maps)

LA County Line: CD
A compilation of bands from LA’s underground, including Go Betty Go, Calavera, Union 13, Teenage Rage, Custom Made Scare, Speed Buggy, Crash Logic and a ton of others. While not a bad compilation per se, as it features some mighty fine talent in its ranks, there’s something lacking in the overall presentation of the tunes. Maybe the track sequencing is off or something, but it just ain’t making me all giddy like I should be. –Jimmy Alvarado (Split Seven)

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