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200 Yen, 5'' x 7 ¼'', copied, 40 pgs.

By Nighthawk
Tuesday, November 22 2011

First, I will mention that these folks in Japan ask 200 Yen for this zine. According to the internets, this converts to $2.61. So maybe just send $3 to cover postage. Second, I will mention that this was sent to me from my friend Akihiro, who plays in Worthwhile Way. If you haven’t already, check them out. Very cool stuff. Back to the review. The majority of this zine is in Japanese, so brush up on the language of The Land of the Rising Sun. This issue is their anniversary issue, which I think means that they’ve put out twenty issues in one year. While that might be wrong, it would be very impressive. There are interviews with The Wild, Sub Stream, and Worthwhile Way. Record, book, and movie reviews are also featured, as well as a Rakugo review! Rakugo is a live show, in which the lone performer tells a comical story, using a paper fan and a small cloth as props. Sounds fun. You will also find a show review of Midway Still on one page, just before a couple pages of games, which I cannot figure out. But that’s just because I’m stupid, not because it’s in Japanese. Finally, a film review for The Sketch of Mujo, which is a documentary, is provided. Overall, this is a very good zine, with plenty of material. The only downfall is that most of it is in Japanese, and that’s only a downfall if you can’t read Japanese. –Nighthawk (Eager Beaver, 16-2 Higashibun Inoshiri Wakimachi, Mima-City Tokushima, 779-3602 Japan)



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