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By Sean Stewart
Wednesday, November 25 2009

Etiquette guides in general are an odd concept. My immediate thought when reading them is “what gives you the right to say what ‘correct’ behavior is?” Emily Post is a household name in the etiquette game…but why? What made her so special? I found myself asking the same questions when I started reading this zine. In theory, I appreciate the concept: create an etiquette guide for the common person, as a complement to the many existing guides that are (apparently) written for the wealthy elite. Most of the stuff in this zine is probably common sense for a lot of people. The entries are delivered in a snarky style that will possibly make some readers laugh, while turning off others. If you think you need help in the etiquette department, read it for yourself and see how it suits you. –Sean Stewart (polkaostrich@gmail.com, www.polkaostrich.etsy.com)



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