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#9, $3.95, glossy cover, offset, 72 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

I’m actually interviewed in this issue of Verbicide, so obviously I’m gonna be swayed in my opinion of this. On the most objective level, though, you gotta read the interview with me. I come off like a total kook.

#5 & 6, 5½ x 7, copied, approx. 32 pgs.
By Josh

Both issues of this zine consist of pictures taken by Chrystaei, who publishes This Time Last Year, mostly of Dirtnap-type bands like the Electric Eye and the Triggers.

issue #7, $3, 8½ x 11, copied, stapled, 24 pgs.
By greg

This Rochester-based zine come across as heavily influenced by Adbusters magazine: several mock ads in the zine bring home the publication’s self-proclaimed “anti-authoritarian, anti-corp, anti-censorship” mission.

5½ x 8, copied, 30 pgs.
By Josh

This zine was done about three years ago by Replay Dave of the Grabass Charlestons, and since it’s so old, I’m not sure if he still has any copies.

#8, $2, card-stock cover, offset, 98 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

I’ve been meaning to review this for a couple of issues, but it’s one of those things in which I get a magazine and like it so much that I somehow have a weird glitch in my mind that tells me that I couldn’t have possibly gotten the magazine to review because I like it so much, and therefore forget to review it. So much for excuses. Here’s what makes Slave cool.

#11, $2, 8 ½ x 11, copied, 40 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

Here goes: Rock N Roll Purgatory is the best zine out there for anyone who’s diehard into rockabilly and street punk.

#4, $2, copied, 64 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

In this issue, Nate tells sixty-four pages worth of crappy job stories, and I have to feel like anyone who’s got sixty-four pages worth of crappy job stories is a kindred spirit.

8½ x 11, newsletter, 4 pgs., free
By greg

A highly touchy subject that I’d rather not comment on since I have no political ideologies or agendas to get at, this Fact Sheet - produced by palenstinecampaign.org - seeks to inform the world on the plight of Palenstinians.

NO. 13
8½ x 11, newsprint, 16 pgs., 50 cents
By greg

Sometimes I go to shows and feel the scene has changed, other times I feel it constantly stays the same. No. 13 offers a little of both, giving the reader a good dose of old school punk rock ethics.

5½ x 8½, copied,160 pgs.
By Josh

I don’t know if it’s a book or not, because it’s bound with orange duct tape (thumbs up for that), so we’ll just pretend that it’s a zine. It’s a collection of personal writings by a young, small town punk rocker.

#1, $1 or three stamps or trade, 5½ x 8½, copied, 24 pgs.
By Maddy

What a great little zine! Stories about falling out of a tree, getting tricked over an inheritance, punk roommates and much more. The writing is funny and, unlike so many personal zines, not overly-dramatic or emotional.

#74, $3, 8½ x 11, glossy cover, newsprint inside
By greg

With a title like Jersey Beat, it’s no surprise that this zine tends to focus on GardenState bands (an essay titled “The Future Of Asbury Park”, a review of a Warped Tour stop in Camden, NJ, interviews with the Wrens, Saves The Day and up-and-comers Fairmont) and various topics that pertain to the area.

#2, $8, 5 ½ x 8 ½, offset, perfect bound, 109 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

Hobart is really less of a zine and more of a literary journal, but since Razorcake doesn’t have a literary journal reviews section, and Hobart has enough punk ethics to make it interesting for Razorcake readers, I figured I’d review it here.

#17, $3, 6 x 9, glossy cover, newsprint inside, 80 pgs.
By Josh

This is one of the most consistently funny zines I’ve ever read. Every issue is fucking hilarious from cover to cover, and this is no different. Oh wait, yes it is! The cover is in 3-D!

#7, $2.50, 4½ x 11, copied, 91 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

Larry Nocella (the guy who writes Extreme Conformity) has an amazing grasp on the absurdities of modern life, and, like a Coen Brothers movie, he allows the characters to get swept up in the absurdities until everything escalates into a completely ridiculous and hilarious situation.

#3, $3 (in Australia), copied, 40 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

I’ve read all three issues of this Australian punk zine, and I’m happy to say that it’s steadily improving. The most noticeable difference is that his layout has gotten really good. For a guy who seems to be armed with nothing more than an exacto knife, a glue stick, and a photocopier, he makes this zine look cooler than a lot of glossy punk zines that have been laid out on computers with Photoshop and Quark and everything else.

#20, $2 plus 2 stamps, 5 x 6,copied with a letter-pressed cover, 64 pages
By Maddy

Alex has been writing personal zines for a long time now, organizing zine conferences and traveling around the U.S. on zine reading tours. Her writing is emotional and personal with a big dose of nostalgia, especially this latest issue, which is mostly about growing up in Utah.

#17, $5 ppd, glossy, offset, 52 pp.
By Todd Taylor

On the one hand, i am not real likely to respond much, if at all, to ads hawking anything involving girls who look like Betty Page, lurid 50’s paperback covers, leopard-print creepers, dice, flames, or those shit-ass, crap-butt, woefully overpriced, laughably chintz-fuck (but, yet, kinda cool looking) piece-of-shit Korean DiPinto™ guitars The Los Straitjackets play.

#11, $2, copied, 28 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

It’s got the type of stories that you would expect from a perzine by a punk guy in his (probably) mid-to-late twenties. He tells stories about difficult parts of his childhood, friends who were destroyed by their punk rock lifestyle, fucking up with women, odd encounters on the street and in bars, fights, and so on.

#10, $1, 4¼ x 5½, copied, 16 pgs.
By Josh

Not only is the writing is really deep in a non-drum circle kind of way, the writer realizes and acknowledges his own imperfections. It’s always great to read stuff that’s self-questioning rather than self-important.

#11, $2, 7 x 8 ½, xeroxed, 28 pgs.
By greg

A nice “tour journal” zine from the depths of a midwestern punk band’s (Operation: Cliff Clavin) 1997 tour of punk rock America.

#8, 50 cent (just like the rapper), 5½ x 4¼
By Josh

If you’re looking for some cool comic books that probably won’t be made into crappy movies any time soon but don’t know where to begin, Comixville is the way to go.

#6, $4, 8½ x 11, 52 pp., glossy cover, two nicely-spaced staples
By Rev. Norb

Less interview and more article-oriented than i recall the last issue being: interviews include (but are not limited to) the Weirdos, Rubber City Rebels, and Marlins pitcher Tim Spooneybarger; the Murderer’s Row of columnists includes (but also is not limited to) Mike “Zisk” Faloon, Tim “Dagger” Hinely, and Ben “FIND A TV” Weasel.

#37, $6, 8 ½ x 11 ¾, glossy, stapled, 40 pgs.
By greg

With thirty-seven issues under their belt, Black Velvet head mistress Shari Black Velvet (natch!) covers a wide range of punk and metal that spans the years.

#53, $4.95, 320 pgs.
By Speedway Randy

Aging punk rocker meets the new indie parade, where some of those same idols are anyway.

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