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ZISK #21
$3, 6 ¾” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 23 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

Zisk is awesome. It’s all about baseball, but it’s put together by dorks, nerds, and misfits; not jocks, cheerleaders, and precocious tweens who’ve figured out social media and will forget about zines when a new app comes out.

$3, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 40 pgs.
By Dave Brainwreck

A solid coffee table zine; each page of this offers a haiku as well as a photocopied reply to business junk mail

$1, 8½” x 5½”
By Paul J. Comeau

 This issue features interviews with Title Fight, Ninja Gun, No Power, and Nailbiter. In addition to interviews, the issue features a guest column by Joe Lachut of Seven Inches to Freedomzine, show reports from Chaos in Tejas and Fest 10, a scene report from Wilmington, NC, and nearly two dozen record reviews.

$?, 8½” x 11”, copied, 12 pgs.
By Keith Rosson

The majority of the material is made up of some jarring and mostly nonsensical writing about Stanley Kubrick’s films, Val Kilmer, and thoughts on various blockbuster film trailers.

$4, newsprint, 8½” x 11”, 144 pgs.
By Garrett Barnwell

This issue features interviews with The Red Dons, La Armada, DHK, as well as Avi Spivak who also provided the awesome cover art. Also included are the ever-present gaggle of reviews and columns that you’ve grown to love.

$4, newsprint, 8½” x 11”, 144 pgs.
By Kristen K

On the inside of the cover, past the Top 10s, politico columns are bent on asking questions rather than posing answers, while George Tabb’s retell of his over-salivating dog’s anxious journey to the vet adds some levity, balancing the scales.

Free, 15” x 10”, Newsprint, 20 pgs.
By Billups Allen

Pork is dense with excellent artist profiles.

$5, Offset, 6 ¾” x 7 ¼”
By CT Terry

: J.T. Yost makes a comic with a story inspired by found materials, which he collages into the comic. The result is a shaggy dog story about the downfall of a struggling language instructor whose home life is sent into a tailspin by a letter from jail.

free, photocopied, 7” x 8”, 14 pgs.
By Craven

This issue is about the Canadian author’s childhood and his impassioned pen pal hobby.

$2, 4” x 5”, photocopied, 32 pgs.
By MP Johnson

This is a personal zine that takes place entirely in the author’s head.

5 ½” x 6 ¾”, photocopied mini-zine, 8 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

Short and sweet, Infinity Machine is quick collection of black and white collages that mix patterns—man, I love security envelope designs—with hand-drawn elements and clipped-in depictions of power, security, and status quo all crumbling and failing.

$4, photocopied, 11” x 7”, 18 pgs.
By Kristen K

From going stag to bars and clubs, to chillaxing at home, this survival guide to flying solo covers all the bases. Not just for the recently single, this should get any seasoned loner’s approval.

$?, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 12 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

Fuck and Fight is a glorious, honest, sloppy mess, one that I highly recommend.

$2, 7” x 5” Photocopied, 44 pgs.
By Billups Allen

Really fun comics describing John Isaacson’s various nights out on the town around Portland.

$5 ppd., 5¾” x 8¼”, 20 pgs.
By Matt Average

Cool start to a new zine out of Sweden. They do pack the twenty pages with information and graphics. Coverage is focused mainly on the noisier stuff that’s getting a lot of hype lately. Interviews serve more like introductions, and tend to discuss the music output of the bands.

$4 US, $5 Can./Mex., $6 World, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 36 pgs.
By Dave Brainwreck

Upheavel is a hardcore fanzine with an international focus and interviews with Overkill For Profit from Azerbaijan, Co-Arse from the Philippines, and Keith Bennett.

$11, photocopied, 36 pgs.
By Katie Dunne

This zine is included in a package with a fourteen-track CD, stickers, and an awesome embroidered patch.

$1, stamps or trade, photocopied, stapled.
By Craven

Each issue is mostly reviews: show reviews, then record reviews, and zine reviews by the ever-enthusiastic Christopher.

$2, photocopied, 20pgs.
By Katie Dunne

The Rev. Tom Foote pairs up some striking haiku with irreverent prank answers to those junk mailers telling you to buy life insurance or install a geriatric shower for cheap.

free, 36 pgs.
By Katie Dunne

The bulk of this one is a collection of music reviews, but the catch is Billy’s only reviewing music that was released on cassette tape, so a lot of them are from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

$3, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 56 pgs.
By Dave Brainwreck

One man sets out to review every slice of pizza in Manhattan (about 360) with all his freaky friends (maybe one hundred?) giving second opinions.

$2, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 48 pgs.
By Dave Brainwreck

With a handful of contributors, this zine reads to me like a smaller-scale MRR with its own distinct flavor.

$2, 7” x 7”, 38 pgs.
By Kurt Morris

This issue features interviews with artists Jason Potter and Ben Lyon, and bands The Vignettes and Ramma Lamma. There is also an interview with the head of Big Action Records and two short stories.

$1, 8½” x 5½”, 20 pgs.
By James Meier

Our Own Response tries to create healthier communities by addressing the issues of domestic violence. The zine defines domestic violence to specifics and goes into what can be done to help both the survivors and the abusers in domestic violence situations.

$1 or trade, photocopied, 4½” x 5½”, 40 pgs.
By CT Terry

Leanne writes about her life—personal and familial struggles with alcohol, teaching rich brats, and punk shenanigans in the shadow of encroaching adulthood.

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