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Trantastic: DVD

By Andy Conway

This gets my highest recommendation to avoid.

From the Back of the Room: DVD

By Katie Dunne

The scope is a fantastic sample of women who felt outside of, or indifferent to, the concepts of feminist punk in the ‘90s and women who have specifically and adamantly decided to play music with other women for political or personal reasons.

William S. Burroughs: A Man Within: DVD

By Aphid Peewit

A Man Within—which derives its title from Burroughs’s cat book A Cat Within—examines the writer’s multifaceted influence on the various postmodern subcultures, but seems to focus most of its attention on his sway within the gay and punk communities.

Fleshtones: Pardon Us for Living but the Graveyard Is Full
By Sal Lucci

one of the first bands to show their ‘60s garage influences on their punk sleeves.

Dwarves, The: The Dwarves are Born Again
By Aphid Peewit

Isn’t a floppy, limp dick antithetical to the Dwarves’ brand of lust-engorged teenage testicle rock?

Stitches—Live at Der Wienerschnitzel 2003, The
By Andy Conway

“Welcome to Der Wienerschnitzel, may I take your order please? “ “Yeah, I want one messy and chaotic live set in the parking lot by snotty California punk rock band, the Stitches.  I want the band and the crowd to fling chili dogs and other debris at each other during the entire thing and it should be recorded for posterity on a shaky handheld camcorder. Release it on DVD years later, please.” 

Exit Through the Gift Shop
By Speedway Randy

It’s hard to believe it’s not all a master plan by Banksy.

Trash Humpers + Enter the Void
By Speedway Randy

Probably too straight-forward and narrative for a pure avant-garde crowd but drug lovers and reincarnationists will be ecstatic throughout.

Widower, The
By Billups Allen

As he begins to lose his marbles, he drags the corpse around town in an attempt to relive the glory years of his marriage.

Loren Cass
By Aphid Peewit

This film, with its blood-trickle slow pace, leaves all sorts of open, unframed psychological space for the viewer to negotiate. That’s both the beauty and potential flaw of Loren Cass.

By Garrett Barnwell

You’d have to have been hibernating in a coffin to have not recognized the overwhelming popularity of the vampire movie over the last few years.

Little Runaway
By Guest Contributor

Have you noticed how lately lots of folks have been yammering on about punk rock and porn?

DOA: Greatest Shits DVD

By Jimmy Alvarado

Goddamned new-fangled technology.

The Shoes of Pleasure VHS

By Cuss Baxter

Did they dub the wrong tape?

BOUNCING SOULS: Do You Remember? 15 Years of the Bouncing Souls DVD

By Donofthedead

This is an enjoyable documentary that shows the trials and tribulations of a band that became successful, using interviews of band members and friends to tell the story.

Static (from the Attic) Vol 1: Episodes 1-4
VHS, 2 hrs
By Cuss Baxter

First off, Static is a terrible name for this program; I don’t think the frantic goings-on stop for more than about a half second at a time.

STL 2000: A Year in St. Louis Underground Rock
By Sean Carswell

STL 2000 covers a year of the punk/hardcore/rockabilly scene in St. Louis.

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu: 18 Music Videos from Kung Fu Records
By Todd Taylor

This is exactly what I hate, in a clear digital format. Craptacular, girl-wanting, pussy-ass bands.

The Recess Video
By Todd Taylor

If you're not the least bit in tune to what Recess – one of the most stand up DIY labels in Southern California – has to offer, this'll be a good introductory kick to the nuts.

Electric Frankenstein
Camden Underworld, London - 17 December 2000 DVD
By Rev. Norb

This band simply does not connect with me. Watching and/or listening to them is like eating air, or drinking tap water.

Between Resistance and Community: The Long Island Do-It-Yourself Punk Scene
VHS, 44 minutes
By Todd Taylor

As the title suggests, it covers a slew of young bands, centering on a couple of houses with basements in the Long Island area.

RKL: Still Flailing After All These Beers: DVD

By Designated Dale

Originally released on VHS, this DVD contains all the video footage of RKL lighting it up live onstage many moons ago.


By Cuss Baxter

I guess if you're into this brand of crap (non-threatening teen pop punk), you already know what to expect from Coldfront, and you'll probably eat this up.

Badsville: I Love Rock’n’Roll But These People Don't

By Namella J. Kim

Yes, everything you wanted to know and probably didn't really WANT to know about the sleazy Los Angeles rock community culminates in this spastically edited, idol worship cinema tragedy.

(VHS video tape)
By Sean Carswell

Citizen Fish bassist Jasper has been videotaping the band over the past ten years and he’s finally edited all of his tape into one cohesive movie, Gaffer Tape. 

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