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Razorcake Podcast #134
With Ever Velasquez
By Staff

Hey guys! Iím back with a new podcast!

Razorcake Podcast #133
With Bryan Static
By Staff

I mean, nobody really wants to hear the Casualties, right?

Razorcake Podcast #132
With Kurt Morris
By Staff

Something about the great music and my admiration for Tooth & Nail Records (back when they put out some good music and I was a Christian) made me want to see the city.

Razorcake Podcast #131
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

Slough off the chaff and itís all sweet kernel goodness.

Razorcake Podcast #130 - Fest Edition!
With Todd and Daryl
By Staff

DIY punk and athletics are named two different things for a reason.

Razorcake Podcast #129
With Daryl Gussin
By Staff

"You have the most boring voice in punk rock."
"I know."
"No, I'm serious."
"Yeah, I know."

Razorcake Podcast #128
With Joe Evans III
By Staff

Do I go with a theme? Stuff that Razorcake readers already know and love, or try to throw them a curveball?

Razorcake Podcast #127
With Lauren Measure
By Staff

This is my equivalent of "Dude, you gotta hear this!"

Razorcake Podcast #126
With Daryl Gussin
By Staff

In this podcast you get a mix of classics, old favorites, and a few that I just wanted to listen to cause I was curious to see if I even still liked them. Im pretty sure I did.

Razorcake Podcast #125
With Todd Taylor
By Staff

A style of music that Iíd cherished since I was thirteen, music that I listened to with very few friends, music that got me hit more than several times, was becoming the soundtrack to frat boys getting laid. Weird times.

Razorcake Podcast #124
With Kurt Morris
By Staff

Everyone loves the alphabet! So I put together twenty-six songs by twenty-six different artists, going alphabetically by artist name from A to Z.

Razorcake Podcast #123
With Rene Navarro
By Staff

Living in Tijuana while working and studying in San Diego was a good way to double dip on shows, awesome people, and record stores.

Razorcake Podcast #122
With Russ Van Cleave
By Staff

I probably would never have picked up a guitar if it werenít for Eddie Van Halen. I know a thousand other yokels with mullets and meth habits in the same area code as you would say the same thing, but...well...Iím a yokel.

Razorcake Podcast #121
Awesome Fest IV Edition with Todd and Daryl
By Staff

When I go on vacation, I want there to be a show every night, I want people I know to be everywhere I go, and I want them to be drunk.

_shang_a_lang_thumb.JPG" />

Razorcake Podcast #120
With Tim Brooks
By Staff

Jamming space rock? Not for everyone. I fuckiní love them. Whenever Iím out and loaded I think everyone sounds like Hawkwind. Which is awesome.

Razorcake Podcast #119
With Todd Taylor
By Staff

Itís a challenge for you, a person, not merely a consumer, to tune into more humble, honest modes of communication; even if, in this case, theyíre just ďdumb punk songs.Ē

Razorcake Podcast #118
With Daryl Gussin
By Staff

Since it's summer and people are out and about traveling the world, I thought I'd put together a podcast full of current bands from diverse locations.

Razorcake Podcast #117
With Ben Snakepit
By Staff

I hastily picked out some familiar favorites and threw together this playlist. Mainly I just wanted to get to use the Razorcake HQ's pro setup for recording podcasts.

Razorcake Podcast #116
With Sean Carswell
By Staff

The chords and lyrics arenít perfect. Isnít that the point, though? To embrace ridiculosity?

Razorcake Podcast #115
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

In it youíll find tunes from old standbys and new jacks, well-known institutions and more obscure noise-mongers, covering the many subgenres of punk they inhabit.

Razorcake Podcast #114
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

Iíll be the first to admit that I had a lotta fun back in the early Ď80s and yes, it was indeed a very special time, but Iíve also had a helluva good time in every decade since.

Razorcake Podcast #113
With Kurt Morris
By Staff

I shared some music that I listen to when Iím depressed, angry, or pissed off. To contrast that, I thought Iíd share some music thatís more positive, and gets me feeling good.

Razorcake Podcast #112
With Todd and Daryl
By Staff

These new bands arenít copying note-for-note on a light box. They arenít photocopying choruses. Theyíve dipped into the well of history, mixed in their own original ideas, and have come up with something new.

Razorcake Podcast #111
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

Is this stuff the best 2009 had to offer? Again, totally subjective, but I think there are definitely some quality tunes to be found in here somewhere.

Razorcake Podcast #110
With Daryl Gussin
By Staff

The winter and spring months always foster life and creation. But once that thermometer hits those high degrees, it's very easy for it all to come crashing down.

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