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· 3:One Punk’s Guide to Pinball
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One Punks Guide to Pinball, by Kayla Greet
Razorcake #92
Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP
Pinned In Place, Ghostwritten By LP
Razorcake #91

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#238 with Todd Taylor
Razorcake Podcast 11/16/12
By Staff

DIY punk rock: Diverse. Squirmy. Fuzzy. Don’t be fooled.

#237 with Juan Espinosa
Razorcake Podcast 11/09/12
By Staff

I can’t name one band whose record that I
didn’t buy that I’ve downloaded onto a computer.

#236 with Todd Taylor
Razorcake Podcast 11/02/12
By Staff

Regrets, I’ve got tons. But none of them revolve around making the wrong life 
choice. It’s still a tremendous daily struggle, but, fuck, the soundtrack is great.

Razorcake Podcast #235
With Kurt Morris
By Staff

They’re different songs, no covers, they just happen to share the same title.

Razorcake Podcast #234
With Bill Pinkel
By Staff

Despite the overarching theme of slackerdom that envelopes virtually
everything I touch, this podcast may have come out pretty good.

Razorcake Podcast #233
With Sean Carswell
By Staff

All of these songs at one point were in high rotation on my home stereo. After a while, they got filed into the stacks to make room for new stuff. Now I’m bringing them back for another sentimental spin.

Razorcake Podcast #232
With Willie and Julie / A Quick Guide to DIY in Brattleboro, VT
By Staff

In larger towns, it’s very easy to ignore the music in the scenes that initially turns you off, but if they want to see live music, small-town folks don’t have the luxury.

Razorcake Podcast #231
With Russ Van Cleave
By Staff

They were tough mofos who didn't give a good goddamn about nothing (at least that's how they came across to me).

Razorcake Podcast #230
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

As for Mr. Disco Boyfriend, I imagine he never wised up, and I hope Disco Girl dumped him for a dude with “BITE ME” shaved into the side of his head, and his kids ended up in powerviolence bands.

Razorcake Podcast #229
With Russ Van Cleave
By Staff

I’m not gonna do your homework for you…

Razorcake Podcast #228
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

If I don’t like what’s being said, I change the station, turn the dial, or walk on in search of something more interesting going on.

Razorcake Podcast #227
With Kurt Morris
By Staff

I think some of these songs are actually against you, America, but hopefully you won’t mind.

Razorcake Podcast #226
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

Crank it up, annoy the neighbors.

Razorcake Podcast #225 - Awesome Fest 666 Edition
With Marty, Andrew, and Todd
By Staff

"It’s summer and that means it’s AWESOME FEST time!!!" Then everything gets a little cooler and cooler—and look—a cooler!

Razorcake Podcast #224
With Billups Allen
By Staff

Most of the calls I received would be people anxious to engage in our number one American pastime: complaining.

Razorcake Podcast #223
With Matt Average
By Staff

All through the interview you can hear Bill playing the ukulele. At the end of the interview he comes up with the idea to play the song you're going to hear in this podcast.

Razorcake Podcast #222
With Christina Zamora
By Staff

It's another hilarious, drunken, and offensive podcast by yours truly and friends.

Razorcake Podcast #221
With Matt Phuzz
By Staff

I remember thinking how brave bands like The Specials and The Selecter were for openly saying these things and not being worried about the repercussions. This, to me, was extremely punk and ballsy.

Razorcake Podcast #220
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

Nonetheless I spent many a summer with, him blasting out the nearest radio and me doing shit I had no business doing.

Razorcake Podcast #219
With Donna Ramone
By Staff

What was originally supposed to be a podcast themed around music about murder and satan and serial killers was unfortunately tainted by the demon water that is alcohol and—pardon the pun—went right to hell.

Razorcake Podcast #218
With Jimmy Alvarado
By Staff

Last I checked, none of the bands here enjoyed, or are enjoying, massive chart popularity, radio saturation, and the vast spoils that come with being corporate punk darlings.

Razorcake Podcast #217
With Liz Prince and Mitch Clem
By Staff

You should have been there, it was so fun. Oh wait, but you can listen to it all here, so it’s almost like you were there (except, I’m warning you now, all the good jokes happened in between takes, sorry)!!

Razorcake Podcast #216
With Dave Williams
By Staff

I decided to leave the more “extreme” elements out this time, as Finnish black metal and Holy Terror hardcore aren’t entirely up Razorcake’s alley (even though it is a rather broad one).

Razorcake Podcast #215
With Bryan Static
By Staff

My favorite part of the year is the end. That’s when I get to see everybody arguing about what the best records of the year were.

Razorcake Podcast #214
With Candice Tobin
By Staff

These are songs that were stuck in my head. Songs I’ve put on repeat at work when I’m having a shitty day. Ones I turn up during traffic to give me something invigorating to yell about.

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