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Below are some recently posted reviews.

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An Evening with Melt-Banana and Doc Brown
by Max Puhala
By Guest Contributor

My Hallowe’ek of Music
Thee Oh Sees, King Khan And The Shrines, and The World/Inferno Friendship Societ
By Guest Contributor

Mike Watt And The Missingmen
Live at The Bell House, Brooklyn, 10-12-12
By Mike Faloon

I tried to think of something to say but I couldn’t scale the wall of clichés stacked ever so high in my melon. Did he really need another bespectacled dude telling him how he’d changed said dude’s life?

A Tale of Three Cities: Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires
A Search for DIY Punk Rock
By Jennifer Federico

I had been hoping to be grabbed!

Awesome Fest 6, 2012 photo gallery
8/31/12 -9/2/1, San Diego, CA
By Rachel Murray Framingheddu

...and the "Nicest Band on the Planet" award goes to Worthwhile Way.... 

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto, 7-14-12
By Mike Faloon

And not to sound too much like an Eagles fan talking about how the live version of “Hotel California” sounds “just like the record,” but a bunch of the Shadowy Men songs matched my recollections of the band’s albums and it was flippin’ wonderful.

Ceremony Living Laser, and The Suicide Dolls
6/13/2012 at The Space, Hamden CT
By Paul J. Comeau

Towards the end of Ceremony’s set, water began suddenly pouring from the ceiling and ceiling tiles soggy with water disintegrated on the crowd below.

The Refused
At the Warfield, San Francisco, CA, April 18, 2012
By J. Federico

I actually don’t even go to many shows where seats are an option.

Krum Bums and Passive Aggressive
At Attack!, Zagreb, Croatia, on November 23, 2011
By J. Federico

Those Serbians! Overachievers in the language department.

Riot Fest 2011, October 5-9th, 2011 in Chicago, IL
I Was There…Again
By koepenick

Draw your own conclusions on that one!

Goner Fest 8
Memphis, TN, September 22nd through 25th, 2011
By J. Federico

Extra points for Alicja ramming the fretboard of her Flying-V against the mic stand. Could she get any cooler? I was in heaven.

Dávila 666, Cheap Time and Wax Idols
At the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, September 8, 2011
By J. Federico

Everyone sang, they all appeared to have loads of energy, and it seemed like they were having a great time. The crowd was feeling it and giving it right back. There was hand clapping. There was a tambourine. There were maracas. It was rocking. It was fucking lively!

Unnatural Helpers at the 1-2-3-4 Go! 10th Anniversary Shows
Oakland Metro Opera House, Oakland, CA, July 22, 2011
By J. Federico

Lesson: If you’re going to be a dickhead and throw a bottle, at least wait until a few songs in.

Happy Anniversary 1-2-3-4 Go!


Chixdiggit! and Kepi Ghoulie
Aboard the Rocks Off Concert Cruise, New York Harbor, NY, 8/14/2011
By Andy Conway

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in the background while watching a band play is something I thought I would have to wait until I was involved in the punk scene on the Planet of the Apes to ever experience.

Itchy-O and Extra Action Marching Band
At The Uptown, Oakland, California, June 11, 2011
By J. Federico

I like marching bands!

-12_Shannon%20Corr_thumb.jpg" />

Dudman and Himo
Live at Studio Telecom, Tokyo, Japan, February 6, 2011
By Jennifer Federico

Regardless of the taste, though, my friend and I thought it was sooooo cool that this was all set up—it was very cooperative and sharing… kind of like a pot luck but waiting for you after a fucking excellent show rather than at a picnic or something. It was so great!

Skitkids, Sumerian Axe, Bruise Violet, and Bomb-Raid
Photos Taken at the Blvd., Boyle Heights, CA, 5/27/09
By don

If I hadn’t taken the pictures, I wouldn’t have remembered how good the show was.

Sydney Ducks, Northern Towns, and Young Offenders
At the Hemlock, San Francisco, November 12, 2010
By Jennifer Federico

In the middle of their set, someone in the crowd yelled out:
“More tribal tattoos in the monitor!” 
I think for a long time I will remember that and laugh.

Sharp Objects
At Thee Parkside, SF, Nov. 11, 2010
By Jennifer Federico

I’ll tell you, my brother (who was at the show with me), could not stop going on about it! “The bass!” he would say.

Articles Of Faith, Oct. 8th, 2010 at the Metro, Chicago, IL
By Tim Jamison
By Guest Contributor

From the first note that rang out, I was totally and completely elated. I realized half way through the set that my face hurt from smiling so much.

-Born_thumb.jpg" />

Riot Fest 2010
October 6, 2010, Chicago, Illinois, I Was There.
By koepenick

I decided to grab some coffee across the street from our hotel. Who should I see but the legendary Mike Ditka outside his restaurant, talking to one of his employees.

Melvins and Totimoshi
At the Troubadour on September 15, 2010 in Hollywood, CA
By Marcus Solomon

I was so overwhelmed and immersed in the transcendental state brought forth by meditational Melvinism and strong alcohol that the audience seemed to disappear for extended periods of time.

Scream and The Gears
At the Redwood Bar on October 17th, 2010
By Ever Velasquez

The years may have rolled by, but the attitude, energy, and music was as great as the first time I was introduced to the band.

Shonen Knife
At Amoeba Records San Francisco, Sept. 12th, 2010
By J. Federico

They do have their heavy moments, and, at other times, songs like “Little Tree” are so fucking darling that it just slays me.

Order Of The Fly, The, The Returners, Leper, Bad Form, Wreckin’ Katz
August 26, 2010 at The Venue, San Bernardino CA
By Marcus Solomon

Another great unknown playing amazing music in the shadows.

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