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Below are some recently posted reviews.

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Scam: The First Four Issues
By Erick Lyle
By Matt Average

I do think Erick is a good writer when heís telling it like it is, but when he over-idealizes things, his writing suffers.

HŁsker DŁ: The Story of the Noise-Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock
By Andrew Earles, 287 pgs.
By Ty Stranglehold

There is so much more to the HŁsker DŁ story and Andrew Earles digs deep to get it. Right off the bat, I found that I really enjoyed his writing style. His approach to the band bio format is refreshing.

Double Nickels on the Dime
By Michael T. Fournier
By CT Terry

Fournierís book adds accessibility to a daunting chunk of music. It is a great help for the casual listener who wants a deeper understanding of this mysterious record and also acts as a useful companion for the established fan who wants to see one of the most important albums of the Ď80s in a new light.

Bride of the Reaper
By Charles Romalotti, 204 pgs.
By Andy Conway

This book also includes a literary cameo by the Dead Kennedys, something that not too many other horror novels out there can boast (pretty sure HP Lovecraft was more of a Black Flag guy).

Beautiful on the Outside, Rich on the Inside
By Hunter S. Douglas III, 300 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

As it stands, this book reinforces what I donít like about the internet itself: Itís barely edited, filled with repetition, and woefully lacking in much of what gives me joy and as a human beingÖ

By Lavinia Ludlow 202 pgs.
By Steve Hart

alt.punk is an extremely well-written and crafted book that is peppered with engaging dialogue.

Why Be Something That Youíre Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979Ė1985
By Tony Rettman, 240 pgs.
By Garrett Barnwell

After being slighted in the American Hardcore book and movie, Detroit hardcore is finally getting its due.

We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001
By Eric Davidson, 351 pgs.
By Ty Stranglehold

I found myself more than excited at the prospect of reading more about some of my favorites like The Mummies, Devil Dogs, and the Candy Snatchers and I wasnít let down.

Sex, Sin, & Zen
By Brad Warner, 304 pgs.
By Aphid Peewit

Warner takes his zazen-pumped pythons to the task of grappling with the subjects of sex and sin, and does so displaying a matronly sensibleness ala Dr. Ruth Westheimer along with the pop-culture-soaked snarkiness of someone like Dan Savage.

Destroy All Movies!!!: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film
Edited by Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly, 463 pgs.
By Billups Allen

More than just a guide to the best and the worst, the book distinguishes the performers and characterizations that inserted a bit of anarchy into cinema and embodies how fans perceived those films.

Destroy All Movies!!!: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film
Edited by Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly, 463 pgs.
By Ty Stranglehold

The editors here have written up thousands of films. Thousands.

Cleft, The
By Dick Wegmans, 222 pgs., $7
By Steve Hart

The first time Iíve ever read a book about an asscrack.

Children of the Sun
By Max Schaefer, 391 pgs.
By Andy Conway

A riveting affair that, much like its main character, Nicky Crane, a closeted homosexual who was also a reputed neo-Nazi skinhead, succeeds at being two things at once.

Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha
By Ben Reitman, 205 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

I wish everyone could read it. If it was taught in high school, I'd bet more people would be interested in history because many of issues that Bertha talks about haven't been played out, even today.

In the Small of My Backyard,
by Matt Cook, 96 pgs.
By Guest Contributor

It might not be cover-to-cover reading, I imagine this book would be quite at home on top of a coffee table or toilet, where passersby could pick it up at random and get their fix of ironic humor for the day.

Get the Word Out
by Jeffrey Yamaguchi, 70 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

Take time to make your mistakes on a small scale first. Itís a lot less disheartening and costly. Other than that, though, Get the Word Out is a really useful guidebook, and itís very recommended.

The Battle of Seattle: The New Challenge to Capitalist Globalization
Edited by Eddie Yuen, George Katsiaficas, and Daniel Burton Rose, 400 pgs.
By Maddy

If you already know about the actual protests and want to explore the underlying issues and debates within the movement, you couldnít find a better book.

Jerusalem Calling: A Homeless Conscience in a Post-Everything World
by Joel Schalit, 218 pgs
By Maddy

Jerusalem Calling is exactly what youíd expect from an aging indie rocker with an interest in critical theory. Maybe itís not completely horrible and maybe there are some interesting parts, but this is certainly nothing new.

by Joe Sacco, paperback, 285 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

As a comic book artist, there is no doubt to Saccoís talent. His pictures evoke Crumbís style Ė tiny details are never forgotten. Expressions on peopleís faces are precise. Where Crumb was often subsumed with womenís asses, Sacco tackles refugees and war.

The Civil Disobedience Handbook
Edited by James Tracy, paperback, 95 pgs
By Sean Carswell

I had in my hands something that was, if not an answer, it was at least a start to solving a lot of societies problems.  And thatís why I recommend this book.

Stupid White Men
by Michael Moore
By Maddy

Harper Collins, who originally werenít even going to let the book be published because of its anti-Bush stuff, must be a happy publishing company, indeed. So, buy this book. Just PLEASE donít buy it from union-busting Amazon!

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America
Barbara Ehrenreich, hardcover, 221 pages
By Guest Contributor

Itís laugh out loud funny, sometimes shocking, frequently maddening, and something of a page-turner; I read it in about two days because I couldnít put it down.

Literotica: The Very Best of Literotica.com
Edited by Lori Selke, paperback, 236 pages
By Guest Contributor

Thereís a lot of kick-ass erotica out there Ė itís well-written AND it turns you on, so donít let Litter, um, Literotica fool you into thinking otherwise.

Identity Parade:
Identity Parade:
By Todd Taylor

Altough I will preface this by saying I know no Swedish beyond the instructions on the side of a penis pump box, the book is fraught with poor English translations, messed-up spellings and run-on sentences.

Hank Williams: Snapshots from the Lost Highway
Colin Escott and Kira Florita, hardback, 208 pgs
By Guest Contributor

An exceptionally captivating page-perusing experience from cover-to-cover and back again. So ďmove it on overĒ to your local bookstore now, and put forth the bucks for this here outstanding hardback treasure-trove.

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