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Below are some recently posted reviews.

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5th Inning, The
By E. Ethelbert Miller, 163 pgs.
By Steve Hart

Beautifully written, every sentence is extremely well-crafted and labored over.

By Susie Cagle, $??
By Gary Hornberger

Nine Gallons is a cool little book about someone trying to make a difference.

By Grant, Grant & Strahm, $17.99
By Gary Hornberger

Creeps abound in this terror trip to the docks, but oh what fun it is.

We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001
By Eric Davidson, 351 pgs.
By Mark Twistworthy

“Gunk punk”? Sorry, man. The term “garage rock” works just fine.

Skipping towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in
By Dan Savage, paperback, 302 pgs.
By Katie Dunne

What makes Dan such an effective social commentator is not just his quick wit, but his ability to combine human compassion with pointed, unrelenting rational argumentation. Skipping towards Gomorrah is not sentimental, even though it is grounded in personal context.

Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs
By William “Upski” Wimsatt, 205 pgs.
By Lauren Trout

The main theme in this book is growing up, personally and politically. Some of you might refer to it as “selling out,” but Wimsatt begs to differ.

Manchild #5
By Brian Walsby, 96 pgs.
By Steve Hart

Manchild #5 fills in the history of COC with interviews featuring members of the band, various audience members, and band members from Honor Role and Ugly Americans amongst others, and is liberally peppered with Walsby’s comics of special events.

How and Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide
By Matte Resist, 175 pgs.
By Mark Twistworthy

This guide takes the realm of DIY guides to the next level and makes those other guides seem like kid’s stuff.

Hit the Ground Stumbling
By Nate Gangelhoff
By Daryl Gussin

More Carswellian than Cometbus, the pages replace nostalgia for questions, and he doesn’t claim to have all the answers.

Cheetah Chrome: A Dead Boy’s Tale from the Front Lines of Punk Rock
By Cheetah Chrome, 368 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

The tone is humble and matter-of-fact. If you’re expecting a tortured, grandiose, or “punk rock” style, you’ll probably be disappointed. For me, it was a refreshing and riveting rock autobiography that I’ll proudly display between Lemmy’s White Line Fever and Tim Russert’s Big Russ & Me on my bookshelf.

Things Are Meaningless
Al Burian, perfect bound comic, over 100 un-numbered pgs.
By Todd Taylor

If you get wet reading the Utne Reader, or think that The Shipping News was riveting, Al’s right up your alley.

Sex & Guts #4
Edited by Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch, $20, 280 pages
By Jimmy Alvarado

Feels like you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation at your favorite watering hole between two friends who happen to be discussing snuff films, Mexican death magazines, and the agony of getting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas made into a film.

Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative
by Daniel and Gabriel Cohn-Bendit, paperback, 239 pages.
By Maddy

Danny the Red and his brother Gabriel’s account of the events of May 68.

Devil’s Midnight
by Yuri Kapralov, hardcover, 292 pages
By Maddy

I know enough punks, myself included, who read way more non-fiction than fiction. Devil’s Midnight and Akashic Books are a good reason for that to change.

A New World in Our Hearts
Edited by Roy San Filippo, paperback, 139 pgs.
By Guest Contributor

The sad truth of the matter is that some people are not smarter than their televisions.

Stand Up, Ernie Baxter: You’re Dead
by Adam Voith, 251 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

It’ll hook you and keep you reading, and it’s exciting to see such a high quality novel come out of a purely DIY effort.

Sci-Fi Western
Curated by Sunny Buick, 96 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

Fancy-assed art book, worth flipping through. Immaculately laid out.

The People Are Revolting (in the very best sense of the word)
by Jim Hightower, audio book
By Sean Carswell

A great introduction to a brilliant public speaker, and even if you’re familiar with Hightower, this is well worth the twelve bucks.

Hostile City or Bust
By Phil Irwin (aka The Whiskey Rebel), 105 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

Much like the Philadelphia Phillies’ John Kruk wasn’t an athlete, Irwin isn’t a writer, he’s a storyteller.

Charles Krafft’s Villa Delirium
by Mike McGee and Larry Reid, 96 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

A bizarre clash of class, history, and politics that it literally stopped me in my tracks and forced me to think about the artwork in front of me.

Addicted to War
by Joel Andreas, 69 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

You could hand this book to any high school student or slack-jawed yokel and give them a quick education on the foreign policy that the mass media never discusses.

Crass Art and Other Pre Post-Modern Monsters
By Gee Vaucher, 105 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

A fine book to have if you want to peel back and look at the vast possibilities that the high water mark collision between art and punk music are capable of.

Small Town Punk
By John L. Sheppard, 211 pgs.
By Todd Taylor

A dickhead who's openly mean and has nothing to offer except an unwanted pregnancy.

Bad: The Autobiography of James Carr
by James Carr, 238 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

He definitely had the kind of life that warrants an autobiography. Bad is a great read. And, strangely enough – because this never happens with autobiographies – it has a somewhat surprising ending on a couple of levels.

The Flow Chronicles
by The Urban Hermitt, 190 pgs.
By Sean Carswell

If you like reading rants by angry people who make fun of everyone, here’s a well-written book for you.

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