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#354 with John Di Marco
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Still calling Tiltwheel's 2010 record “their new album”.
And more punk rock fun on this punk rock podcast.

The Swarm Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

The Swarm delivered some of the most concise hardcore of the
late ‘90s. Toronto is a long way from Gainesville. Listen as we
 discuss some ideas that tie the two cities together.

#353 with Chris Terry
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Punk and alternative hip-hop, recorded with a fresh stick ‘n’ poke.

#352 with Juan Espinosa
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

All that mattered was hanging with a good friend and playing punk records.

Panthro UK United 13 Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Panthro was out on the DIY punk circuit when a phone pager was the best 
way to communicate from a moving van. They paved the way for lots of 
Gainesvillebands of the late ‘90s and beyond.

#351 with Noah Wolf
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Besides long tangent-prone discussions that caromed off the walls of 
RC headquarters, we did play a bunch of songs that I think are pretty wonderful.

#350 with Daryl Gussin
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Spinning slabs of plastic bring joy to grumpy dirtbags. 
For details, inquire within.

Low Culture Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast with Todd Taylor, Daryl Gussin, and Kevin Dunn
By Staff

Featuring guys from Shang-a-Lang and the Marked Men, Low Culture are
 one of the world’s best contemporary DIY punk bands. Listen to JoJo’s 
stories about a horrible street punk tour planned around a snowboarding 
trip and his phone prank victimization.

#349 with Russ Van Cleave
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

My 16th Razorcake podcast, much like many of my podcasts, meanders on like
 some old crick through a cornucopia of asperity. This time, though, I did this on
purpose (sorta) so that by the time you get to Rockpile, it will feel like a
comfortable old shoe. And by the time you get to the live MC5,
 you'll feel like a champ.

#348 with Simon and Bianca
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Simon, Bianca, and Todd play punk and pop records on this podcast.
Naturally, laughter fills the airwaves. 

Los Angeles Zine Fest Interview
Razorcake Interview Podcast
By Staff

Todd and Daryl interview LA Zine Fest organizers Bianca and Simon 
about how the event all comes together / doesn’t completely fall apart. 
Plus fermented mare’s milk.

#347 with Kurt Morris
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Kurt Morris finishes his epic trilogy of songs related to the calendar. 
In this episode he plays songs with the word year or years in the title, 
including tunes by Born Against, Embrace, and Les Savy Fav.

#346 with Tim Brooks
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Tim Brooks cranks out his jams. Boston Strangler, 
Ooga Boogas, 
Cosmic Psychos, and Bow Wow Wow are played. Plus some others.

Twelve Hour Turn Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Twelve Hour Turn - The Victory of Flightinterview with half of the Diem Brothers.
I know people tattooed with images from this album in Michigan, Nevada,
and Wales. 
Listen here to find out why!

#345 with Jimmy Alvarado
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Jimmy puts together another punk rock podcast. Features tracks
 from Kaaos, Dïat, Nitad, and more. Plus a bonus Nietzsche quote.

#344 with Bryan Static
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Bryan Static compiles a podcast featuring some of his very records of 2014.
Tons of punk, garage, and pop for you to feast on.

Feminist Library On Wheels Podcast Interview with Jenn Witte

By Candice Tobin

The simple pleasure of riding a bike is a form of real freedom. 
F.L.O.W. co-founder Jenn Witte explores the deep roots and
 intertwined history of feminism, libraries, and cycling. 
Devour this one.

#343 with Kurt Morris
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

With the Gregorian calendar as his guide, Kurt Morris plays songs he loves.
Unwound, Jawbreaker, Cursive, and more all appear on this podcast.

Radon Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Radon's Dave Rohm discusses the band's debut LP, 28.
Matt and Dave listen intently.

#342 with Todd Taylor
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Todd spins his current favorite punk records, while Daryl tries to
explain why everyone loves Hard Skin and Duran Duran.
A podcast by Todd Taylor.

#341 with Daryl Gussin
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

My logic, my rules.

French Exit Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

#340 with Simon and Bianca
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Simon, Todd, and Bianca are almost always tipsy and on top of their game,
but what happens when we deprive these three of beer, sleep, and energy?

#339 with Samantha Beerhouse
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Blame Todd, he started it.

Alice Bag and Jimmy Alvarado We Were There Talk
10-19-2014 at Vroman's Hastings Ranch
By Todd Taylor

Alice and Jimmy are lifers—two articulate, engaged punk musicians with mutual friends—but they had never talked with one another at length. I wanted to change that, so we had a public talk and recorded it. This podcast is a live recording of that event, with audience Q and A at the end. 

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