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Interview with The Spits
A Clusterfuck of Musical Influences, by Petite Paquet
By Guest Contributor

"We played a few songs then we had this big guy in a bunny costume come out and we taped explosives all over him. Then we just fucking lit him on fire and he started blowing up and we pushed him out into the audience. Everybody got hurt. It was great." -Sean Spits

Channel 3
An Interview by Tommy Johnson
By Guest Contributor

"In the late '80s with Enigma Records, it was all Hollywood and we had big hair and all that. It was the first time we made a conscious effort to make a record and go, 'Hey, let’s make a record and maybe we could be rock stars or something.' That’s where it all falls apart." -Kimm CH-3

Greetings from Landalu
A Few Months of an E-mail Interview with Dirty Bill of Federation-X
By bradley

"...later that night I went to a show. There was a keg in front of the bass drum while the band played. If someone wanted beer, they had to wait in line right in front of the band, which was ya'll." -Bradley Williams on the first time he saw Federation-X

A Supplement to Liz O's Article on Tribute Bands
A Link to an Interview wtih the Iron Maidens
By Liz O.

I've had people tell me "You aren't a REAL tribute because you are women." I think that's hilarious because we sound, dress and move like the characters we portray, we just feminize them a bit. -Jenny, "Bruce Chickinson"

Shootin' the Shit with Sixer
An Inquisitive Lil’ Social Chat
By Roger Moser Jr.

I was into skateboarding and breakdancing - I was ten, damnit - anyways. The best I recollect, I was standing in the middle of the dance floor and got knocked down by, what I believe it was called then, the circle pit. I completely loved it!

Soledad Style
An Interview with the Soledad Brothers
By Namella J. Kim

Johnny: I did some fucked up things but I’ve never been caught or else I never would have made it through med school.

Rollin' the Dice with Reno Divorce
An Inebriated Interrogation
By Roger Moser Jr.

Andrew: Then there was Brent's "soma coma." He kept saying to us, "I love you guys! You're some solid motherfuckers!"

The Web-only Interview by Kat Jetson and Harmonee
By Harmonee

Harmonee: Are there any artists that you both would really like to collaborate with?Amber: God, probably lots and lots. Half of them dead.

The Immortal Lee County Killers Interview:
How to Build a Cadillac Pick-up Truck
By bradley

Dr. Tokien: The Tokien One?s gonna? get him a Cadillac Escalade and a chain saw and cut the back off it and make it into a straight-up Cadillac pick-up! [laughter]BD: No shit!Dr. Tokien: That?s right. I?ll drive a Cadillac fuckn? pick-up. How redneck is that?!

An Interview with Drunk Dynamite
By Todd Taylor

"My dad saw the suit and he flipped. "I want that fucking suit." My dad is a staunch Catholic. He was a brother when he met my mom. He was becoming a priest. This guy is a straight up, by-the-book Bible man, but he believes in previous lives. He believes in his previous life that he was the Santa Claus." -Davey Tiltwheel

Takin' out the Trash with Dead Man's Choir
An Inebriated Interview
By Roger Moser Jr.

"I don’t think I’d ever do speed and then think, 'Maybe I’ll read a good book for the next thirteen hours.' Music works with whatever you’re doing. Sex is fun but a lot of work. Drugs require money and free time, two things that are hard to come by." -Kevin, Dead Man's Choir

The Columbian Neckties
"Hey, You Don't Listen to Punk for Originality"
By Jimmy Alvarado

That's the really nice thing about being stuck in a van for a long time: there's plenty of time for drinking beers!

Citizen Fish
Plugged into our Minds
By Sean Carswell

Keep the audience to supply the advertisers with the space in people's minds.

The Locust
Don't call 'em grindcore. Don't call 'em emo.
By Matt Average

"Shit was flying at us. And then I don’t know what happened. I turned around. I saw this guy throw it at my face and I just fucking attacked him. And he’s huge and he had me in this crazy hold and the next thing I know, Bobby’s the only one playing guitar, and everyone else in The Locust is on this fucking guy, and I’m grabbing his balls and biting him and shit and someone put a cigarette out on my back and it fucking hurt so bad." -Justin, The Locust

Fuhrers of the Switchblade New Wave
By Todd Taylor

I woke up the next day around noon with, like, a shirt tied around my back, behind me, faced down on a couch with my pants pulled down, and when I woke up, I asked them why I was like that?

It Came from Ether: The Fireballs of Freedom...
and Divine Intervention: an interview
By bradley

They ain't no high time pecker rock band. They're down and dirty, home grown. Like skillet fries and Red Dot hot sauce.

Andrew Vachss
A Lawyer Who Represents Children Exclusively
By Todd Taylor

In 1993, Vachss helped hasten The National Child Protective Act which formed a database to track child abusers who move from state to state. He is now lending support to the C.A.R.E. (Child Abuse Reform and Enforcement) Act, which promotes the improvement of information on, and protections against, child sexual abuse. He has published 14 novels.

Bloodhag: An Unauthorized Biography
Introduction and interview with Beth
By Todd Taylor

Don't tell anyone I told you this but they all have matching days of the week underpants with a different Sci-Fi author on the crotch for every day of the month! Sometimes you can catch a glimpse when Professor Stratton rips his pants during a performance (which happens quite frequently).

The Unseen
Part Herbert Marcuse Tract, Part Guerilla Punk Primer
By jim

If you hang out with us we're not going to be sitting around talking about how much the police state sucks or welfare rates are down or up all day. So at the end why not have a joke of a song? Sadly enough those are the songs everyone wants to hear. "Beat it!" "Every Rose!" And we're like, "Dude, no! It's a joke!"

The X-Rated Bible
An Interview with Ben Akerley
By Sean Carswell

...if people realized that this mythical collection is just that: it's mythical. It should not be taken seriously or at face value. It's a compilation of works by men who were very, very human and very subject to error like all humanity. They would never look at it again as if it were The Holy Bible...

They've Got a Cheerleader with Poor Dental Hygiene
By Todd Taylor

"Our intent has been just to be expressive and we've never had a goal of changing something. That shit just comes out, those words and the music, and there's no fucking goal. That's what I think makes it work." -Tim, Avail

Librarians at the Gate
By Todd Taylor

I believe that reading is truly punk rock... . Because it's punk to teach yourself. It's not punk to go to school? it's punk to learn and it's punk to know and be wiser than those who are supposedly in control. -Jeff 'Hag

Big In Japan
Skinny Tie Dynamite
By Todd Taylor

It is most definitely not rocket science but not just anyone can do it.

Apocalypse Hoboken
If It Was Easy, It Would Be Kind of Pointless
By Todd Taylor

Q: If you could blow something up, like with a bike pump, so it was huge, what would it be and why would you do it?
A: It would probably be my ball sack. Then it would look proportionate to my cock.

Atom and His Package
With Only His Synthesizer and Wit to Proctect Him...
By Todd Taylor

"No. I don't litter. That's why people don't think I'm punk." -Atom

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