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· 1:#377 with Daryl Gussin
· 2:An Interview with Soul Side’s Bobby Sullivan
· 3:Webcomic Wednesdays #146
· 4:War and the American Elite
· 5:Exclusive Stream from Acid Fast

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Interview With The Melvins
Live at the Troubadour, July 27, 2007
By Marcus Solomon

The lights came up, and some of us stood there swimming in a collective sense of, “What the fuck just happened?”

Interview with Fat Mike of NOFX
Warped Tour. Tour bus. Practical joke.
By Todd Taylor

Mike: I really can’t keep my mouth shut.
Todd: What’s the worst trouble it’s gotten you into?
Mike: My drug life, my sex life. Secrets about my parents. I’ve said it all somewhere.

Interview With Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000

By Chris Pepus

We all had our way of bringing our obscure passions to the fore. That ended up being a great asset, because it made all of us seem much smarter than each of us was individually.

Interview With Fifth Hour Hero
Interview Finished: Band Breaks Up
By Todd Taylor

Genevieve: This whole story has been out of control. We were not addicted to drugs. We were addicted to cereal.

Interview With Civet

By Ryan Leach

We were listening to Green Day and thought, “Well, I think we could do that.”

Interview With Stressface
Of course they get two
By Todd Taylor

Warning: Razorcake is not responsible for any spontaneous desleevement that may occur due to the reading of this interview.

Interview With Nicholas Gurewitch: Author of the Perry Bible Fellowship

By Daryl Gussin

Daryl: How many pedophilia jokes can one person really make?
Nicholas: Only two.

Interview With Ollin
By Joe Dana
By Guest Contributor

We plugged into the Chicano political scene and learned about Cesar Chavez and started hating white people.

Interview With The Soda Pop Kids
Find out who doesn't like Motley Crue.
By Mike Frame

I wish there was a better story. I wish I could say someone got shot or whatever.

Interview With The Beasts of Bourbon
It all started in Jim Agnew's basement...
By Kristen K

I was now a foot from the mighty Tex Perkins as he sang, “the hate inside won’t be denied like a razor you can’t bend.”

Interview With Idiot the Wise
By Mr. Z

A society may deserve the kind of vandalism it gets, but not the kind terrorism they get from those who run their countries.

Link To Riverboat Gamblers' Interview
Todd Taylor By Way Of Punknews.org
By Staff

"I made eye contact with a random girl on the balcony and saw her face wide open with legitimate fear for me and I knew that if someone who I had never met could have that much fear for me then this was gonna hurt... bad."

Interview With Monikers
Florida Punk Band Finally Move North: An Article By Ashley Belanger
By Guest Contributor

Rather than cater to the people sitting at the tables inside the coffee shop, Monikers chose to face their instruments towards the spectators outside.

Interview with Pere Ubu
The band was doomed from the beginning. But that’s all right.
By Ryan Leach

Ryan: You had a minor brush with commercial success with “Waiting for Mary.”
David: Very minor.

Interview With The Marked Men

By Todd Taylor

I don’t know how to answer these questions without coming off like we take ourselves too seriously, like were a bunch of pretentious fucks.

Interview with Bloodbath and Beyond
Introduction by Daryl Gussin
By Todd Taylor

"My belly button is gross. The most memorable time was once I stuck my finger in my belly button and rubbed it on the microphone at a show one time. Every band complained that it stank but I never said anything about it…"

Interview with Fucked Up
With an Introduction By Daryl Gussin
By Todd Taylor

Todd: What does the word Toronto mean?
Mike: It’s a Native word for where the trees grow or something.
Todd: Wrong.
Mike: Fuck!

Interview with the Hatepinks
By Dirk from Sunday Stripper Zine
By Guest Contributor

Dirk: What would have happened to the Hatepinks members if not being the Hatepinks?
Olivier: I would be selling cars. That’s a great job.

Interview With The Methadones

By Mr. Z

"I also love how he flips out at the societal stupidity that surrounds him..."

Interview with Dennis Lyxzén of The Lost Patrol Band and The (International) Noi

By Susan Chung

It’s good times to have a club where you could play “Holiday In Cambodia” and it’s a floor filler.

Interview with Derek Lyn Plastic
By Steven Blevins
By Guest Contributor

Most Derek Lyn Plastic songs are pretty negative they deal mainly with drugs, people owing me money, sex, and a suicide dance number.

Interview with Rob Wright of Nomeansno: On Fire with Mr. Wrong
Article by Allan MacInnis
By Guest Contributor

"All the people who used to yell at us for not doing short punk rock songs… now all the other half of the audience is gonna yell at us for not putting out ‘Bitches Brew 2.'"

Interview with Fly: Portrait Of The Artist As A Fly
by Anastasia Friscia
By Guest Contributor

 “Well, that’s a loaded question!” This is how Fly responds when I ask if she’d ever wanted to give up the squatter lifestyle.

Interview with Fortune's Flesh
Like the Shangri-las Meets the Misfits
By Ryan Leach

  • Gabe: Yeah, Dave’s all: “The stage looks like a riot at the recycling center!” [laughs]
  • Ian: Did you see all the glass on the stage?
  • Ryan: Yeah!

Extras from the George Hurchalla Interview
#32 Was Busting at the Seams. We Couldn't Fit It All.
By Jimmy Alvarado

I learned long ago some important things about the political spectrum. It’s a circle, not a line.

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