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Interview with Todd Taylor from Juicebox.com
With humorous results...
By Staff

I had a gun pulled on me in Inglewood because the backfire was mistaken as gunfire.

Interview with Liz O.
Contributor Interview #1
By Lauren Trout

I don’t want to be like the band that follows a perfect album with twenty years of worthless output.

Interview with The Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce's Sister, Jacqui

By Ryan Leach

Like a lot of pioneers, Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s work was met with much critical acclaim—yet mild record sales. When Jeffrey Pierce passed away a dozen years ago, most of his catalogue was out of print. Jacqui and Johnny—being two of the Gun Club’s biggest fans—have kept the memory of the group alive.

Interview with The Creeps
Nine years after their inception...
By Dave Williams

In the past year, the Ottawa punk scene has really grown, and the community of bands, friends, and people who play and come out to shows is extremely tight knit and supportive of one another.

Interview with New Model Army: Justin Sullivan on the Tattoo Art of Joolz Denby
By Allan MacInnis
By Guest Contributor

I love all Joolz’ artwork,which - not unlike our music - is very organic. It’s never quite graphically perfect, you know what I mean?

Interview With Dead To Me
Excerpt From Razorcake #46
By Adrian

Adrian: So when you guys make it to Tiger Beat magazine eventually who is gonna be the quiet one, who is gonna be the sexy one?
Chicken: Jack’s gonna be all of them. He’s the quiet one, the sexy one. I’m gonna be the mean one, probably.

Interview With Tesco Vee
Frontman of the legendary Meatmen.
By Sean Koepenick

I have kidney stones that are older than my back-up band.

Interview With Greg Palast
Investigating Electoral Theft
By Chris Pepus

We need to learn the issues. People are unarmed. That is, people know that they’re getting shafted, but they don’t really know exactly how.

Interview with Danny Schechter
The Sub-Prime Problem
By Chris Pepus

The local mortgage people were doing loans like the “Ninja” loan: no income, no job, no assets, no problem.

Interview With Bomb The Music Industry
By Bryan Ohio
By Guest Contributor

I think when it’s just marketed as a product, people are going to lose their interest in it just as quickly. I guess I feel bad for those bands. They probably feel bad for me because I’m broke so I guess we’re even.

Interview With Bear Proof Suit
By Kevin DeBroux of Pink Reason
By Guest Contributor

Have you seen kids? They suck!

Interview with Greg Cartwright and Ryan Leach: Talking About Gene
Cut from an interview featured in Razorcake #43, available 4/01/08.
By Ryan Leach

Greg: That was a big mistake because if you just look at the singles, Gene’s material is the best.
Ryan: Damn straight!

An Interview With Hostage Life
By Steve Scanner
By Guest Contributor

I don’t have any answers, I have some suggestions, maybe—like maybe we should stop worshipping invisible men who live in the sky; it’s a bad idea to assault people and take their shit, crack heads are annoying but should still be treated with dignity.

Interview With Dawn Wirth: Old School LA Punk Photographer

By Ryan Leach

Dawn: The girl from the Plunger Pit.
Ryan: Oh, yeah. She was hot.   
Dawn: Yeah...

Interview with Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti: Heavy Metal In Baghdad

By Speedway Randy

It may not get more DIY on earth.

An Interview With John Gaudry of ShowsInTheUS.com and Headline Records

By Todd Taylor

I’m not selling lettuces!

Interview With The Challenger Deep
A Posthumous (Sorta) Interview
By Jim Ruland

Seeing as we had no ambition to begin with, it’s not like this is ruining our lives. We started it for fun.

Interview With The Melvins
Live at the Troubadour, July 27, 2007
By Marcus Solomon

The lights came up, and some of us stood there swimming in a collective sense of, “What the fuck just happened?”

Interview with Fat Mike of NOFX
Warped Tour. Tour bus. Practical joke.
By Todd Taylor

Mike: I really can’t keep my mouth shut.
Todd: What’s the worst trouble it’s gotten you into?
Mike: My drug life, my sex life. Secrets about my parents. I’ve said it all somewhere.

Interview With Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000

By Chris Pepus

We all had our way of bringing our obscure passions to the fore. That ended up being a great asset, because it made all of us seem much smarter than each of us was individually.

Interview With Fifth Hour Hero
Interview Finished: Band Breaks Up
By Todd Taylor

Genevieve: This whole story has been out of control. We were not addicted to drugs. We were addicted to cereal.

Interview With Civet

By Ryan Leach

We were listening to Green Day and thought, “Well, I think we could do that.”

Interview With Stressface
Of course they get two
By Todd Taylor

Warning: Razorcake is not responsible for any spontaneous desleevement that may occur due to the reading of this interview.

Interview With Nicholas Gurewitch: Author of the Perry Bible Fellowship

By Daryl Gussin

Daryl: How many pedophilia jokes can one person really make?
Nicholas: Only two.

Interview With Ollin
By Joe Dana
By Guest Contributor

We plugged into the Chicano political scene and learned about Cesar Chavez and started hating white people.

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