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Interview With Off With Their Heads
Turning fuckedupedness into anthems.
By Todd Taylor

Trying to karate chop through a chair, breaking my hand, and never getting it fixed. I wouldn’t do that again. Well, I might.

Interview with Yvonne Gomez
A hidden linchpin of East LA independent music.
By Todd Taylor

It was done humbly, with handshakes, and just being cool to one another while paying all the bills.

Excerpt From URTC Interview
By Todd Taylor

Cheryl’s all, "I just got a text, ‘In jail.’"

Uncle Monk Interview—Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan
Interview by Jaime Scorby
By Guest Contributor

The lyrics to both the Ramones and Uncle Monk are unique, philosophical, and personal; often autobiographical.

Interview with Hudley: Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989
Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989.
By Staff

She helped keep the wheels on the wagon for the longest-running fanzine in Los Angeles history.

Interview With The Spits: Setting The (First) Record Straight
Interview by Shawn Durat
By Guest Contributor

Shawn: So, to any young punks, or young musicians, putting out a record for the first time, your words of advice would be?
Be careful.

Interview with Chris Piegler
Contributor Interview #10
By Lauren Trout

I can't recall ever going to an interview with a list of questions. I already know what I want to ask the band and I'm more than ready to let them say something that will take us down different avenues.

Interview with Intifada
By Alexander Billet
By Guest Contributor

The way I’ve always seen it is, politics are always social. Politics are always individual because whatever is said or whatever is working around you always affects you personally.

Interview with Holding On To Sound
By Chris Wicke
By Guest Contributor

They can see a local band they’re not one hundred percent sure about, or they can go see Rancid for forty bucks somewhere, and they’ll probably do that.

Interview with Brook Pridemore: The Kids In This Town Are the Greatest
Interview by Ben Krieger
By Guest Contributor

If the words are aimed at the heart, the music is aimed at the dance floor.

Interview with Sean Koepenick
Contributor Interview #09
By Lauren Trout

A true “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” story.

Interview with Art Ettinger
Contributor Interview #08
By Lauren Trout

As a horror fan, I don’t really look for originality per se in what I watch.


Interview with Young Livers
By Dane Erbach
By Guest Contributor

Most of us felt awkward and out of place, as anyone would in a new town.

Interview with Todd Price
Contibutor Interview #07
By Lauren Trout

I sometimes feel a tinge of guilt if I completely degrade somebody else’s music but honesty and sharing your true feelings are part of what punk rock is all about.

Interview with Strike Anywhere
By Rob Kent and John Miskelly
By Guest Contributor

Richmond was the place where Africans, when first enslaved in ships, were brought. That is such an intense aspect of why any of us got into punk in the first place and how our ideas work and what we know about life.

Interview with Amy Adoyzie
Contributor Interview #06
By Lauren Trout

I had six months to party my guts out before moving to a Muslim country—so writing wasn’t a priority.

Interview with Ty Stranglehold
Contributor Interview #05
By Lauren Trout

The most important thing about Canada is poutine. Poutine is the greatest food there is.

Interview with Dead Mechanical
Whiskey-soaked vocals, sharp as glass guitar chords.
By Sean Koepenick

They did name a sandwich after us, but they did not let us play. It was interesting. A breakfast sandwich, actually. It was on the menu. We were not.

Interview with Ryan Leach
Contributor Interview #04
By Lauren Trout

I’ve written for a lot of magazines. Razorcake is far and away the best.

Interview with The Secretions
By Sean Castillo
By Guest Contributor

We don’t sing political songs, but it doesn’t mean we’re not political. We don’t sing compassionate songs, but it doesn’t mean we’re not compassionate.

Interview with Mitch Clem
Contributor Interview #3
By Lauren Trout

I just lay around on the couch all day reading Green Lantern comics and occasionally breaking to masturbate.

Interview with Dave Williams
Contributor Interview #2
By Lauren Trout

I’d like to honestly say that I’ll be able to shrug off any criticisms, but the fact is that if someone puts down something that I’ve put a lot of energy and time into, it’s gonna be hard to fight back the tears.

Interview with Todd Taylor from Juicebox.com
With humorous results...
By Staff

I had a gun pulled on me in Inglewood because the backfire was mistaken as gunfire.

Interview with Liz O.
Contributor Interview #1
By Lauren Trout

I don’t want to be like the band that follows a perfect album with twenty years of worthless output.

Interview with The Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce's Sister, Jacqui

By Ryan Leach

Like a lot of pioneers, Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s work was met with much critical acclaim—yet mild record sales. When Jeffrey Pierce passed away a dozen years ago, most of his catalogue was out of print. Jacqui and Johnny—being two of the Gun Club’s biggest fans—have kept the memory of the group alive.

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