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Interview with Superchunk, featuring Jim Ruland
Originally ran in Flipside #110
By Todd Taylor

We try to write fast songs and they suck.

An Interview with Pegboy
New Introduction by Ranae Hummel. Originally ran in Flipside #112
By Sean Carswell

Pierre: The show was going pretty good when in the middle of a set this kid yells out, “You guys are phat!” I look over at Larry and both of us at the same time lift up our shirts and stick our bellies out like, yeah, we’re fat, so fucking what?

Larry: And the kid’s like, “No, P-H-A-T phat.” So, thanks, buddy.

Interview with Hot Water Music
New Introduction by Kristen K. Originally ran in Flipside #120
By Todd Taylor

I’m playing my guitar and I have this amazing life and it just blows my mind because I never ever thought it would ever be this good. It just kills me.

Interview with Kenneth Higney
An Outsider Musician, Both Incredible and Obscure
By Ryan Leach

I recently came across something someone wrote about me having sold my truck to come up with the money to record Attic Demonstration. If that were true, the album would’ve sounded a whole lot better.

Interview with At The Drive-In
With an Updated Introduction by Matthew Hart
By Todd Taylor


I think we put stuff together and find the meaning later.

The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
An Interview with Documentarian Filmmaker Keith Beauchamp
By Chris Pepus

The case provoked international outrage and helped generate support for the civil rights movement

Interview with TSOL
This interview originally ran in Razorcake #04, 2001.
By Staff

We deal with the kind of thing we came from—and the dope, and the heroin, and excess, the punk rock loss of values, or complete snubbing our noses or giving it the finger—if it was the wrong way to do things then that was our way, and to the hilt.

An Interview with Underground Medicine
I figured if we split the costs, I’m only going to lose half as much!
By Mike Frame

The holy trinity of suck: Foreigner, Styx, and Kansas.

An Interview with The Hussy
Reckless abandon from Madison, WI.
By Sal Lucci

Heather: I played guitar when I was in middle school because that was the cheapest instrument to rent.

Nardwuar The Human Serviette Vs. Ian MacKaye
This interview originally ran in Razorcake #04, 2001
By Nardwuar

"Two bananas could never hurt anybody."

Interview with The Spits
Interview by Justin Maurer
By Guest Contributor

A sense of frustration against the world. All kinds of shit. Small towns, government, cops, moms and dads and Jesus.

Interview with Duane Peters
And an updated introduction by Kristen K.
By Todd Taylor

Twenty-three hour lockdown with three black guys that were trying to teach me how to meditate. One guy had one arm.

Interview with The Safes
It’s a weird time to be alive. But when the hell isn’t?
By Mike Faloon

Dave had a jacket with Ramones written on the back. The dean grabbed him and he mispronounced the name of the band. “Who’s this Roman Ohs? Are you starting a gang?”

Interview with The Max Levine Ensemble
By Donna Ramone
By Guest Contributor

“These are on their way out and we need a flag. What better way to eulogize my most trusted and favorite pair of underpants than to hoist it atop a mountain?”

An Interview with Lagwagon
Interview and photos by Sean Logic
By Guest Contributor

When you’re young, you’re like a sponge and you have a deeper connection with music. So my feeling is I think when people liked the band way back then there’s always going to be a little place for us.

Interview with the creator of The Outhouse The Film
By Tim Jamison
By Guest Contributor

The surprise is that it was there for so long, existing under the radar, and the place never got shut down.

Interview with The Undertones
By Justin Maurer
By Guest Contributor

Punk was all about staying the same as your audience.

Interview with Alicja Trout of The River City Tanlines, Lost Sounds, Black Sunda

By Ryan Leach

Recording in the studio is much different than recording at home. You’re striving for something perfect when you record in the studio. You lose something in the process.

Interview with Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States
By Sean Carswell and Todd Taylor
By Staff

Music can also serve a very important social function because music can do things that mere prose, mere ordinary political agitation can’t do. It can deepen the feelings that people have about issues.

Interview with Fat Mike and Erin of Fat Wreck Chords and NOFX
Interview by Sean Carswell and Todd Taylor
By Staff

Mike: We really don’t push bands at Fat, at all, to record or do tours. Like I never called up Propagandhi and said, “Hey, how about a new record?”

Interview with Tim Yohannan and Jen Angel of Maximumrock’n’roll Part 2
Bad Taste Is in the Majority, Part 2
By Todd Taylor

The epic conclusion...



Interview with Tim Yohannan and Jen Angel of Maximumrock’n’roll Part 1
Bad Taste Is in the Majority, Part 1
By Todd Taylor

When I found out I had cancer, it was sort of like, “Am I going to change now?” People will say, “Don’t you want to go travel?” And I was like, “No, I want to work on the magazine.” This is what I really want.

Interview with Curtis Harrington
By Gib Strange
By Guest Contributor

I can never remember the names of people I don’t like.

Interview with Two Cow Garage
By Ian Weir
By Guest Contributor

We don’t deserve anything. We work for everything we get and that’s Ohio to the core.

Interview with The Weird Lovemakers
Originally appeared in Issue #03.
By Sean Carswell

The local news ran a spot “How to spot a drug house in your neighborhood.” And I guess my house fit the profile. Weeds in the front yard. Lots of comings and goings at strange hours of the day and night.

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