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· 1:Webcomic Wednesdays #111
· 2:Webcomic Wednesdays #114
· 3:#350 with Daryl Gussin
· 4:Boredom and Velocity (formerly A Broad Abroad)
· 5:Razorcake Issue #29 from 2005, Featuring Alicja Trout

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Panthro UK United 13 Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Panthro was out on the DIY punk circuit when a phone pager was the best 
way to communicate from a moving van. They paved the way for lots of 
Gainesvillebands of the late ‘90s and beyond.

Low Culture Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast with Todd Taylor, Daryl Gussin, and Kevin Dunn
By Staff

Featuring guys from Shang-a-Lang and the Marked Men, Low Culture are
 one of the world’s best contemporary DIY punk bands. Listen to JoJo’s 
stories about a horrible street punk tour planned around a snowboarding 
trip and his phone prank victimization.

Twelve Hour Turn Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Twelve Hour Turn - The Victory of Flightinterview with half of the Diem Brothers.
I know people tattooed with images from this album in Michigan, Nevada,
and Wales. 
Listen here to find out why!

Feminist Library On Wheels Podcast Interview with Jenn Witte

By Candice Tobin

The simple pleasure of riding a bike is a form of real freedom. 
F.L.O.W. co-founder Jenn Witte explores the deep roots and
 intertwined history of feminism, libraries, and cycling. 
Devour this one.

Radon Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Radon's Dave Rohm discusses the band's debut LP, 28.
Matt and Dave listen intently.

French Exit Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Off With Their Heads Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Alice Bag and Jimmy Alvarado We Were There Talk
10-19-2014 at Vroman's Hastings Ranch
By Todd Taylor

Alice and Jimmy are lifers—two articulate, engaged punk musicians with mutual friends—but they had never talked with one another at length. I wanted to change that, so we had a public talk and recorded it. This podcast is a live recording of that event, with audience Q and A at the end. 

Dopamines Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Generacion Suicida Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Fay Wray Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

White Murder Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Intentionally Bad Capitalist Podcast #3 with Brad Listi
Interview by Sean Carswell and Todd Taylor
By Staff

Brad Listi: The Literary Equivalent of Slow-food
or How to Grow Once You’re Deep in It.

Interview Podcast with Wreck Of The Zephyr
Plus the music video they talk about in the interview!
By Staff

Domestic dogs develop a taste for human flesh.
ZZZzzzrrrrt. What?

Intentionally Bad Capitalists 2
Featuring Sean Arenas and Mark Chen of Summer Vacation
By Staff

Challenging, heartfelt, and ridiculously melodic.

Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round One
Featuring Matthew Hart, Jim Ruland, and Todd Taylor
By Staff

Want to hear some short stories, told well?
Look no further. The Gorsky Press Story Podcast.

Interview Podcast with Canadian Rifle
With a Short Intro by Daryl
By Todd Taylor

They accepted what they had to do and kept going. Didn’t miss
any shows, did the interview, played the cards they were dealt.

Intentionally Bad Capitalists
A recorded discussion between Todd and Sean.
By Staff

“Razorcake is a music magazine, Razorcake is not a music magazine, Razorcake is both.”

Interview Podcast with the Gateway District
By Todd Taylor
By Staff

Gateway District has been lumped into pop punk, but I disagree. This is punk that’s agreeable to listen to without losing any sort of emotional or sonic edge.

Interview Podcast with The Street Eaters
By Todd Taylor and Adrian Chi
By Staff

Okay, sure, shouting at the sun doesn’t necessarily change anything, but if you get enough people shouting at the sun, then at least some are providing shade.

Audio Interview with Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records

By Todd Taylor

These records were the tip of the Trident missile she had help launch into the world.

Interview with Yvonne Gomez
A hidden linchpin of East LA independent music.
By Todd Taylor

It was done humbly, with handshakes, and just being cool to one another while paying all the bills.

Interview with Hudley: Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989
Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989.
By Staff

She helped keep the wheels on the wagon for the longest-running fanzine in Los Angeles history.

Interview with God Equals Genocide
An Audio Adventure.
By Todd Taylor

So yeah, I guess I have done some acting.


Razorcake Podcast Player

·Sex & Guts #4
·Brad Listi of Other People podcast interviews Sean Carswell
·Black Monday, B-9

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