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· 1:The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 6) adelsouto.com
· 2:The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 5)
· 3:The Falcon, The Copyrights, Sam Russo live at the Troubadour, July 16, 2016
· 4:Featured Record Reviews Issue #93
· 5:#414 with John Di Marco

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Razorcake #93
One Punks Guide to Pinball, by Kayla Greet
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Aaron Zonka

Adam Mullett

Adam Perry

Adel Souto

Adrian Chi

Adrian Salas

Aimée Pijpers

Alanna Why

Alex Barrett

Alex Harris

alex or whatever

Alice Bag

Alxis Ratkevich

Amy Adoyzie

Andra Passen

Andrew Flanagan

Andy Conway

Andy Garcia

Aphid Peewit

Art Ettinger

Art Fuentes


Becky Rodriguez

Ben Snakepit


Bill Pinkel

Billups Allen

Brad Beshaw

Brad Dwyer

Bradley Williams

Brent Nimz

Brooke D McCarley

Bryan Static

Bungee Degrady


Cahnie Galletta

Caitlin Hoffman

Camylle Reynolds

Candace Hansen


Carlos H.

Cassie J. Sneider

Cathy Hannah

Chad Williams

Cheryl Klein

Chris Boarts Larson

Chris Mason

Chris Minetree

Chris Peigler

Chris Pepus

Chris Terry

Claire Palermo

Colin Flaherty


Craven Rock

CT Terry

Cuss Baxter

Cynthia Pinedo

Dan Clarke

Dan Monick

Dan Ozzi

Daryl Gussin

Dave Brainwreck

Dave Dillon

Dave Disorder

Dave Williams

David Ensminger


Designated Dale

Doctor Strange

Donna Ramone


Em DeMarco

Eric Boeker

Erin Schultz

Eryc Why

Evan Wolff

Ever Velasquez

Felizon Vidad

Gabby Gonzalez

Gabe Rock

Garrett Barnwell

Gary Hornberger

Genesis Bautista

Genevieve Armstrong

Holly Wood

Ian Wise

Indiana Laub

J. Federico

J.V. McDonough

Jack Fallows

Jackie Rusted

Jake Shut

James Meier

Jamie L. Rotante

Jason Willis

Jeff Proctor

Jennifer Federico

Jennifer Whiteford

Jenny Moncayo

Jessica Thiringer

Jim Joyce

Jim Kettner

Jim Ruland

Jim Woster

Jimmy Alvarado

Joe Dana

Joe Evans III

John Miskelly

Jon Mule


Josh Benke

Juan Espinosa

Julia Smut

Julie A. Ferguson

Kat Jetson

Katie Dunne

Kayla Greet

Keith Rosson

Kelley O’Death

Kelly A. Lone

Kelly O’Grady

Kevin Dunn

Kiyoshi Nakazawa

Kristen K.

Kurt Morris

Laura Moreno

Lauren Trout

Lisa Weiss

Liz Mayorga

Liz O.

Lory Gil

Louis Jacinto

Lukas Myhan



Marcos Siref

Marcus Solomon

Mark Twistworthy

Mars Bravo

Marty Ploy

Matt Average

Matt Seward

Matt Werts

Matthew Hart

Megan Pants

Melanie Matranga

Meztli Hernandez

Michael T. Fournier

Mike Faloon

Mike Frame

Mike Huguenor

Mitch Clem

MP Johnson

Mr. Z

Namella J. Kim


Nick Toerner

Nicole Macias

Nicole Madden



Noah W.K.

Ollie Mikse

Patrick Houdek

Paul J. Comeau

Paul Silver


Rachel Murray Framingheddu

Rene Navarro

Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Rev. Norb

Reyan Ali

Rhythm Chicken

Rich Cocksedge

Rick Ecker

Rick V

Ricky Vigil

Rob Ruelas

Robin Effup

Rodrigo V

Ronnie Sullivan

Rosie Gonce

Ryan Horky

Ryan Leach

Ryan Nichols

Sal Lucci

Sam Grinberg

Samantha Beerhouse

Sara Lautman

Sarah Shay

Sean Arenas

Sean Carswell

Sean Koepenick

Sean Stewart

Seth Swaaley

Simon Sotelo

Simone Carter

Speedway Randy

Steve Adamyk

Steve Hart

Steve Larder

Steve Thueson


Susan Chung

The Lord Kveldulfr

Tim Brooks

Toby Tober

Todd Taylor


Ty Stranglehold

Vincent Battilana

Vladimir Kozlov

Will Kwiatkowski

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