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High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 9: I-70 and the Simplicity of Solitude
By Seth Swaaley

Not one to offend when it comes to local customs, I dug my hands in, the sauce and meat seeping underneath my dirty fingernails. I gave him a nod and licked my fingers clean.

My Life in a House Band
Episode 3: Mitch Madness
By Joe Evans III

Shannon may very well be The Dwarves of comedians.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 8: Looking for Lily
By Seth Swaaley

Usually you write the song from past experience, but in this case I was turning the tables; writing the fiction and then visiting the reality, figuring there’s nothing better than a little twist on the order of things.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 7: Monkeys, Dog Shears, and the Muse
By Seth Swaaley

What the hell monkeys and my music have in common I can’t say, but, lyrically, I figured he already had me beat, so I made a deal with him.

Everything is Why
Punklightenment July 2010
By Marcus Solomon

Problems have solutions; math problems have answers. Life is not a problem; it is an experience.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 6: Freight Train! Freight Train!
By Seth Swaaley

The place just seemed too damn safe for my blood. And here I had the nicest house I’d ever lived in, a decent paycheck coming in, and I still wasn’t happy.

The Bloodstained Lies of Christopher Hitchens
July 2010
By Chris Pepus

As the passage of time destroyed Hitchens’s fables, he created new absurdities.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 5: Talking Fishing Blues
By Seth Swaaley

Often I stayed quiet, occasionally feeling the brunt of derogatory comments about the “California Boy,” and maybe the fact that I was gay because I wasn’t married and didn’t have any kids yet.

It’s Not for Critics
June 2010
By Bryan Static

When I hear no redeeming quality in the noise that’s protruding from my stereo, why should I be nice about it?

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 4: Old Hat, New Tricks
By Seth Swaaley

I even bought a banjo, but everything I played sounded like the soundtrack for an old kung-fu movie.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 3: Life as Sparky
By Seth Swaaley

I knew nothing about electricity, aside from the fact that if you touched a wire when it was on, it probably wouldn’t feel too good and that, sometimes, you die.

The Arrivals
''Drill Baby Drill''
By Staff

See a video made by Little Dave of the Arrivals for their song "Drill Baby Drill" here-

Dan O’Bannon 1946-2009
An Obituary
By Chris Pepus

Among punks and zombie film fans (two groups with a lot of overlap) he’ll always be remembered as the director and screenwriter of the 1985 dark comedy Return of the Living Dead.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 2: Shots in the Dark
By Seth Swaaley

I settled down in a bank parking lot. Any romantic notions I’d had about the road were quickly dispelled as I tried to get comfortable in the driving seat of my truck.

Right Where We Shouldn’t Be
May 2010
By Bryan Static

Sometimes a band will play a free show at a house owned by someone whose place is way too nice for such a show, or they’ll play under a bridge, like trolls, and it becomes this beautifully strange event.

High, Low, and In Between
Chapter 1: Overture to a Ramble
By Seth Swaaley

You realize, standing there, that after doing this too many times to count, this is just a shell of sorts—some wood, plaster, paint and a roof, land in the back and big trees and the wailing of crows in the morning, and a shack with some tools in it. In a few days, other people will come in here with similar dreams and put down their furniture and sit on the porch and make friends with the neighbors and start the whole life cycle over once again.

Still Living, Still Learning
Punklightenment, April 2010
By Marcus Solomon

Community and a sense of purpose; how can anyone live without these things?

My Life in a House Band
Episode 2: Getting Pissed
By Joe Evans III

And that’s when Don yelled out “I’m pissing. Badly.”

Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story (Film)
February 2010
By Chris Pepus

In any event, the dangers of electronic voting are beyond doubt. That is especially true when the technology is provided by Diebold.

Top Records of 2009
According to several people.
By Staff

Punk so basic that it makes The Ramones sound like Tchaikovsky.

“San Anto” Musician Leaves Behind A Legacy Of Music, Art & Community Involvement
By Johnny Hernandez
By Guest Contributor

Whether at a formal function or on stage at some dive, he kept one demeanor and always made a point to represent himself with class and dignity.

Character Development Time
February 2010
By Bryan Static

One small side effect that a good year has is to leave you skeptical to all years following.

Columbus Sucks Because You Suck
By Bret Liebendorfer
By Guest Contributor

You can hear a band that sounds like it wants to be on Plan-it-X Records one night and a scum fuck band that will steal your beer the next.

My Life in a House Band
February 2010
By Joe Evans III

Another dream comes true on account of pure dumb luck.

Jay Reatard: 1980-2010
By Rich Tupica
By Guest Contributor

He’d come a long way since his rocky upbringing in Memphis. A life-altering punk show he attended when he was fifteen years old would soon pave the way for his own career.

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