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Junk Science #07
By Andy P.
By Guest Contributor

Now you know what it takes to rule the world.


Top 5s From Issue #46
Saliva sushi 1/2 off Thursdays.
By Staff

Amy Adoyzie
Stuff to Send Me Because You’re Nice Person Who Believes in Karma
Amy Lam, c/o OmarShareefAsianUniversity for Women, House No. 7, Road No. 2, Khulshi Hills, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Sammy Hagar: Everything That's Wrong with Rock’n’roll
Column #03
By Ryan Horky

Digger was going to find some Sammy Hagar records, get to the Common Ground festival early enough to secure a front row center seat, endure the opening acts, and then, when Sammy hit the stage, he was going to burn the LPs in front of him while chanting pro-Diamond Dave slogans.

2008 Election Guide
Three Things to Remember about the Voting Process
By Chris Pepus

1.) Please vot. 2.) Please don't let the exit polls or early returns keep you from voting. 3.) Protect your vote.

King George in Decline
Volume 8: Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
By Chris Pepus

Proving once again that he's Dick Cheney with a comb-over, Senator McCain has proposed another tax cut, most of which would go to the wealthy, all to be paid for by further borrowing from the same rogues gallery of foreign creditors.

King George in Decline
Volume 7: Fear
By Chris Pepus

The GOP aims its onslaught of falsehoods at economically vulnerable, older people - people who fear losing everything and who've also been subjected to a lot of negative stereotypes of African Americans during their lives.

Junk Science #6
By Andy P.
By Guest Contributor

He was homeless and living on the street. But he's back now...god bless him.

King George in Decline
Volume 6: Bush-McCain Financial Follies (continued)
By Chris Pepus

Some have claimed that Bush and McCain have no response to America's economic woes, but that isn't true. It's just that their policies always make things worse for everyone but the rich.

I Agree, I Disagree
Column #09
By Bryan Static

In the end, all that matters is that I semi-insulted the Ramones.
Let the hate mail begin.

Used Kids New England Mini-Tour Journal
Fall Foliage Trip ‘08
By Joe Evans III

“The oak panels of the basement floor are NOT to be used as firewood.”

Greg Palast Voter Guide Link
General Election 2008
By Todd Taylor

Now is the time to confirm that you can legitimately vote and make sure those around you who are in jeopardy can do the same.

King George in Decline: Misadventures of an Aging Prep-School Cheerleader
Volume 5: Bush, McCain, and the Financial Crisis
By Chris Pepus

The next time you hear a supporter of “free market” economics preaching against socialism and “welfare giveaways,” go ahead and have a good laugh.

Junk Science #5
By Andy P.
By Guest Contributor

A Nazi who was sent here as a teenager by the regime in order to destroy America.

King George in Decline: Misadventures of an Aging Prep-School Cheerleader
Volume 4: Heir to a Fantasy World
By Chris Pepus

If McCain regards Bush’s handling of the catastrophe as flawed, then maybe he should have mentioned that to the prez at the time, seeing as the two men were eating cake together while New Orleans drowned.

Punklightenment #5
Pain, Perspective, Punk, and Skateboards
By Marcus Solomon

Anyone that is happy all the time is either a liar or a delusional idiot.

Junk Science #4
By Andy P.
By Guest Contributor

Bob Crane was a character actor most famous for his portrayal of Col. Hogan in the TV sitcom Hogan's Heroes...

King George in Decline: The Misadventures of an Aging Prep-School Cheerleader
Volume 3: Kucinich and the King’s Henchmen
By Chris Pepus

It’s a little late for administration officials to pretend that their secrecy is motivated by concern for security rather than a desire to conceal their misdeeds.

Junk Science #3
By Andy P.
By Guest Contributor

He also wrote pornographic sleaze novels and wore women's underwear.

Pink Parkas and Black Eyes
Chapter 1 of my new book.
By Sean Carswell

Here’s an audio file of me reading the first chapter in its entirety.

Holy Shit, I’m in a Band
Column #8
By Bryan Static

We started a metal band. Now, let me just say it’s not as bad as you think. It was worse.

How To Book A Razorcake Benefit
By Ryan the Terrible
By Guest Contributor

Something went off in my brain and I was just like, “Yes. This will be sick. This will be so sick that people will throw up.”

''Raising Hell”
Ryan Horky's 2nd Column
By Guest Contributor

The easiest way to tell when someone's a little crazy—If they can't manage their shirt, they probably can't manage the rest of their life. Trust me, this method is foolproof.

King George in Decline: The Misadventures of an Aging Prep-School Cheerleader
Volume Two
By Chris Pepus

I hope you enjoyed the fifth anniversary of President Bush’s declaration of victory in the Iraq war.

The Democratic Delusion: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Clones
By Ollie Mikse
By Guest Contributor

Is there merit to the arguments posed by each side? Is there truly any difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

An Introduction To Folk Punk
By Sarah Shay
By Guest Contributor

While the idea of blending punk and folk music is hardly new, in the past few years it has grown in leaps and bounds.

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