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· 1:Webcomic Wednesdays #131
· 2:A Brief History of Punk in Izhevsk, Russia by Alex Herbert
· 3:#362 with Kurt Morris
· 4:Two New Installments in the Tear A Cognita Series
· 5:Webcomic Wednesdays #128

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Webcomic Wednesdays #4
Where Adrian fears for her wellbeing
By Adrian Chi

Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Four
Featuring Amelia Gray, Mike Huguenor, and J. Ryan Stradal
By Staff

Want to hear some short stories, told well?
Look no further. The Gorsky Press Story Podcast.

Webcomic Wednesdays #3
Where you try to fold your computer screen
By Marcos Siref

Stream the new Angry Snowmans LP!
Available on Stiff Hombre Records
By Staff

I really don’t like shopping. But I do love punk rock and I do love The Angry
Snowmans, who take punk rock classics and don’t ruin them like The Vandals.

Webcomic Wednesdays #2
Where dumpsters never have good candy.
By Steve Thueson

Featured Reviews from Issue #70
Stolen Gear, Heartworms, and Sauerkraut
By Staff

Friends Of Dorothy is about as good as non-iTunes music gets
and is cause for much dimwitted rejoicing.

Punklightenment, November 2012
The Littlest Savior
By Marcus Solomon

Sometimes, it sucks to know the future… or the past.

Webcomic Wednesdays #1
Where a Little Snakepit Is Introduced to Danzig
By Ben Snakepit

The Gentleman Jackalope
“I Approve This Column”
By Ronnie Sullivan


Political campaigns try to sell me the idea that one sharply dressed, middle-aged person is more in touch with my needs than their sharply dressed, middle-aged opponent.

Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Three
Featuring Patrick O'Neil, Sarah Tomlinson, and Scott O'Connor
By Staff


Stories by Patrick O'Neil, Sarah Tomlinson, and Scott O'Connor.
 A junkie uses a therapy session as an alibi, an undeniable turning point of the Rolling Stones, and a trauma site cleanup technician, all in round thee.



Vote Green

By Chris Pepus

The crux of the matter is this. It is bad enough to live under right-wing policies. But it’s worse to live under right-wing policies while a fake left-winger sits in the White House taking the blame.

Accident Prone
A British DIY Punk Band Horror Comedy by John Miskelly
By Guest Contributor

“YOU KILLED MY FUCKING BAND!” he screamed, springing from the sofa and rugby tackling Percy, who fell backwards, his shoulders slamming hard into the mantelpiece. Richard straddled Percy’s midriff and began pummelling whatever part of his face and head he could lay his fists on.

An Excerpt from Greg Palast's Billionaires & Ballot Bandits Book
Introduction by Chris Pepus
By Guest Contributor

It’s election season again in America, and that means attacks on voting rights.


We Are Not Men: Women in Punk
By Roxy Epoxy / Photo by Chrystaei Branchaw
By Guest Contributor

I’m a rocker girl. Pussy power. I can’t possibly rock out with my cock out.


The Gentleman Jackalope
I Broke My Clavicle; or, How I Spent My Summer “Vacation”
By Ronnie Sullivan

Here are the random musings of a guy who spent way too much damn time cooped up in an apartment with nothing to do but heal and drink beer.

Punknews and Buzzmedia
Articles by Todd Taylor, Dan Ozzi, Sean Carswell, and Kevin Dunn
By Staff

Punknews is a private enterprise harvesting the free labor of its workers, further enriching already-rich companies.

How to Fight for a Skatepark
Originally appeared in Razorcake #41.
By Todd Taylor

There was polite applause from the adults and snickering from anyone who skated.


Umpires Are Like Cops

By Nighthawk

You can argue with an umpire or a cop, but you will never win.

Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Two
Featuring Sean Carswell, Antonia Crane, and Ben Loory
By Staff

Want to hear some short stories, told well?
Look no further. The Gorsky Press Story Podcast.

Featured Reviews from Issue #69
From Poland to Pedro.
By Staff

Meritocracy instead of dictatorship. Buying in instead of crying sellout.

Arena Rock vs. Prog Rock
Originally appeared in Razorcake #41.
By Mike Faloon

Since ditching Top 40 radio in junior high, I had listened to both kinds of good music: arena rock and progressive rock.

On Touring Comfortably
Originally ran in Razorcake #36
By CT Terry

You’re going to wind up spending money no matter what.

One Punk’s Guide to Otis Redding
Cigarettes and Coffee
By Todd Taylor

"There’s nothing more beautiful than a simple blues tune. There’s beauty in simplicity, whether you’re talking about architecture, art, or music.”

Punk Rock and Exercise
Live Slow, Die Old
By Jennifer Whiteford

We all just have to get through the bullshit insecurities of our teens and twenties, both the jock assholes and the art fags.

Out of This World
Punklightenment, August 2012
By Marcus Solomon

I had an out-of-body experience when I was a Samanera (short-term) Buddhist monk in Los Angeles in 2000.

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