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God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP

God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP


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God Equals Genocide encapsulate the over the top fucktastic jackassery of having the time of your life with your friends while constantly getting pissed off by the state of the world. They’re at times vulnerable but never sentimental, angry but hardly bitter. With unrelenting dual male and female vocals, thrashy riffage, fist pumping melodies, and cowboy chord sing-along breakdowns they provide a respite from the unoriginal and unenthused.

Rattled Minds sounds like worlds falling apart, while worlds are being created. Sort of like life. Imperfect, beautiful, disappointing, fractured, irreducible, wonderful life. GEG a punk band. With melody. With shambolic, effervescent spirit.

LP includes a bonus EP from their alterego group, Dumbag Daryl & the GEG Bags.

This is RZCR-18. Split release with Dirt Cult Records.