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Young Offenders, Sister Series 7"

Young Offenders, Sister Series 7\"


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At first glance, the Young Offenders can easily be mistaken for a pack of reckless sods who seem hell-bent on nothing more than beer and a close shave. But on further inspection, you can find them to be a vital cornucopia of endearing personalities and regional accents who have harvested their favorite aspects of post-punk, power pop, and early hardcore to create a sound that is unmistakably their own.


In this volume of the Razorcake Sister Series we've teamed the driving, hot steel of the Young Offenders with the Hex Dispensersí rust and bones witchery. Both bands have an incredibly unique style and play it with pride. And in their pride you can see that they both harness a deep appreciation for their influences, and music as a whole. Hopefully, with these records you can see our appreciation for both of them as well.


This is Razorcake Records #15.