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Dan Padilla, As the Ox Plows LP

Dan Padilla, As the Ox Plows LP


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Dan Padilla play punk that could be soul. It could also be country. Itís versatile. It doesnít contradict the spirit of either Naked Raygun or Otis Redding while embracing both in completely inobvious ways. Itís gruff-voiced, cuddly underbelly, hard-earned DIY punk with secret, catchy-yet-twisted, and drought-hardened guitar lines that scrape the listener like running through a dense thicket of chaparral.

After many hurdles, this LP (which is the band's second full-length) is now available for all your physical format, vinyl-lovin' enjoyment. But hey, it still comes with a download code.

Split release with Dirt Cult and It's Alive.

This is Razorcake Records #13.

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