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One year, six issue subscriptions are available. You can pay for them directly online and we'll automatically start your subscription with the lastest issue we've released. If you want to start your subscription with any other issue, please email us and let us know which one.

If you're in the United States, we'll send you a free punk rock CD and assorted goods with your subscription. (Sorry, but U.S. subs only. The USPS recently greatly increased international shipping and we can't afford to send these out of the country.)

If you order a "US First Class" subcription, that means we will send you each issue in a manilla envelope, through first-class mail (subs are usually sent bulk mail). Chances are, if you get a US First Class subcription, you'll get your issue before anyone else on your block. We can't promise that this fact will make you any cooler.

All subscribers must submit a change of address form with Razorcake to insure that you don't miss an issue. Bulk mail does not forward. Razorcake will not resend issues missed due to lack of proper notification of address changes.

Why does a prison subscription cost more?