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· 1:Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived XII
· 2: Tear A Cognita #07: Minneapolis, Minnesota
· 3:A Tribute to John Stabb
· 4:Featured Book Reviews from Issue #91
· 5:#404 with John Di Marco

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New Classy Koozie Design!
Classier than a pancake breakfast.
By Staff

Have you ever thought it might be nice to dress your beer up in a tuxedo? Of course you have!

Razorcake Records Six Pack
1 lbs. 11 oz. of kick ass.
By Staff

It seems that people are unaware that we also release records. Well, we totally are.

Razorcake #52 Issue Preview
Trains, farts, and Lily Tomlin.
By Staff

The Brokedowns seem to know a lot of terrible people.

New Rhythm Chicken Shirt!!!
Illustrated by Kiyoshi Nakazawa.
By Staff

Pickles and toast everywhere!

Razorcake #51 Issue Preview
URTC, Cobra Skulls, tiltWheel pt. 2, Whoa Oh, and mucho more.
By Staff

If Fugazi was fronted by the stoners from Fast Times At Ridgemont High...

North Park Awesome Fast
September 4th to 7th - Passes On Sale!!!
By Staff

.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/90/l_1ef218e7c4e041aca42a921be1c37c5b.jpg" />

Three New 7''s on Razorcake Records
Grab the new arrivals!
By Staff

Over two years in the making, how can we put this into words besides "fuckin' hooray!"?

Razorcake Records Discography
The Complete Guide
By Staff

Since we weren’t going absolutely crazy running a zine, a website, and a distro, we said, "What the hell" Let’s do a record company. Let’s do vinyl. Let’s have fun with it. So here you go, Razorcake Records.

Razorcake Update - June 2009
Shows, records, books.
By Staff

We never bought into the plan of latching solely onto big businesses and feeding off of their scraps.

Razorcake Issue #50
‘Nuff fucking said.
By Staff

Each issue includes a pull-out poster featuring all previous Razorcake covers!

Razorcake Records #10 Is Ready!
Shang-A-Lang / God Equals Genocide, split 7''
By Staff

Let’s all get miserable together for the best times of our lives type of songs.

Razorcake Update - April 2009
That’s just how we roll.
By Staff

It’s good that “ordinary folks” are re-thinking buying new stuff when their current things work just fine.

Reviews For Issue #49 Posted
By Staff

Ready to be read.

Issue #49 Preview
Are tacos better than pizza?
By Staff

And a shit ton of reviews. Only a few for Civil War this time.

Razorcake Update / February 2009
New Issues, new records, new years.
By Staff

We’re here, we’re strong, we’re excited, and we’re continuing to continue to cover the best independent punk rock on the planet thanks to the support of people such as yourself.

Razorcake Issue #48 Preview
Ever seen the Organ Moutains?
By Staff

A couple hundred reviews, all of which for D4’s Civil War.

7 Random Razorcakes for $10
Limited Time Offer!
By Staff

That's a lot of bathroom reading...

December Razorcake Update
Sassy dragons unite!
By Staff

I'd be lying if I said things were going smoothly down at Razorcake Headquarters, but I don't think I've ever honestly been able to say that.

Razorcake Issue #47 Preview
Dumb! Together!
By Staff

In conclusion, it’s really awesome drumstick-up-the-butt rock.

Zine Reviews From Issue #46
Reverse barnyard kitten smoke signal.
By Staff

"His logistical bumblings are endearing and he is in awe of palm trees."
–CT Terry, BLACK LESBIAN PRESIDENT #4, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 60 pgs.

Book Reviews From Issue #46
Chocolate word fountain.
By Staff

"Lesson: Make sure you put the lock through the thing you’re locking to and your bike, especially if you’re out drinking."
–CT Terry, The Chainbreaker Bike Book

DVD Reviews From Issue #46
Spinning, forever spinning.
By Staff

"Frosted bangs and a Saved by the Bell sense of splashy colors are the motif here."
–Aphid Peewit, T.S.O.L.: The Early Years Live: DVD

Record Reviews From Issue #46
By Staff

"Good Ol’ Agnostic Front, street warriors, brain warriors..."
–Craven Rock, SOUTHPAW: Stand for Something: CD

Record Reviews From Issue #46
Three Of Four!
By Staff

"Gang vocals are like writing a novel and italicizing all the text you think is clever and insightful."
–Bryan Static, LIVING WRECKS, THE: Cheap Heat: CD

Record Reviews From Issue #46
Two of Four?
By Staff

"Every song ends with an exclamation point, so you know they really mean it."
–Sean Koepenick, JOHN WALSH: Self-titled: CD-R EP

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