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Zine Reviews From #42
Exit the unknown, enter the confusion.
By Staff

It is short, thrown together, and seems uninspired. It left me wondering why it was made.

Website Army Update For February
$4 Gorksy Books
By Staff

Don’t ask why or how, but if you’ve ever thought of buying a Gorsky Press book – including books by Razorcake contributors Ben Snakepit, Sean Carswell, Jim Ruland, Jennifer Whiteford, and Todd Taylor – now would be a great time.  

Razorcake #42 Issue Preview
Hope you like Joe Evans and Canadians.
By Staff

This issue contains interviews with: The Tranzmitors, The Rebel Spell, Wounded Lion, Geykido Comet Records, and an article on the US Air Guitar Championships.

Cancer Treatment Benefit Show
For Nitro of Bondage Faries, Superkill, & the Renegade Rollergirls of Orange Co.
By Marcus Solomon

Life is precious, and when times get rough, you find out who your friends really are.

January's 7'' Of The Month
County Line Road: The Birth of Hank Malloy (Fast Crowd)
By Daryl Gussin

Are square dancing and circle pitting really all that different? Sure.

DVD Reviews From Issue #41
The face-off continues.
By Staff

They re-mortgaged homes and businesses and dumped all kinds of personal money into it. I’m happy to report that it’s all worth it.

Book Reviews From Issue #41
Take it to the end.
By Staff

These aren’t “beautiful losers” so much as just losers who are all trying to keep on going.

Record Reviews From Issue #41
Welcome to the damp cave of honesty.
By Staff

It’s never a good thing when one puts on a disc and the first thought is “Eagles with a girl singer”

December's 7'' Of The Month
Fy Fan - Feral Ward
By Daryl Gussin

The fact remains that there seems to be a never-ending stream of mind-blowing bands coming from that little, cold, Scandinavian country. 

Website Army Letter For December
Moving on… Sideways and Up
By Staff

New issues, new records, new place!

Bonus Zine Reviews From #41
It's like the future never even happened.
By Staff

It’s pretty funny. My favorite part is the patriotic brat who drew flags and fireworks along with ducks and little girls with thought balloons saying, “where free.”

Razorcake Issue #41 Preview
This is the last Razorcake...of 2007.
By Staff

Includes: interviews with Future Virgins, Christian Parenti, Electric Kisses, Gang Green, and articles by Todd Taylor and Mike Faloon.

Razorcake Records Release #4
God Equals Genocide's debut 7''
By Staff

Three-hundred pressed, all hand stamped, one sad fisherman.

Book Reviews From Issue #40
How do you want to spend your plane ride to Fest?
By Staff

In the end, all Diehl has managed is yet another tragically flawed attempt at chronicling a scene he apparently no longer understands, destined for the pyre of similarly crappy books that have preceded it.

DVD Reviews From Issue #40
The movies that defined the last two months.
By Staff

Yeah, he was a badass motherfucker. But he also was a hopeless romantic. He loved Jesus, but he drank with the devil and raised hell.

Amy Adoyzie Interviewed On Utne Podcast
''So that's what she sounds like!''
By Staff

It's about time you figured out what a podcast was anyways.

Record Reviews From Issue #40, 3 of 3
We like words!
By Staff

“Hello, old friend.”

Record Reviews From Issue #40, 2 of 3
Ride the wild waves of discourse.
By Staff

I’m a man of many faults.

October Website Army Dispatch
Things, stuff, and more!
By Staff

Have you gotten your black-on-black shirt yet?

Zine Reviews From Issue #40
New postage rates be damned.
By Staff

“When I asked Casey if he sympathized with guys with real mullets, he thought for a moment. ‘No. There’s no reason for that fucking haircut.’”

Record Reviews From Issue #40, 1 of 3
24 Hour Roadside Reviewing
By Staff

I don’t know what it is this month, but the story seems to be the same every time. Good tunes, bad vocals. This time I’m dealing with the guy who sounds like he’s been drinking Sterno in the alley behind the studio. Painful.

Benefit For The Long Beach Warehouse
September 29, 2007 at El Centro in Pomona, CA
By Daryl Gussin

The place was always filed to the gills with guys and gals relishing in the excitement and chaos of punk rock in an atmosphere that was far removed from the usual bullshit commonly associated with shows in L.A.

Issue #40 Preview
Tap the 'cake!
By Staff

Interviews with: Dan Padilla, Black Time, The Manges, Love Me Nots, DOA, and an article by the very fit Jennifer Whiteford.

Carlapalooza 2007
A punk rock benefit for Multiple Sclerosis
By Staff

Quick summary: Two shows, loads of bands, raffles (including subscriptions to this here mag) good cause, lot of fun.

Record Reviews from Issue #39, 4 of 4
All Good Things Come to an End
By Staff

That’s when the mindfuck really began.

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