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· 3:Trials and Tribulations of a Misguided Adult
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Pre-Order The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock!
A New Gorsky Press Book by Mike Faloon
By Staff

According to conventional wisdom some goals are best not pursued. The characters in The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock have yet to learn this.

New Razorcake Records T-Shirt Design
By Jason Willis
By Staff

How does he do it? Fuck if we know.

Razorcake Update: April 2010
That's a paddlin'.
By Staff

Here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple months…

Razorcake Issue #55 Preview
Now Available!
By Staff

By that we mean “the best of both worlds.”

Razorcake Back Issues
It's now or never.
By Staff

If it doesn’t look like a lot, it’s because it’s not.

''It Wasn't Made For Us'' Limited Edition 7''s Now Available
Limited to 50.
By Staff

Get 'em while you can.


Razorcake Update
February 2010
By Staff

New issue. New record. New year. Three things to be thankful for, so far.

Razorcake #54 Issue Preview
Youngest, deadest, deathest, darkest issue yet.
By Staff

What happens when you manage to age gracefully, without all the lame parts?

New Razorcake Record!!!
God Equals Genocide, ''It Wasn't Made For Us'' 7''
By Staff

God Equals Genocide is back at doing what they do best: playing occasionally-frilly, fun-as-hell DIY punk.


God Equals Genocide, It Wasn’t Made for Us 7”

January 7'' of the Month
Rough Kids 7''
By Daryl Gussin

Find a copy of #52. Got it? Alright now open up to page #2.

Razorcake Update - December 2009
What a goddamn year...
By Staff

It’s no small feat that during times of deep economic upheaval that companies over 1,000 times our size and strength are now in ruin, bleeding red ticker tape.

Six New Reasons to Donate to Razorcake
Valid till December, 31st 2009
By Staff

If, by any odd chance, you made taxable income this year, you don't want to pay Uncle Sam the full amount, and a tax-deductible donation would help you out, remember that Razorcake is a bona-fide charity.

Razorcake Issue #53
By Staff

They’re more concerned with DIY, dual vocal pop punk, more indirectly than straight out of Olympia.

New Classy Koozie Design!
Classier than a pancake breakfast.
By Staff

Have you ever thought it might be nice to dress your beer up in a tuxedo? Of course you have!

Razorcake Records Six Pack
1 lbs. 11 oz. of kick ass.
By Staff

It seems that people are unaware that we also release records. Well, we totally are.

Razorcake #52 Issue Preview
Trains, farts, and Lily Tomlin.
By Staff

The Brokedowns seem to know a lot of terrible people.

New Rhythm Chicken Shirt!!!
Illustrated by Kiyoshi Nakazawa.
By Staff

Pickles and toast everywhere!

Razorcake #51 Issue Preview
URTC, Cobra Skulls, tiltWheel pt. 2, Whoa Oh, and mucho more.
By Staff

If Fugazi was fronted by the stoners from Fast Times At Ridgemont High...

North Park Awesome Fast
September 4th to 7th - Passes On Sale!!!
By Staff

.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/90/l_1ef218e7c4e041aca42a921be1c37c5b.jpg" />

Three New 7''s on Razorcake Records
Grab the new arrivals!
By Staff

Over two years in the making, how can we put this into words besides "fuckin' hooray!"?

Razorcake Records Discography
The Complete Guide
By Staff

Since we weren’t going absolutely crazy running a zine, a website, and a distro, we said, "What the hell" Let’s do a record company. Let’s do vinyl. Let’s have fun with it. So here you go, Razorcake Records.

Razorcake Update - June 2009
Shows, records, books.
By Staff

We never bought into the plan of latching solely onto big businesses and feeding off of their scraps.

Razorcake Issue #50
‘Nuff fucking said.
By Staff

Each issue includes a pull-out poster featuring all previous Razorcake covers!

Razorcake Records #10 Is Ready!
Shang-A-Lang / God Equals Genocide, split 7''
By Staff

Let’s all get miserable together for the best times of our lives type of songs.

Razorcake Update - April 2009
That’s just how we roll.
By Staff

It’s good that “ordinary folks” are re-thinking buying new stuff when their current things work just fine.

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