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· 1:Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived XII
· 2:Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Patti Smith
· 3: Tear A Cognita #07: Minneapolis, Minnesota
· 4:Featured Book Reviews from Issue #91
· 5:A Tribute to John Stabb

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Special Deal for International Readers, 7 Random Back Issues for $25
Orders Ship Out mid May
By Staff

Yep, intl customers, this is for you.

Record Reviews in Razorcake #79
4 of 4
By Staff

I’ll still never understand how Teengenerate
figured out the words to The Pagans’ “Six and Change.”

Record Reviews in Razorcake #79
3 of 4
By Staff

So yeah, they named themselves Prince. Why? Bunch of stoners.

Record Reviews in Razorcake #79
2 of 4
By Staff

Are those melted rockabilly kidneys?

Record Reviews in Razorcake #79
1 of 4
By Staff

No one at the show would talk to me, and I would probably get punched in the head while someone with ironed hair and a lip ring was “dancing.”

Zine Party 2014
at UC Channel Islands
By Staff

Razorcake #79 Now Available
Featuring Tony Molina, The Dopamines, We Were There: Voices from L.A. Punk’s Fir
By Staff

Razorcake Hearts Drinking Beer and Listening to Records! March Edition!
Saturday, March 22 at Bar 107
By Joe Dana

DJs spinning hot punk rock vinyl platters!

Subscribe to Razorcake or This Whole Thing Dies
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By Staff

Print only dies if you kill it, Frankenstein.

Records Reviews from Razorcake #78
5 of 5
By Staff


Trifecta of “meh.”

Records Reviews from Razorcake #78
4 of 5
By Staff


Fuck Randy Newman

Records Reviews from Razorcake #78
3 of 5
By Staff

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like singing,
“We hate, fascist cops” at the top of their lungs!

Records Reviews from Razorcake #78
2 of 5
By Staff



How can you not love a band that sings about the joys of eating sausage?

Records Reviews from Razorcake #78
1 of 5
By Staff

Nothing new, but it’s done with conviction, and I sure as hell air-guitared to it.

Razorcake #78 Now Available
Featuring Low Culture, Jabber, Bümbklåått, and One Punk’s Guide to Silent Films
By Matthew Hart

Is that a big zit or is that a nipple? Read on.

White Murder Debut LP Now Available!
Joint release by Razorcake, Recess, and the band.
By Staff


L.A. Zine Fest and Razorcake Present
Summer Vacation and Wulfen Rag!
By Staff

Molly Ivors Prize for Fiction
Presented by Gorsky Press. $1,000 award.
By sean

White Murder, “Cold Dark Night” official video
From the Upcoming Razorcake / Recess / Self-released LP
By Staff

Slashery! Campy horror movie goodness fun! Drive out to the desert with a camera, a bucket of blood, and some blunt (or not so blunt) objects, and see what happens.

Last Day for 2013 Donation Incentives!
Please Consider a Tax-Deductible Donation Now
By todd

Part of being truly independent is being vulnerable. Razorcake is not under the wing of a larger entity. On Friday, Dec. 20, the printer Razorcake has been using all thirteen years, notified us that they are going out of business on Dec. 31.

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New Razorcake Bumper Video
more epic shit from Jason Willis
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Maple syrup makes the moustache robust. Are we not writing poetry?
PS. Jimmy hates your band

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