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· 1:Tony Adolescent on Violence in Punk from 1980 to Today
· 2:Webcomic Wednesdays #170
· 3:#400 with Bianca and Daisy
· 4:#399 with Daniel John of Tom Grrrl
· 5:Webcomic Wednesdays #167

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Help Stop Billy’s Tears – One Day Left of Donation Incentives

By Staff

This is tax deductible for 2014 until tomorrow.

Only 2 days left for donation incentives! It’s the final countdown!

By Staff

For less than the price of an official $35 Black Flag hoodie, you can get a punk box stuffed with 7”s.

Merry Pineapplemas! Deck the halls with bananas!

By Staff

Wipe the tinsel off your butt-flap, take the mistletoe down from your mohawk, and get in the giving spirit.

Horned Headpiece Alert! 13 Days Left for Razorcake Donation Incentives

By Staff

Razorcake exists because of an intertwined system of support. 
We are not alone. You are not alone. 

The Razorcake Mini Bat Explained – a $100 Donation Option
The Photo Essay
By Staff

Smash the Cake is so not tough.
Besides, how many other bats come with serving suggestions?

Wizard Alert! 20 Days Left for Razorcake Donation Incentives

By Staff

You are feeling sleepy. You find yourself reaching into your money place. Repeat after me: “Tax deduction. I’m gonna donate to Razorcake this year! Tax deduction. ” 

This Is How Razorcake Gets Printed Video – You Make It Happen

By Staff

Razorcake is proudly printed at American/Foothill Publishing. It’s a local, modest, 
family-run printer. Bruce, who works there, took this footage of issue 82 for us. Click through to see the video.

Cute Puppy Alert - Only 27 Days Left for Razorcake Donation Incentives

By Staff

We're not above showing scrappy, spaghetti-eating puppies to soften punks up.
Let Kimura's cuteness subliminally sway you into 
donating to America's only non-profit punk zine!

Donate to Razorcake and Own a Legit Piece of Punk History, a Printing Plate

By todd

For a $500 donation, you could be the owner of one of twelve metal plates in existence of any issue of Razorcake ever made. We have these plates because our former printer went out of business. Watch the video...

Razorcake #83 Now Available
Featuring Black Rainbow, Aztlan Underground, So… What Are You?, Tor Johnson Recs
By Staff

Featuring Black Rainbow, Aztlan Underground, 
So… What Are You? by Rishbha Bhagi, and Tor Johnson Records

Donate to Razorcake and skate, the video - featuring fingerboarding!

By Staff

Please Donate to Razorcake 2014, The Video

By Staff

Razorcake #82 Now Available | Baby J, (Can Of Beans, Stoned At Heart)
Wayne Kramer, Tommy Ramone, DFMK, Hard Girls, Bizarro Fiction
By Staff


Great people don’t always make great music, 
but holy shit lookout when they do. 
Baby J is smooth, confident, and one hell of a songwriter.


Razorcake #81 Now Available
Featuring Radioactivity, M.O.T.O., Muhammadali, and French Exit
By Staff

Limited Edition Covers for Remaining GEG/S-A-L Splits
Countdown to OOP
By Staff

"What the hell am I looking at?"

Sign Up for a Razorcake Automatic Payment Plan
Get a bonus complimentary subscription
By Daryl Gussin

Do you wanna place an ad in every issue with as little work as possible?

Chantey Hook 7in Now Available from Razorcake Records!
Split release with ADD Records.
By Staff

First 50 orders come with a copy of
Chantey Hook's debut 4 song CD!

Razorcake Hearts Drinking Beer and Listening to Records, June Edition!
It is hot outside. Come inside and day drink with us Saturday June 7th!
By Staff

Razorcake #80 Now Available
Featuring Mind Spiders, Stalins Of Sound, The Klitz, One Punk’s Guide to Poetry,
By Staff

Skylight, LA Zine Fest and Razorcake Celebrate California Bookstore Day
Come out to our Ask a Zinester booth
By Staff

Zine Reviews from Razorcake #78 and #79

By Staff


This zine definitely got me to check out every single band interviewed in its pages.



Video Reviews from Razorcake #78 and #79

By Staff


Henry Rollins. Clad in a clean black T-shirt and jeans, the audience cheers, laughs, and waxes solemn on his cues. It reminds me of watching The Lawrence Welk Show with my grandmother as a child.



Book Reviews from Razorcake #78 and #79

By Staff


The guy seems to get in more fights in one book than I’ve been in my entire life



Special Deal for International Readers, 7 Random Back Issues for $25
Orders Ship Out mid May
By Staff

Yep, intl customers, this is for you.

Record Reviews in Razorcake #79
4 of 4
By Staff

I’ll still never understand how Teengenerate
figured out the words to The Pagans’ “Six and Change.”

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