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· 1:Webcomic Wednesdays #131
· 2:#362 with Kurt Morris
· 3:Patrick Houdek Photo Column – Toys That Kill
· 4:Boredom and Velocity
· 5:Louis Jacinto Photo Column – Terry Graham, The Bags

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Zine Reviews For Issue #37
Hear what a bunch of dorks have to say about other dorks.
By Staff

The only rewarding aspect of this magazine that I found is that it allows people to show how shallow they really are.

Razorcake Issue #37
Make friends with #37.
By Staff

Interviews with Joan Jett, Stressface, Young People With Faces, The Vicious, and the Abi Yoyos.

Solicitation For Writers
Do you have something to say?
By Todd Taylor

Open call for Razorcake columnists and live show reviewers.

''Framing Invasion'' Podcast Link
Multi media!
By Staff

Razorcake Issue #36
Check it out, we got the name of the band right!
By Staff

Interviews with Off With Their Heads, Street Dogs, Entropy, and Pointed Sticks.

Record Reviews
One of our contributors has their 9 year old daughter write their reivews...
By Staff

"I will be absolutely one hundred percent direct. No need to buy this CD, there’s nothing here that would interest even a deranged monkey."

Book Reviews
What? You don't like books?
By Staff

Dude, you just got out of prison on parole, why would you think running over a cop is a good idea?”

The Smut Peddlers Are Looking For A Second Guitarist
By Staff

Do you have what it takes?

Zine Reviews
From Full-Blown Taunting to Glimmers of Hope
By Staff

Constructive criticism can take a hike for a second.

Solicitation For Donations
By Staff

What does it mean that Razorcake is non-profit exactly? It means that no one can make a profit off of Razorcake.

Razorcake Issue #35
Due to certain circumstances the issue may only be available for a limited time.
By Staff

Interviews with Blöödhag, Billy Childish, The Loved Ones, Larry Hardy, The Feelers, Whiskey & Co., plus an array of interesting columns.

Issue #35 Web Record Reviews
Just when you thought you read them all...
By Staff

"On one hand, they’re stoked to sing about their awesome friends who treat them like family, and on the other they seem to have a never ending list of friends who stabbed them and/or the scene in the back."

Issue #35 Zine Web Reviews
They sent it in, we read it, wrote some stuff about it, now you get to read it!
By Staff

"Maybe these folks could wait ‘til they have a decent amount of stuff assembled and then put out a zine that, you know, actually needs staples and stuff."

Razorcake Issue #34
By Joe Evans III

Interviews with Signal Lost, Japanther, Teenage Bottlerocket, Direct Control, Brad Warner, and the Last.

Record Reviews That Did Not Fit In Issue #33

By Staff

Here are the record reviews that did not fit in issue #33. (Note: the individual reviews are already in our web archives, we just wanted to make your life easier by putting all the recent reviews together.) Enjoy!

Razorcake Issue #33
From Danish Table Tennis Heroes to Spiders in a Bottle.
By Joe Evans III

Interviews with Greg Palast, Bad Dudes, Dan Sartain, Pink Razors, The Mormons, and Gorilla Angreb.  Plus the Tim Verison and Dukes of Hillsborough European tour diary.

Calling All San Diego Punks
Be More Than a Wiseass
By Kristen K

A Razorcake regular is being a good dude and making a movie about San Diego's music. Don't let The Man make your life a Quincy episode. Contribute. He won't lose your stuff. He's a librarian.

Issue #32
In the Top Five Percent of the Genre Known as “Awesome”
By Joe Evans III

We also put out this magazine called Razorcake. This one's thick and yellow, like a phone book to radness.

A Quick Warning
About the Ol' Website
By Staff

Just click the little thing that says "More..." and see what this is all about.

Big Ol' Pile of Record Reviews
Not Just a Li'l Ol' Pile...
By Staff

I guess they don't sell hooks at any of those hipster boutiques in Los Angeles. -Mike Frame

A Clutch of Record Reviews
That's Right, a Goddamn Clutch
By Staff

And the best part is that they're probably mostly pretty close to alphabetized!

Buy Some Stuff from Us
Say, Have We Told You How Handsome You Look Today?
By Staff

Mostly records, but a few zines, a book that we recently published, and we also restocked issue 28 and the dog-riding monkeys.

The Starvations, RIP
Announcement of a Final Show at El Cid
By Staff

Here is something you may be interested in knowing.

Buncha Reviews of Japanese Movies
Not Porno, so Don't Get Yer Hopes Up
By Staff

Of course, as with any Asian movie with even a smidgen of a good idea going for it, an American version is in the works. –Jimmy Alvarado

Book Reviews from the Past Few Months
We Read so You Don't Have to
By Staff

Bottom line, this is a lot of money for a bunch of not very interesting stuff that you could have read for free at their website if you wanted. –Brian Mosher

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