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· 1:Razorcake #82 Now Available | Baby J, (Can Of Beans, Stoned At Heart)
· 2:#336 with Marty Ploy
· 3:Tom Neely and Keenan Keller Interview
· 4:#335 with Bryan Static
· 5:Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived 5

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Our Cup Runneth Over... with Record Reviews!
Whoa, Sorry! Didn't Mean to Get All Christian Hymnal on You!
By Staff

"Oh well, at least they have the writing-on-the-knuckles schtick; iím queer for that in a big bad way." -Rev. NÝrb

Leftover DVD Reviews
They Didn't Fit in the Newest Issue
By Jimmy Alvarado

Some Asian flicks, but they're not porno, so don't get your hopes up.

Drummer Wanted
You Have to Be a Spaz, Though
By Staff

There was a plane crash. Three musicians and a drummer died. Zing! We'll be here all days, folks!

Razorcake Skate Decks!
By Staff

It was a toss-up between Razorcake skateboards and Razorcake sweatpants. Designated Dale is still upset over the final decision.

We've Got Shit
Yeah, You Read that Right: We've Got Shit.
By Staff

You like records. We like your money. The math is there, pal, the math is there!

Bloodbath and Beyond
A Public Service Announcement
By Staff

Beer. Chili. Beer. You?

Sell Blood, Buy Records
Hey Hey, Can't Think of a Subtitle!
By Staff

We WOULD say that we've been as busy as beavers, but that expression is for housewives and douchebags. It would also be a lie. But hey, we can dream, can't we?

Donate Stuff to an Art Auction!
A Benefit for Books to Prisoners
By Staff

Books to Prisoners is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that depends on benefits and fundraisers to keep going. Here's one such fundaraiser.

Tsunami Benefit Show
Saturday, February 5th
By Staff

Seven bands, one cause.

Making You Wish You Could Bring Your Computer into the John with You
Record Reviews that Didn't Fit in Issue 23 and Are in Mostly Alphabetical Order
By Staff

Don't they make cassettes anymore? -Cuss Baxter

Limited Edition Dirtnap Stuff
Tomorrow's Obscurities Available Now!
By Staff

You can either buy these records from us or you could wait a couple of years and buy them from some sweaty fat guy at a record convention. The choice is yours, comrade!

Lonely Little Orphans of Record Reviews...
No Home but on the Interweb
By Staff

The very last song actually didn't seem so bad, but that might just be because the previous four songs had all the zing and kapow of a couple of grandma boobs. -Aphid Peewit

Buy Stuff
Capitalism at Its Finest!
By Staff

Insert your own clever remark here!

The Industry Standard
An Open Solicitation
By Staff

Are you a struggling artist? Are you an unpublished writer? Click on this link to find out more.

Record Reviews That Didn't Fit in Issue 21
By Staff

I'm going outside right now and breaking this. -Puckett

Bonecrusher Seeking New Drummer
A Brief Public Service Announcement From Your Friends at Razorcake
By Staff

If you play drums and don't mind swallowing your own teeth, this could be your dream job!

Feeling Left Out? So Do These DVDs!
DVD Reviews from Issue 21
By Staff

We didn't have enough room for a DVD section in the newest issue of Razorcake. Had there been a DVD review section, here's the three DVD reviews that would have been in it.

Holy Fucking Shit! DS-13 Records!
Click Here and Buy One! Yeah, I'm Talking to You!
By Staff

We've got the first DS-13 LP in stock now. You should totally buy one, dude. Skate or die. Thrash 'til death.

We Just Couldn't Shoehorn These In, Folks!
Overflow Reviews From Issue 20
By Staff

All your favorite record reviewers, now in headache-inducing computer form!

Five Years of Fucking Up
Razorcake #30 Out Now!
By Staff

Featuring broke-down Brooklyn rockers Bent Outta Shape, agile Japanese dudes The Urchin, probably-just-as-agile-as-The-Urchin Japanese folks Last Target, human embodiments of Slurpee syrup The Unlovables, fuzzed-out Canucks Banditas, Memphis shitpunks The Reatards, and the usual assortment of sweaty, shirtless drunks!

Area Punk Band Seeks Replacement Drummer
Drop Them a Line Unless You Suck
By Staff

Don't force them to resort to drummerless folk music! Sign up today!

We Totally Lied About Being Sold Out of Issue 19
Canada's Loss Is Your Gain
By Staff

We swear that this is not some scam to get people to buy them (although that would be a good plan.)

Too Hot for Issue 19!
Supplemental Record Reviews
By Staff

Here's about thirty or so reviews that didn't fit into the latest issue of Razorcake but are now available for public consumption. Enjoy!

Solicitation That You Won't Go to Jail for!
Lend Razorcake a Hand (But Not in Any Kind of Sexual Way)
By Todd Taylor

Can't find Razorcake locally? Click on this link.

Born to Rock
Available Exclusively Through Razorcake Until June 15th
By Staff

It's been a long time coming, but finally, Gorsky Press and Razorcake co-conspirator Todd Taylor has finished his first book, Born to Rock: Heavy Drinkers and Thinkers.

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